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  2. Oh wow, I didn't know you were in Ohio. I have never been to any of the golf courses there. How are they? Yeah it is a well maintained course with challenging greens. The majority of them are not flat with a lot of those little sneaky hard to read breaks. It is called Winding River because on the other side of the trees on holes 15 & 5 the white river is winding through. Think there is only two water hazards and both on the same hole (#3) and rarely do people find them. The course biggest defense is the trees that line quite a few fairways on one side of the other sometimes both.lol
  3. I am talking about Winding River golf course. Have you ever played there before?
  4. If you are looking for a better course at a great price and someone to play with. I am in the SW side of Indy and can get you on at winding River for $10 with cart.
  5. I work at a golf course and get people on for $10 with cart and free range balls. It is on the SW side of town and well maintained and challenging.If interested in meeting up for a round let me know what time and date and I will make sure they don't have an outing or league and book a tee time.
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