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  1. Played 9 yesterday in what was supposed to be 53 and sunny. It turned out to be 46 and full clouds. It actually felt much colder than that due to the wind. At what temperature do most of you folks hang it up? I’m still sitting here with a heating pad on my back.
  2. I played my first round with the Titleist 915F 21* yesterday. I really like it, plus I hit it the yardage I was targeting. The club is outstanding!
  3. CharlieB

    That Guy

    I have been backing off at staring at him until he stops talking. I didn’t mention this, but he uses a lot of foul language when he hits a bad shot, well actually on most shots. I am a believer of you reap what you sow, in other words, no practice, probably a bad round. This past week I did something that I’m not too proud of. We were half way through the back nine and I just left the course. I just couldn’t take any more. I don’t think I’m going to go back, although our season is coming to an end anyway. Thanks for the feedback. I have been stewing all week and really needed to vent. My wife is sick of hearing about it.
  4. CharlieB

    That Guy

    We play golf once a week. We have a group of about 10-12 guys. There is one guy I get stuck with just about every week. I’m not sure how to handle this situation other than to quit the group. I hate to do that, because overall it’s a good group. I’ll use last week as an example. First tee he tells me I tee my ball too high. I screwed up my tee shot and lost my ball. As I was teeing off he was talking to the other guy. We get to the green and as I’m putting he’s still talking to the other guy. This continued through out the entire round. He losing his ball and we are looking for it constantly, to the point where I forget where mine went. He questions why I hit a certain club on several tees. He tells me I should have hit my driver on a tight, long par 3 with trouble both left and right. He laughs when I miss a putt. He questions my scores. I don’t cheat and pay close attention to count which clubs I hit. He stands on the tee box stating that we are falling behind after spending a lot of time looking four his ball after he hit it 60-80 yards. As I’m getting ready to hit a ball over a water hazard he tells me he never carries the water. I could go on and on, but it will even get worse. I am playing in the mid 90’s, he is playing in the 120’s or more. I have outstanding hearing and a problem with my attention span. He is somewhat handicapped and quite frankly annoying. I have asked our organizer not to pair me with him, but every week there he is. What would you do? I am trying very hard to improve and spend a lot of time practicing. Frustrated with golf at this time!
  5. I’m 76 years old. If I hit my drive right on the sweet spot I don’t hear it land. A not so perfect shot, I can hear it land. I hit my driver between 160 to 170, pretty consistently straight except this past Wednesday.
  6. If I hadn’t just bought two new Titleist Vokey wedges, I would buy the Cleveland CBX-2 wedges.
  7. I had a Cleveland Launcher titanium driver. It is the one club I wish I could have back. Back in the day I had a set of Cleveland Classic Persimmon woods. They were beautiful to look at, but not very forgiving. I always felt like I should be wearing nickers when playing them.
  8. I bought a Titleist 915F 21* with a -1.00 senior flex shaft. The club is brand new and never played. I am hoping to replace my Callaway Diablo 3H 21* -1.00 and gain ten yards. The courses that I play all seem to have par 3’s where the carry is a little longer than I can hit the 3H. My next club is a Ping G15F four metal which is too long to accomplish this.
  9. I have courses that I play where the 3H doesn’t clear the water, and my 4 fairway metal is too much. I though a 7 fairway metal would be the perfect club. I would remove the 3H and replace it with the 7 fairway. I also have a 4H and 5H. I would like to hit the 7 Fairway metal, but it is on the net.
  10. I have a 4 fairway metal 17* and then a 3 hybrid 21* I’m thinking of buying a 7 fairway metal 21* to replace the 3 hybrid. I also have 4 & 5 hybrids. All my clubs are -1.00. I am thinking that I will gain distance due to the little added length and the increase size of the club head. Is the change worth it?
  11. Now I know why I only hit my 915 170 yards and JS hits his 300 yards, he hits his more. LOL
  12. When I bought my G15’s the standard for the SW was 54*. I later found out that I could have requested it to be 56*. I later bought two Vokey wedges in 54* and 58*. If I was going to have one SW today, it would be a Cleveland CBX-2 in 56* and 10* bounce. I think they are more in-line with a cavity back player.
  13. I couldn’t hit a towering 9 iron that would hit the belly of a pigeon taking off. Must be nice!
  14. I have the Vokey wedges in 54*-08 M grind and 58*-12 K grind. I use the 54 for hard sand and the 58 for deep soft sand. Out of fairway bunkers I hit the most club I can to clear the lip. But then again, I am a hacker!
  15. I was having a terrible time hitting my Ping G15 irons. I went to a very reputable golf shop. The Professional had me hitting my 7 iron with tape on the sole. It was clear that my lie angle was not right. He then put a label over the face with a circle and a x on the face. All of my marks were close to the hosel. He had me move back away from the ball, plus he put a piece of tape one inch down from the butt of the handle and told me to keep my grip below it. My strikes were right in the center of the face and my shanks were gone. He then told me he would remove and save my grips and cut one inch off the butt end of all my clubs. It made a huge difference and I now can hit my irons. He did take one inch off all my clubs except the putter. I actually hit them all farther, because more of my strikes are in the center. My Vokey wedges do feel kind of odd due to the shortness. Did. I make a mistake having them cut?
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