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  1. I bought a Titleist 915F 7 wood last fall. I only played one round with it, but so far I really think it’s going to help me.
  2. CharlieB


    I have found a Vokey M Grind 54.08 works good for approach shots to the green, chipping around the green, or sand traps that have little sand, or hard sand. I also use a 58.12 K grind for very wet turf approach shots, deep rough around the green, or deep sand bunkers. A 60.08 would be a ball rocket launcher in the wrong hands.
  3. I would like to go to a LPGA event some day. It amazes me how some of the 110# women can hit the ball so far with such little effort. Most of them have such a beautiful tempo in their swing. Maybe if I watched them close up, some of that tempo would rub off on me.
  4. Titleist makes two versions of the three wood. They have the 917F2 which has a higher face and is supposed to be easier to hit. It comes in a 13.5-15-16.5 and 18 degree loft. Then they have the 917F3 version that has a lower face that comes in 13.5-15 degree loft. The later is targeted for better players like you. I just picked up a 917F2 that I am hoping to be able to get 150 straight yards with. It’s winter here too, so in a couple of months I’ll have a chance to try it out.
  5. When I lived there as child, we would ice skate to the park on the roads. They had a nice park with a skating rink and a hockey rink too. After skating is was off to the Pizza Parlor. Believe it or not, pizza was a new thing then (1955ish).
  6. That green color dot is 2 degrees upright. If your arm length is disproportionate to your 5’6” height they probably won’t fit you. You can send them back to Ping and they can bend them two color codes. The next thing is shaft flex. It is best to go to a authorized Ping pro shop to have them checked. Do not go to a big box store to have them checked, have a PGA professional do it for you.
  7. I went to our county course yesterday to hit balls indoors. They have a net and a Trackman. I haven’t hit a ball since September, so I wasn’t expecting to do anything special. I did hit my new Titleist 915F seven wood. I bought this club to go 130 yards and it did. Then I hit my five HB and hit it my normal 110 yards. So I’m still happy and upbeat, but then I hit my 915D2 Driver and it was downhill from there. So, I thought I’ll try to hit my Ping G15 seven iron to inflict more pain. It really hurt as it was ugly. I have been looking for a 915F or a 915F2 16.5 three metal for some time now. I went into the Pro Shop and looked in the barrel and there was a brand new 917F2 16.5 with a Blue stiff shaft. I asked if he could change the shaft to a Red 60 Lite shaft. He went in the back and came back out with the shaft I wanted. I asked how much he wanted for it, he say’s $100 and I said, sold. Made my day! He has always just sold Titleist, but he is now going to have TM and Callaway. I really want a new set of the Titleist T300 irons, so as soon as he gets them in he will be fitting me to a set. That is how I am beating depression this winter!
  8. I have always wanted to try the Myrtle Beach SC area. I’ve never been there, but have talked to people who have. Any of you folks who have first hand knowledge on this area for me and the OP? As far as Wisconsin goes, it will be weather dependent. The best time is June-September for best weather. There are many public courses you can play for $30-$350 depending on your budget. Top of line courses would be Erin Hills, Whistling Straits, or any of the Kohler courses. Green Lake Wisconsin has a number of very nice courses that are in the $60-$100 range with nice housing and meal accommodations too.
  9. My wife and I stayed at the Moon Palace in Cancun several years back. They had a really nice Jack Nicholas course. We paid an extra $900 for the weekly golf package. The normal green fees were $250. It was a great deal and course!
  10. What are your thoughts on the above irons for a high handicap player. Would they be as forgiving as the Ping G15? I want something new and shiny, as my Pings are 10 years old. What year are the Titleist AP1’s from? Thanks
  11. I have yet to play a round where the person hits their tee shot that results in a lost ball, then goes back to the tee box. My point is, it’s all about speed of play. Some hit a provisional, but not many. If most of us that score in the 90 range played by the rules, we probably are closer to 100. I don’t play for money, or to beat anyone, just self satisfaction, or many times misery. LOL We had a guy in our league that had that as his goal......For nine holes.
  12. It probably doesn’t make that much difference for a HH player like me, but I’ve got Ping Regular Soft graphite in my irons and steel Wedge Flex in my SM6 Vokey wedges. Do you think this is a bad combination for a HH player?
  13. I get to the course 30-45 minutes before my tee time. Get my bag out of the car, carry it to the clubhouse, pay my green fee, put bag on cart, practice putting , go to tee box, hit ball, keep up with group in front of me. Sometimes they are fast, sometimes they are slow. I don’t worry about how long it takes to play unless I’m holding someone up.
  14. This was done before he cut the 1” off. The driver has 12* of loft with the adjustability to go to 13.5*. I’m just wondering if going from a 9gr weight to the 14gr will help me hit the ball farther?
  15. The fitting Pro is the one that cut it down. I bought a 915F seven wood off EBay and it came with a black weight and a -1” shaft. When I hit that club it really feels good and solid.
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