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  1. Just working on my game and was hoping I can get some feedback from the forum! I hit both balls pretty solid but I know I have several swing flaws! I appreciate any suggestions.
  2. Black Hulk

    $ Signs

    I apologize if this as been discussed before, but I am curious how much money does this average guy on tour receive for being a taylor made, titleist or nike equipment pro etc. I know most guys struggle to make the cut so I would be interested to see how much they are pulling in on the sponsorship alone.
  3. I with you! LOL! Especially with all the 3'somes 4'somes etc... He was involved in, but word is now the actual number is 100 Million.
  4. I'm all for fairness and I believe that Elin surely should be compensated! But is 3/4 of a Billion really necessary! What could he possibly be hiding, the damage is done. No silence is worth 750 MILLION!
  5. Like most golfers I struggle with the lost balls and I really need an affordable and reliable place to buy these. I have been to a ball fitting and would like to give a run at the high end Nike, Pro V1 or Taylormade, I just can't stomach the price! Any suggestions? I hear there are a few good places for once hit or used balls as well.
  6. I attempt to play a few holes at a time. So for instance the first three holes I try to be no more than 2 over and so on! Now your a much better golfer but playing my round in smaller increments has really helped me!
  7. I never and repeat NEVER lie about my game! That's the last thing I would do! I also never cheat and I'm not big on the Mulligan I shoot legit terrible rounds and just recently began a practice regimen.
  8. I may have missed being called 16 so I understand where that can come from, but calling me 16 doesn't bother me at all. I come here for answers and appreciate the honesty, even if it is very brutal!
  9. What could possibly make me "sound"16?
  10. Good advice and I have seen several pros, I have actually worked in the industry, just never really picked up a club and when I did I was hooked. I am an athlete and have played both basketball and football at an all state level so I don't think it's too far fetched. Within the previous year I made huge gains and I really think by this time next year at the worst I should be a 5! Swing coach is hired I just joined a league I WILL NOT LOSE!
  11. Some from what it looks like EVERYONE is saying it is damn near impossible! And am i reading Paper Tiger now! So most of you would say putting and chipping and lessons?
  12. No I'm about a 16 now, but I just recently started making this pledge!
  13. I have been playing golf for a little over 3 years now and have really began to take it seriously within the last year. I really would like to be a scratch golfer, and think I can do it within a year. What should I be focusing on to make this happen!
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