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  1. 69 Two under Yet that round was a historic round. Excellent play. Remarkable recovery shots. Championship play like you just rarely see. Just Amazing.
  2. Pitch out of the rough on 11 Approach on 14 Pitch on 17 Now putt on 18 for a win going away. That was some round. CONGRATS to the Woodland family on Father's day.
  3. Up two with one to play
  4. I would have given up prior to the pitch on 17. We don't have a winner yet However the 14th and 17th shots are key. As I type koepka misses the birdie. That could be it
  5. There is golf to play. This could still end 72 holes tied
  6. Koepka DOWN two with one to play. Three to play for Woodland.
  7. 22 footer lagged Up two strokes with three to play
  8. Miss the 14th approach you are van de velde. Make it you could easily have a historic shot
  9. Woodland guts shot on 14. He is going for the win. Birdie woodland for the two stroke lead. Rose par is now playing for the cash Woodland up two with four to play.
  10. Re koepka, he lost with the pre round kiss. Woodland in the fairway. Koepka way right. Woodland maintains an advantage. Too close to call
  11. If I was betting, it would be on a playoff
  12. 13 footer missed, woodland picks up the par. Great recovery Maintained Woodland's advantage
  13. The three leaders ALL make mistakes putting bogie in play
  14. Too soon to call. Advantage Woodland Koepka with a birdie opportunity on 11.
  15. Very nice scramble by woodland. Reasonable putt for par on nine. Koepka with a long birdie putt on 10. Pars the hole. Rose on nine will par
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