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  1. I’m not sure what that is, but if it’s pure misery your close. I looked it up. I had a riding cart.
  2. I don’t know how some of you can play in the heat. I played 18 this morning when it was 92 degrees with a dew point of 72. I’m 77 years old and I thought I was going to die. The carts this course has are black with black covers and seats. By the end of the round my back hurt so bad I could hardly get my bag in my vehicle. There wasn’t any cloud cover or breeze. The sand flies bit my legs constantly. I drank probably a gallon or more of water. I will never play in that kind of heat again, plus I am limiting my rounds to 9 holes. I have finally hit that age. Did I mention that I scored a nice 109!
  3. I think the lesson suggestion is a good idea. I do know that all teachers are not created equal. Some driving ranges just have good golfers teaching.
  4. It sounds like this PRO ruined my entire set of clubs. I have taped the bottom of the club and hit off a lie angle board. Before the cutting I was very close to the hosel. After the cutting I moved to the center of the clubs bottom. The whole reason for the cutting was supposed to change my lie angle. My Ping G15 were a Yellow dot (1 3/4 upright) and standard length in Soft R flex graphite. It seems I have moved back closer to the hosel now. I think I have lost all confidence in hitting irons. It sure does ruin a persons fun in golf. I have gone to Golf Galaxy to hit different irons. I hit them just as bad as I do my own. Will it be possible to learn to hit these shorter clubs?
  5. I avoid them by hitting my hybrids. I never hit GIR,s, so I’m usually hitting my PW on my 3rd or 4th shot into a par 4. I try to plan my approach shot to be at 100 yards for a 5HB. From 90 to 60 yards I don’t have a club to hit without a shank. 60 yards is my PW. I’m not computer savvy enough to post pictures of my swing. your not being a jerk at all. I think I was fitted by a “Pro” that didn’t have a clue. I went in to have my lie angles checked on my Ping G15’ irons. He taped the grips 1” short and told me to hit the ball with my hands just below the tape. I struck every ball dead center. He then told me my clubs were too long, so he cut all my clubs down by 1”. I have a Titleist 915D2 driver, 3W, 7W, Callaway Diablo 3,4,5 HB, Ping G15 irons 6-SW and Vokey SM6 54 & 58* wedges. I’m too old to go out and buy new clubs. So where should I go from here? Seriously!
  6. A couple of years ago I went in for a fitting to end my iron shanking. I was told my clubs were too long for me, so they shortened all of them 1”. It did not fix my irons, so I avoid hitting them as much as possible. I have a Titleist 7 wood that is 1” short. I recently bought a Titleist 3 wood in standard length. Should I lengthen the 7 wood, or shorten 3 wood?
  7. I’m still playing my Ping G15 irons, but I may update them this year with G410’s or Titleist T300 6-GW. I added a Titleist 915F 7 wood and a 917F 3 wood. I removed a Ping G15 4 wood and Callaway Diablo 3 hybrid. I’m not sure why I did this, other than I wanted something new?
  8. Titleist 818H1 and 818H2 Hybrid Review - The Left Rough The Titleist 818 H1 and H2 Hybrids were created not to rescue you from trouble, but to help you score. Read our review to see if they belong in your bag.
  9. How many putts is average for a 18 hole round by a amateur player? Just curious.
  10. How did Corey Pavin win all that money with a simple Bullseye putter? How many times have we heard a tour player state that he is playing with his first putter ever? I understand the technology advances in drivers, balls, or irons, but fail to see anything substantial in putters. I think putters come down to confidence in your stroke.?
  11. They should have a Northern Swing this time of year. Play indoor golf like the rest of us suckers. I have been looking at irons all winter, but I have been told three times that the launch monitors are not that accurate. Here they are short, so are the one’s on TV long? Are they really hitting that Maverick 345 yards?
  12. Do these grips have a effect on your ability to feel the club head in your backswing? If your driver has a weight in it, do you add more weight?
  13. I actually like watching the Asian ladies. Most of them have perfect tempo in their swings, plus I have never seen one of them lose their cool on a errant shot. I think they train very hard to keep their mind in the moment. They look pretty good to this old man too!
  14. I went in yesterday to hit the Ping G410 irons. I’m hitting them pretty straight, but not far, only every other ball was a shank with a 7 iron. I told the guy, boy I’m only hitting this iron 70 yards. He replies, these yardages are not that accurate, so don’t worry about that. They have three of these hitting rooms with monitors that are constantly busy. That’s two places that have told me the yardages are not accurate. How can they fit you for clubs if this is true?
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