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  1. This is not a fact, but an opinion. Hence the use of the word speculation. You can't say for sure that the fields are stronger. You are comparing the players from the 60s to today by saying the fields are stronger.
  2. No, it is speculation. There is absolutely no way to know how players from the 60s would compare to today's players or players from the 90s.
  3. I disagree. Your entire premise seems to be that the fields are much better now. There is no way of knowing that the players in the 60s would not be able to beat the current fields normalizing for equipment and technology. You can weigh facts and try and make the connection, but there is speculation in coming to that conclusion.
  4. There has been a great deal of speculation. I care about overall resume. I do think that majors are the most important, but Tiger's overall resume of wins and dominance are more impressive so I give him the nod. I don't get why people get so upset when others have different opinions though as any argument for either side is based on pure speculation.
  5. Others seem to care about other factors that you don't care about. Is this a discussion that only weighs the things you care about?
  6. You mean this post from 4 years ago? They are all facts, but the premise is speculation. There is no way of knowing what either would do in different eras against different competition with different equipment. So yes cherry picked stats that help one side of an argument is speculating that the other one would not be able to match similar production.
  7. It is all speculation period. People do seem passionate about their opinions though.
  8. Not sure why you are referencing me, I only shared information on driving distance and pointed out that any discussion regarding who was best from very different times is speculation either way.
  9. I wasn't making any claim in who was the best, just posting some info based on the discussion. We don't know if Jack would have hit it 300 in his 40s with today's equipment. All this is speculation because there is no true way of knowing who was better across very different times.
  10. How far would golf's legends drive the ball using modern equipment? At the 2016 Ryder Cup, the 6-foot-5 Thomas Pieters belted a drive 324... An interesting article on how players way back would have driven the ball with today's ball and equipment. I didn't realize that Jack had driven the ball 341 yards in a longest drive competition when he was 18.
  11. He leads the tour in GIR.
  12. Shane Lowry! He gave it away in 2016, but he's going to close the deal this year.
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