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  1. Hi all, I'm new here and just posted my introduction. I just got a set of Callaway's Rogue X irons. Big deal for me as I've played my Mizuno MP-32s since 2003/4 or whenever they came around. They've suffered through highschool and college tournaments. I denied my free/cheap Titleist options as a golf pro to continue playing them. After years away--and as a now casual golfer hack--I recently decided to forego the player clubs and join the year 2021 and get a set of what I would consider a hacker set (Callaway Rogue X). The brief following is my observations: Ego was such a part of it! When I was competitive, blades/small cavity blades were the thing. As I got older and played less frequently, I stopped caring. My shortgame now sucks (I say now, but it always sucked), but I still maintain the ball striking--to a degree-- I had when I was breaking par. I think Nicklaus said 90 percent of the shots he hits are a mishit. The other day, I used my friends Big Bertha irons and loved looking down and not worrying about anything. That's what convinced me to go game improvement irons. The average course these days from the "white" tees don't seem to really favor magic creativity or shot shaping. Launch the ball high, long, and straight and you're good. I miss way more than "90" percent and it was quite enjoyable to miss and be in the ball park. I can certainly still the work the ball but have a peace of mind that a 10 yard draw is less likely to be a 30 yard hook (maybe exagerated:/) All in all, it's just simply more enjoyable to hit GCIs. Some would argue the feel aspect. I can still feel a toe or heel hit. It's nice having the results being less severe. It's nice looking down and knowing a disaster is less likely to happen. It's nice "clubbing down" although I know these new irons are so strong lofted. This is my first post, and hope some enjoy. Cheers and if you're in MD, lets play.
  2. Hi all, Getting back into the game after years away. I used to be really active on golf forums under the same username (I think it was TGC's forum?). A little about me... -I played competitive High School and College Golf. -Taught professionally for Golf Digest at the Truckee Resort in Lake Tahoe (not sure if it even exists anymore) -Burnt out and have since been an active duty Marine Corps Officer for the past 10 years. -Don't get to play much but now enjoy watching and playing when I can. -I recently ditched my Mizuno Blades I've had since 2003/4, and got a set of Callaway Rogue X irons and simply enjoying turning my brain off and launching the ball in a somewhat directional fashion. -It's fun still having the ability to break par or shoot 100 and no one cares and it doesn't matter. -Just trying to get back and involved in the game...I still like teaching and maybe can help a few in that area. I was active in the instruction forums when I was teaching. The game has evolved so much...I played recently and it was weird not pulling the flagstick out, or nearly whiffing my Callaway Epic Driver and it still ending up in the fairway, but that's why it's fun. Cheers!
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