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  1. As I recall from another thread, the OP plays irons that are +1" in length. A longer shaft does two things: 1. makes the shaft play more flexible 2. increases the swing-weight If I had to make a wild guess, I'd say the reason his driver feels strange compared to his irons, is the swing-weight of his driver is so different than his irons.
  2. Also look at 2nd swing golf & callaway preowned (they do more than just Callaway).
  3. I think it will vary by state. It looks like some states require the vehicle to have pedals to be defined as a moped; others the engine size; others the top speed. A few states mentioned exemptions for off-road use, others didn't. I'm assuming if there isn't an explicit exemption for off-road use, the law applies to off road use.
  4. So, if you pay a $100 fee you can ride the golf scooter without a helmet? I'm sure that will quicken the adoption of these in Michigan.
  5. IMHO, the Segway carts look more fun than the bicycle or scooters.
  6. Looks like my comments about helmet laws got lost in the crash. Scooter State Laws | Genuine Scooters Find all the information you need about laws and regulations to ride a scooter or motorcycle in your state. From a quick look, who must wear a helmet: Alabama: everyone Alaska: under 18 Arizona: under 18 Arkansas: under 21, must also wear eye protection California: everyone Colorado: under 18 Conn: under 18 Del: under 19 (everyone else must have a helmet on the bike, but don't need to wear it) Wash DC: everyone Fla: nobody on scooters GA: everyone + eye protection Hawaii: under 18, everyone must wear eye protection Idaho: under18 on public property; nobody on private property Illinois: nobody for helmets; everyone for eye protection Indiana: under 18 Iowa: nobody Kansas: under 21 Kentucky: under 21 Louisiana: everyone, must have chinstrap secured Maine: under 18 Maryland: everyone helmet & eye protection Mass: helmet & eye protection Mich: under 21 Minn: under 18 helmet, everyone eye protection Miss: everyone Mizzou: everyone Montana: under 18 Nebraska: everyone helmet with chinstrap secured Nevada: nobody New Hampshire: under 18 New Jersey: helmet & eye protection New Mexico: under 18 New York: everyone helmet & eye protection North Carolina: nobody for mopeds Oregon: everyone PA: under 21 RI: under 21 SC: everyone SD: everyone Tenn: not clear from article Texas: under 21; over 21 exempt IF have completed a training course Utah: under 21 VT: everyone VA: not clear as to off road use Wash: everyone WV: everyone WI: under 18 WY: under 18
  7. You can never be sure if he is trying to help or trying to get in your head. Reply: "I never make changes during a round; I'll save that for practice on the range." "Helpful" people are often that way, because it boosts their ego to see someone taking their advice. Without that immediate feedback, they'll back off.
  8. 3balls.com has a set ping G10, Silver dot, +1", 4-PW & SW, Stiff in "very good" condition for $209. Used Ping G10 XG 4-PW, SW Iron Set in Very Good Condition | 3balls.com Shop for Used Ping G10 XG 4-PW, SW Iron Set in Very Good Condition at 3balls.com
  9. I'm right on the line between silver & maroon dot on the Ping color chart (+1" in both). What dot color are you looking at. These white, silver, & maroon +1"clubs come on the used market much more often than you would think (silver especially). Usually in the 2-300 dollar range for the G15 & G20 sets. The G10 and G5 can often be found for less than $200. I would recommend you get the G instead of the I series. More forgiving, as you are still learning. 1: $200 vs $900 dollars 2: Being new to the sport, his swing may not be stable enough to get a solid fitting. The Ping color code system will get him into the ballpark. When he has developed (and solidified) his swing will be the time to pop for some new, fitted clubs.
  10. Practice swinging to a metronome (you can get free ones that work on your phone). Count the beats on the way back and the pause. 1....2....3..&..4 1, 2, 3 are backswing (backswint ends at 3) & is the pause 4 is the downswing From my music background, I can tell you that changes are when people tend to speed up, that's why I put the & in--to keep you on tempo. Otherwise you are likely to go: 1....2....3..4
  11. I'm afraid to ask what you do wear in the summer.
  12. They are also authority figures. Unfortunately, there are people who will not obey an authority figure who is nice. Hence, the reputation of police for being stern.
  13. As the old saying goes: when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The first step in diagnosing a problem is eliminating the easy stuff (computer won't start? make sure it's plugged up and turned on before you rip out the power supply and install a new one). It would seem to me that the easy first step for the OP is to determine if it's a hardware problem. Try out several drivers in different configurations and see if the problems occur with every one. If it does, then he can start tinkering with his swing.
  14. My point was, the others are nice, because they know that's the route to getting a tip. Since rangers never get tipped (no matter how nice they act), they have no incentive to act nice.
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