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  1. Typical story: played when younger, gave it up, now in my 40s getting back into the game since often asked to golf outings by vendors and clients. I have been going to the local hackers range and working on my swing. I have set of 15 year old-ish Ram Accubars from a garage sale. I have gotten to where I can control my swing and am hitting my driver consistently with a 200-210 yard carry and straight. Question is, at what point (if ever) should I look into "upgrading" my clubs? Will it really make a difference? I see the current benefit of sticking with my set is money is staying in my pocket but is there an opportunity cost here that a little bit of an investment would make a difference in my distance/confidence? Fortunately money isn't really a problem but I am definitely not going to waste it if it doesn't help. Thanks in advance everyone!
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