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  1. No it does not, as long as the two hands touch somewhere, anywhere, I'm counting it as 'legal'
  2. Simple fix. Just make a rule that when gripping any club, the hands must be in contact with one another and that the club cannot extend more than 3 inches beyond the two hands in contact with one another.
  3. The Best Golf Stand Bags of 2020 | MyGolfSpy The Best Golf Stand Bags of 2020 feature everything the walking golfer needs to remain fully equipped & comfortable while walking the course. Read more now!
  4. Solution: play in a 10 week long weekly league like I do. The handicaps are adjusted by the scores each team posts each week. So no single event sandbagging. If you put up a really low score in one week, your handicap index is appropriately adjusted. Over the course of 10 weeks the handicaps become very representative and competitive as long as the players on each team remain the same.
  5. In my humble opinion, Jack is #1 with Tiger a very close #2. Jack has 18 majors to Tiger's 13, I think it's going to be tough for Tiger to catch Jack's major title record. Ceck out what Dustin Johnson did with Jack's old persimmon wood and #1 driving iron: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/dustin-johnson-hit-jack-nicklaus-old-1-iron-and-persimmon-driver-really-really-far
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