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  1. I bought a set of Ping G25’s over the winter. I hit them indoors and they really seemed to work well for me, but we will see. I also found an original Ping Eye 2 sand wedge with the square grooves. I called Ping and gave them the serial #. They told me it was manufactured in 1988, plus the patent # identifies it as a pre-litigation model designed by Karsten. It is in perfect condition. Can’t wait for spring to try it.
  2. I just bought a used set of G25, senior graphite shaft in 5-U wedge. I hit about two bags of balls with them before our season ended. I liked them, but we’ll see how they work in about four months. My shortened G15’s are going to my grandson. I played them for about 10 years until a PGA guy cut them a inch short. I never could get over that. I also stumbled onto a 1988 Eye 2 sand wedge with square grooves. I have a new grip on it and the club looks slightly used. It will be fun practicing with it when the snow is gone.
  3. A couple of years ago I shortened my Titleist 915D2 driver to 44”. I changed the screw in sole weight (red 7g) to (black 14g). I was told this would help me feel the club in my back swing better. This improved my shot control, but I lost yardage. Could that change have cost me swing speed? I actually hit my Titleist 917F 16.5* three metal farther than my driver.
  4. Why does Super Stroke have an optional weight for the grip? I thought you would want more weight in the putter head rather than the grip? I have an older Ping Anser 4 that I’m putting a new grip on.
  5. We are usually on snowmobiles in that time frame.
  6. I think I got a real good deal on the above club this week. It turned out to be a pre-litigation square groove club. When I seen the club it was dirty, the grip was shot. I paid $15 for it. I brought it home, cleaned it up, put a new grip on it and it is near perfect. I called Ping, gave them the serial number and found out it was manufactured in 1986, 57.6* loft and 17* bounce and red dot -.75 flat. Plus they confirmed the square grooves. Can’t wait to work with the club to see how it works. I measure and play a blue dot +.75, but I’m not sure if that matters in sand shots?
  7. Is there really an advantage to using the Super Stroke shape putter grips, or is the old style Ping putter style grips better? What say you?
  8. @Sandy DivotI took your advice and called Ping again. They changed the coating for the G410’s, so I am sending these G400’s back. After thinking about it, I only need a 7- GW, because I already have a 5H, 4H, and 3H. So, the 7-GW will just be an additional $50 over the 4-PW in the G400’s.
  9. The 410’s have the same finish as the 400’s and 700’s. The stickers on the clubs state that the heads are made in Vietnam and the shafts in China. They are assembled in the USA. When I talked to Ping they said to expect ball marks on the face. They also stated they are guaranteed. I was hoping that there would be other owners on here that could give me some feedback. I thought of buying a used set of i3’s and send them to Ping to be re-shafted.
  10. I still haven’t hit these G400’s. I looked on EBay and there are a lot of sets for sale. I’m wondering if Ping doesn’t have a stockpile of these heads, so they are just assembling them to close out this model for $595. I don’t want to own a set of irons that look like the ones pictured above(sorry). I am very particular about my clubs, clean them after every round. Any other owners of this model who could give me your experience with these? I’m running out of time to return them.
  11. I have a Ping Zing2 BECU putter that I bought new. I took it out for a couple of rounds earlier this year. I putted pretty good with it. I also have a Ping Anser putter too. I have a newer putter, but some times the older ones work better.
  12. Just got my G400’s delivered today. I called Ping, gave them the serial number and was told they were manufactured in September 2020. I think maybe they we’re assembled in 2020. We’ll see how they hold up and how I hit them. They look really nice now.
  13. I talked to Ping and they told me they corrected the problem in late 2018. I too have 10 year old G15 irons and they still look like new. I won’t be happy with Ping if mine look like that after two years!
  14. Does anyone know if Ping ever fixed the finish issue on the G400’s. I have a new set in transit to me now. I was just reading last night about the pearl finish marking up real bad. If that is the case I want to return them before I hit them.
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