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  1. Thanks for that info. I recently injured my left knee (I'm a righty) and tried to continue playing with a brace on and then added a cortisone shot. I finally wound up with gel injection which does help with pain relief except that my brain doesn't want to fully shift weight back ro the left side. The injury is not structural, it was a re-injury of a 6 year old meniscus tear that I had 2 months of intense PT on and had not been a concern since until post-Covid return to play. My golf swing stops without releasing my body because of weakness and lack of stability. So I tried a foot flare on my left side, between 35-40 degrees. A much smaller flare on right foot, and I opened my shoulders a bit to accommodate. In practice swings without a ball it feels much better and I can swing through. Does that sound right? I will try it at the range because I am stumped getting "through" the ball otherwise.
  2. Taking my lob wedge out when I need to add to the top of my bag. But it is interesting to hear guys opinions about removing the P wedge and choking down the 9, or taking the 9 out and choking down the 8. And to me that makes sense because I never want to be trying to nuke a short iron, force an extra 5 years out of it. That usually ends with a nasty pull left. So the P or 9 being taken out if I feel the L wedge is needed is a good option. Mostly playing Skats so gotta make birdies and greenie's to score, which means more hitting GIR than getting up and down with an L.
  3. Ha Ha mine also. I carry a sand iron and 60 degree lob wedge. I dread being in wedge distance so I use a severely choked down gap wedge or pitch and run it if there are no hazards in front. I would never remove my 3I. I love my long irons.
  4. My first post after years of lurking. No, I don't have a video (which would help). I've played for years as a 15-16 hdcp. Amateur "experts" on the course will tell me I set up with my hands too close to my body on iron shots. Because I have a large chest and small waist, setting up with my arms on top of my chest seems to extend my hands too far out and I have problems making a full turn or even a decent takeaway. So I start with my hands close to my thighs like Jim Furyk so I can fully turn, but when I come down I am not blocked. In other words, my downswing is conventional. Does anyone else have this "problem"? I get all kinds of criticism from low cappers when I'm having a bad day, which tends to happen no matter what. They the hands are my problem. Anyone else with this issue and how do you manage?
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