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  1. My son is a former golf instructor. He often works with some of his co-workers for free. He sometimes plays in their nine hole league after work. They are always asking him about what’s the latest and greatest clubs they should buy. So, one week he showed up with a PW and a putter. This course is 6100 yards, so I’m assuming 3000 a side. He also played this course all the time when he was young, so he knows it very well. He told his students that he was going to give them a lesson In ball control. He shot a 41 for nine holes and won that week. He had 28 strokes and 13 putts. They all wanted him to start helping them with their short game after that.
  2. I’m going to hit my G15’s tomorrow on the monitor. I have to figure out what to do. I did have my swing looked at and was told it looks good. I was reading today that your lie angle goes 2* flatter for every inch you cut off your shaft. That would take my clubs from 1.5* upright to .25* flat. Does that mean that even my fairway woods, hybrids, and Vokey wedges are now wrong for my swing? This year my goal was to get back to playing bogey golf. I worked very hard on my short game and I came very close to reaching my goal. I want to add my iron game to that goal next season, so that is what is driving this. Feedback please!
  3. I like shiny new stuff.😀 I was a 14 HC, but now that I’m older I just don’t hit the ball far enough. I feel real uncomfortable with the shorter clubs. I’ve had these a long time and never played well with them. I did get rid of the HR’s.
  4. I was shanking my irons, plus he told me the yellow dot ping was wrong for me. He told me I should have a blue dot. By shortening my 7 iron by 1” it brought me very close to the center of the face. He also told me to stand a little further from the ball. They seem to be so short I’m having a hard time getting used to them, especially my wedges.
  5. I have been having problems hitting my Ping G15 irons ever since I bought them. Last year I took them in and had a Pro fit them to me. He took 1” off all my clubs from the driver down through my Vokey wedges. I hit these clubs a lot on the practice course over the years, plus played many rounds with them. Well, I have decided to go in right after Christmas and buy new clubs. I am thinking about the Titleist T300 irons, adding the 1” back to my 915 driver and 7 wood, buying a 915 or 917 4 wood and adding 1” back to my SM6 Vokey’s. Interested in opinions on my plan? FYI....I am a high handicap player +20. I just played a round on an indoor simulator and my swing speed with my driver was 65 mph.
  6. We have a County course close to where I live. They have a driving range, three hole practice course that cost $8 each to use. They also have two practice greens with bunkers that you can use for free. This whole area is as nice as the course itself. I practice there quite often on the free greens. I don’t feel guilty because, I pay County taxes, sometimes I use the driving range, play the practice course, plus I pay green fees to play the course.
  7. The ski hill here is opening this weekend. Next week they are forecasting single digit temperatures for overnight lows. Our October weather was so bad I only got in 27 holes.
  8. No, I looked it up on internet and there is no mention of it. I bought a 915F from one of the larger sellers on EBay and I thought I took a label off the head reading Made in China, or some foreign country. It was a new club with a Mitsubishi shaft. The video has me thinking, although I have a swing speed less than most highways.
  9. Do any of you think that a company like Titleist would buy parts of their clubs from China and assemble them here?
  10. I don’t like playing in the wind when I can’t hear my drives land. I live close to a links course where the wind always blows. The fairways are lined with tall fescue that collects many balls. It is also a very long course and very difficult. They have holes where I cannot carry the tall weeds to make it to the fairway. I don’t like this course, but the practice facility is fantastic. I don’t like the high prices for resident seniors.
  11. A company works through a broker in China. You give him a sample of your product. You agree on a price, pay for the tooling, and finally pay for the shipment before it leaves port. He then has control of YOUR tooling and moves it to a storefront shop without any quality control. They change the materials used, then they start selling them on EBay, or wherever at cut-rate prices. When you re-order they shift the tooling back to the original manufacture of your first order. They have now copied your driver and are selling it to unsuspecting buyers. This is not all businesses in China, but it is a large problem. This is what our government is fighting.
  12. This is what the Chinese manufactures do. Taylor Made probably has their driver manufactured in China. They take the specs off of it and start making their clone of it. They then become a competitor to Taylor Made by selling fake products. This is exactly what our government is fighting. I was a Purchasing Manager before retiring. I seen this first hand.
  13. I had just tee’d off and hit my drive to the right into some trees. I really had to pee, so when I got down by my ball I took advantage of the grove of trees. I just started going and heard a golf cart coming towards me. I turned around and saw the cart girl coming right at me. I just stood there waving her off like a crazy man. I’m sure she was thinking, these crazy old men.
  14. 3-5” of snow coming tomorrow. We had 2” yesterday, but that melted today. Our golf season is over for 2019. Should be back out there in April 2020.
  15. Ok, probably an overstatement. He hits his 3 wood a long ways and pretty controlled. His short game is not that good, thus the 85 to mid 90’s scores. Why would he be better off playing from the tips with his erratic driver?
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