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  1. Sounds like a good idea for you. Wouldn’t bother me.
  2. Just subscribed using the link. Looking forward to it. Some great feedback here so I thought it would be a great read.
  3. I thought that yesterday's close to the tour was great. Overall, the last 4 days were great to watch.
  4. Thanks everyone. Yes to the lessons. Id be ecstatic if I have 50% of what I had before!
  5. I’m in “that” group - you know, the one that hasn’t picked up a proper club in 15 years and found his old clubs that now look laughable. I’m 39 and getting back into golf. Love the game. Fun to follow. I manage retirement money for a living so you’d think I golf regularly but i don’t. Picked up new Callaway Stratas to get back into it. We’ll see.... just want to get out there and hit some balls!!
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