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  1. Gotcha, thanks. many previous set had Project X which is why I noticed these were different. thanks for the responses!!
  2. Is this what you mean is this what you mean by Taper Tip? It has the groves tapered down the shaft? I’ve attached an image. Thanks for the replies !
  3. I recently went and hit a few shafts and it was recommended KBS stiff flex 120 with soft tip. I had just ordered a used set of MP-18 SCs which happen to to have KBS Tour 125 S+. I asked the person I ordered them from what the tip is and he said They have not been tipped, but KBS says that these are a mid-high launch/low spin shaft.My experience is that they play similar to the DG X100, but higher launch, better feel and not quite as heavy. I don’t know much about shafts and tips. I basically understand what the tips do, the stiffness, flex etc but what does he mean the shafts have not been tipped how does that work? What is boils down to is if it’s gonna make much of a difference if I keep what is coming on them. Thanks in advance
  4. I’m looking to start a weekly individual league with 8-12 friends. Any recommendations for a good app or site to use ? It’ll be handicapped as our scores range from 2 or 3 of us in the 80s to the rest of us between 90-110. Open for ideas on rules and ways to run it. Also would like to somehow make it where you wouldn’t be penalized or at a disadvantage if you missed some as we all work full time and most have families. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. Yeah I have looked on ebay at both. I figured if i’m gonna replace what I have I may as well upgrade. I also called Mizuno and was the the MP-18 SCs would be the closest, though they stopped making them as they are about to introduce a new line. Just in case anyone else was wondering or searching same as me. Thanks again.
  6. I currently hit MP-52 7-PW and a TM M2 4-6. I am about a 13 handicap. I love the control and feel I have in the green with the MP-52s. The club faces are getting pretty worn and grips need to be replaced. Which MP-18s are the closest to the MP-52s. I understand it’s best to go hit them.
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