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  1. You guys are hitting your clubs as far, if not further than the touring pro’s. With these distances and your index numbers, you must be terrible around the greens. Just saying!
  2. Played pretty bad today. Just one of those days where a guy doesn’t seem to be able to strike the ball with any rhythm, or feeling. I shot a 53-47 for an even 100. It was a new course to me, plus it was extremely wet. I don’t think the greens have been mowed in a week. Very disappointing!
  3. Shot 47-44 for a 91 today from the senior tees. My best round of the year.....So Far. The course was in perfect condition. The two nines are called the Ponds and Woods, and for good reason.
  4. I’m cheap, so I play every hole that I paid for. If I quit in the middle of every bad round score wise, I would have never played a round of golf.
  5. Starting my swing sequence with my hands at the top. I think this would be good for building core strength, plus smooth out my swing. The $109 held me back from buying one until I hear from other folks who use it.
  6. I shot a 102 with having 10 over on the last 3 holes. I got a 10 on the par 5 18th hole. That 18th hole eats my lunch every Sunday. Grrrrrr!
  7. Have any of you folks tried this training aid? I was swing one today at Golf Galaxy and thought it may help my swinging from the top. I was swinging the shorter one. Opinions please!
  8. I have the opposite problem. I hit my driver and longer clubs straight, but I cannot hit my irons well. I have a Titleist 915D2 driver in 12* loft that is turned up to 13.5 loft. It is also cut to 44” long. I don’t hit it long (160-170), but it goes straight. All of my clubs are -1” from standard.
  9. Maybe it has something to do with him pounding his chest after winning a hole. I get irritated when they show that clip on TV.
  10. I have been playing graphite for about 10 years. I am now 75 years old, so I’m not sure if my loss of yardage is due to my age, or the graphite shafts? Maybe you could take your 7 iron to the retailer and hit it side-by-side with graphite? Good luck.
  11. I heard someone say that you should play the tees that you have a chance to hit GIR from. I play the gold tees, but I still cannot get there. I only hit my driver 160-170 yards. I play my driver, 4W, 3-4-5HB and a wedge close to the green.
  12. There were two young couples teeing off on the first tee. The one young man was trying to impress the other three. He took the driver back and came so far over the top at such a violent motion he hit himself in the ankle. Down on the ground he went screaming like crazy. It looked like it really hurt! Watched a young guy hitting his approach shot to the 18th green over the water. It had just stopped raining, so the fairway was slippery. As he swung his feet slipped out underneath him and he came right down on his back. Never realized that golf is a full contact sport.
  13. Bob Vokey has several videos on the internet describing the effects of the different grinds and bounces. Living in Florida I would think that you would want a 58-14 in a K grind for sure. The other grinds will depend on the turf that you normally play on. He also recommends a separation of 4 degrees between each one. I myself use Vokey wedges in a 54-08 M grind and a 58-12 K grind. With these two wedges I can cover tight turf approach shots, out of the rough around the green shots, plus skinny and deep sand.
  14. I am 75 years old and hit my driver (Titleist 915D2 13.5)170 yards at best. What am I doing wrong? I hit my G15 four metal 140 yards. All of my clubs are -1” for accuracy.
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