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  1. I couldn't agree more with this observation: "And I do agree that a pro who gets a lot of TV coverage does have influence over young kids and I just don't see the point of propagating that kind of behavior." It's like throwing or breaking clubs, over-the-top profanity (mainly the F-word) repeated all the time (and the key word here is "repeated"; it's constant--forget the occasional hocker that just won't go away and you have to get out--and other behaviors that aren't the best examples for young golfers. Let's remember that these pros are on TV and their every move is being filmed, and let's hope that the pros are aware of this, too.
  2. Last time I looked, this site was called The Sand Trap, not The Dugout. Different game, different etiquette. Chewing and spitting in baseball have long been part of the game, some may say part of its charm. I have no problem with this practice in baseball. Golf is a different game. I never saw Arnie or Jack spit. We choose our heroes, I suppose. I prefer those who spit less on the golf course. That's all. Agreed. We all do it--spitting, that is--at one time or another (cold, allergies, whatever). It's just about spitting all the time...
  3. Why does Dustin Johnson continue spitting on the golf course? He represents the Unites States, and he hardly presents the most positive image of our country. Although I admire his game--his length off the tee and his accurate approach shots--I find it hard to support someone who is constantly spitting in public. It gives a terrible image to our young golfers as well. Dustin, can you change your ways, please? I'd like to root for you, but I just can't bring myself to do so right now.
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