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  1. Just what I was afraid of. Thanks for the advice. Not looking Cleveland specifically, like I said just itching to get out of my irons. I appreciate the advice, definitely NOT going to make this purchase.
  2. So in my previous post I mentioned that I was getting back into the game, I was looking at getting lessons, and I was just starting to research clubs. I am a high handicap with not much time put in the game or technique. While looking through Facebook marketplace the other day I came across a set of Cleveland TA3 Form Forged irons being sold locally. They have some cosmetic wear, but seem to be in decent shape and the owner just put Winn Dri Tac grips on them. I currently have a set of Northwestern Tom Wesikopf irons so these would definitely be an upgrade. My concern is that I'm doing the same thing that I did before, randomly find a set of irons with NO idea what would be a good fit for my game and skill level. I have been itching to get a different set of irons for a long time but I don't want to buy these just because, also I have read that the Cleveland TA series are not the most forgiving irons. Thoughts?
  3. I am getting back into the game after awhile away from it, though to be honest I was never much of a player to begin with. 1) Take a couple of lessons - There are several local courses that offer instruction 2) Work on the basic fundamentals of my swing working towards consistency over distance - focus on the driving range at least once a week and lessons 3) Putting, putting, putting - Again, lessons, also look into Aimpoint.
  4. I didn't think you were building them, I was curious what specs they would need... sorry for the confusion. Do you have any experience with the ST-i irons? Also the M-Series+ Wedges looked intriguing. I do have a Gigagolf PowerMax GX922 7 iron that I like. I just got the 7 iron to test out their product several years ago. The problem is that I got it built to specs that I no longer think work for me which is a big reason I want to get some lessons this time around. What clubs do you have from Gigagolf? Is there a reason you're considering going with Maltby instead of GG this time around?
  5. Both great advice. I completely plan on getting lessons first before anything else, I feel that it's the biggest mistake I made the first time around. I haven't done much research on component clubs, I've mostly looked at used and clones. I would have no issue giving component clubs a shot though. What specs would you need?
  6. You are correct that the budget is somewhere between, let's say around $500 for the whole set, and frankly I would be happy to stay under. I am not looking to get top of the line stuff, frankly I'm not that good nor do I play enough to justify that kind of expense... also I don't have that kind of money anyway. As you can see everything I have, minus the driver, could be found in as all-in-one starter golf set, and a couple aren't even THAT good. Plus NOTHING has been fit for me and I am a short guy at 5'5". I lucked out that the driver was already made for a shorter person. So while, like I said, I'm not looking for brand new top of the line, I would like something a little better than one of the all-in-one golf sets you find at any sporting goods store. I am COMPLETELY fine with used, lines from several years ago, and non-major brand stuff... I don't have a burning desire to walk onto the course with brand new Callaways or TaylorMades.
  7. Here is what I have... keep in mind that all of these are used and were pieced together on a VERY tight budget. Driver - TaylorMade R580 10.5 - I am good with this one, has some wear but I think it has some life left Woods - "TI-POWER" 3 & 5 woods Hybrids - Walter Hagen WH-22 4i & Walter Hagen MS2 5i Irons - Northwestern "Tom Weiskopf" 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 Pitching wedge – the Northwestern Iron “set” did not have one, Linksolution LS 2000 Wedges - Trend Golf 58 & Nextt Golf 60 Thank you for the feedback. To be honest I was considering wedges first but I like this idea.
  8. So I am getting back into this after a several year hiatus. I didn't get into golf until I was in my mid 20s, I've never had a lesson, and my set of clubs was pieced together over the course of several years from used bins and what not. This time around I am looking into lessons as well as a club fitting before I purchase anything but I would like to start researching now. Sadly I do not have the funds to get everything at once, which leads me to my question... what part of my set should I upgrade first? Looking forward to your suggestions.
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