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  1. So clearly the usga can do no wrong right? Why is it that no one complained about Bethpage? It was a hard ass test. Only like 6 players were under par. Yet the greens weren't clown golf. There's a way to have a tough tournament without penalizing good shots. We already have the blueprint. Set up a difficult course and quit worrying about protecting par. If I wanted to watch people make bogeys and pars all day I'd go golf with my friends. When you make it rediculos the players won't take risks. I want to see risk/reward down the stretch not safe boring golf.
  2. Davepo43, it's not that it keeps rolling it's that it keeps rolling and then rolls right off the green. The pga got it right with Bethpage. Long rough, tight fairways, and they didn't mess with the course between rounds. The problem comes in when a couple players shoot a good score and then the usga tricks up the greens overnight to artificially bring the field back to par.
  3. The USGA suggests that at least a 2-foot radius surrounding the hole “should be as nearly level as possible and of uniform grade.” The hole shouldn’t be placed on a steep slope on which a missed putt from above the hole will roll a long distance past the cup. “A player above the hole should be able to stop the ball at the hole,” according to Rule 15-3(iii). Usga apologists please explain
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