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  1. @Adam C I passed on the G25’s and tried out a set of G30’s. I put a impact label on the face of the 7 iron with a circle dead center in the face. If I divided the face into four sections, all of my shots were in the lower right hand section of the face. Most of them were in-between the center and the hosel, with none of them hitting the hosel. Would this be a fitting issue, swing issue, combination of both, or something I should just live with. I did go out with them and hit about 100+ balls. They did function much better than my normal.
  2. @Adam C I was going to buy a set of these irons. The seller checked the build specifications with Ping. They sent him a report from 2018 stating +1” and a swing weight of D5. Seeing as though these clubs were from 2014, I’m guessing that someone returned them to Ping to be reworked? The standard swing weight on these clubs is listed as D0. Does this sound like a logical explanation? It looks like I’m going to have to buy new clubs fitted to me. Where is a good place, or person in Wisconsin who does this? Thanks
  3. CharlieB

    Ping G25

    I like Pings, plus in reading the reviews they say they are very forgiving. I have had Eye2, Eye2+, i3 Oversized, and now G15. I like the finish on the G25, but if I can’t find a clean set by spring, I’ll buy a set of G410.
  4. CharlieB

    Ping G25

    I’m looking for a set of Ping G25 irons, blue dot and graphite senior flex shaft. Ideal would be 6-GW. If you have a clean set for sale please contact me. I could go with a black, or red dot too and have them bent if needed.
  5. I’m pretty old and not a really good golfer, so I use 90 for my par. I don’t golf for competition, only for relaxation and self satisfaction.
  6. @Adam C The Titleist did not work out. All I did was to keep digging into the turf behind the ball, so I sold them. Now I’m back to my short Ping G15’s. They are a yellow dot +1.5* and were shortened 1”. I may have asked this before, so please excuse me if I did. By cutting a club shorter, does that change the lie angle? I found a nice set of G25’s with senior flex shafts, standard length and standard lie angle. I am trying to get a used set of irons that will fit, but without hitting them first.
  7. Anyone know if Ping will be replacing the G410 irons next year?
  8. Actually the Titleist specification reads the club is a D1 swing weight. Anyhow, I put them on Craigslist for sale today. l‘ll play my Pings for the rest of this year. I would like to thank AdamC for all of his input through this.
  9. Yes, they are both standard, but my Pings are -1” and the lie angle is yellow dot, or 1.5* upright. I just played 9 holes this morning with the Pings and has 8 bogey’s and one triple bogey for a 47. The other thing with the AP1’s is they are standard flex and the Pings are senior flex. I guess the Pings just fit me better?
  10. Could someone please explain offset to me. I have always played Ping irons..Eye2+, i3 Oversized, G15. I bought a set of Titleist 714 AP1 irons that I cannot hit the ball out of my shadow with. They are a nice looking club to my eye, but all I do is keep hitting behind the ball and dig up the turf. I’m going to sell them and go back to Ping, but I’m trying to figure out why these clubs are so different. I’m not a long ball hitter, but I at least I could hit the ball into the air with my G15’s. I think for next year I’m going to buy a set of G410’s. Confidence?
  11. Thanks Adam, I think I am over thinking this. Actually I thinking I’m just trying to get my ball striking confidence back.
  12. @Adam CI took my new to me 714 AP1’s in for re-gripping at Golf Galaxy yesterday. I asked to have them measure the length and lie angle. The 7 iron was standard length, but the lie angle is 1* upright. The guy that I bought them from told me they were both standard. I am a 100 player, so how much is that 1* going to make? When I pick them up should I have them check another club in the set? All of this is really messing with my head!
  13. @Adam C Do you think the Titleist with a A flex shaft will help that much more than the R flex?
  14. Went to the range again this morning. Did not hit the Pings, or the Titleist well at all. All the ball marks are low on the face and towards the hosel, but not on the hosel. It has to be swing related, but I don’t know what? I wish I could post a video, but I’m not tech smart enough to do that. Any suggestions on the cause of this effect? I know I try hard to swing from inside out, but I keep hitting grounders. Maximum Frustration!
  15. Your last post sounds like maybe your dealing with depression? Is there something else in your life that is affecting your golf? I too have really been fighting my golf game. I am nowhere near as good as your bad game. I play Ping irons and convinced myself that it was being caused by the wrong lie angles. I went to see a Professional and he shortened my irons by an inch. I hit the ball better for a day or two, then I was back to bad. I had convinced myself that the -1” was a mistake. A week ago I bought a new/used set of irons in standard length and lie angle. I took them to the practice course a couple days latter. I could not get a ball airborne with anything longer than a 9 iron. I hit about 45 grounders, packed up the clubs and took them home. I made the decision to not try to play golf again until my body stops hurting. I hooked up my boat and went fishing. My problem is, if I take lessons I can’t practice with my body hurting like it Is, so why waste the money. I do share your frustration and sadness though, as I really love to play golf. I wish you the best and if you figure it out please post the cure on here. On the bright side though, I now have a set of Pings and a set of Titleist to look at.
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