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  1. Hello - I’m curious to learn if anyone has ever played the Golfsmith CM400 irons? If you have, I would enjoy reading your shared experience with the clubs from about 20 years ago. Thank You - MB
  2. Having read the entire myself, I entirely agree with your observation. Good job!
  3. Hello - Can anyone identify this spiral shaft? It is on a Hagen Imperial Crown Driver. Any input regarding make and (known) years of production would be helpful. Thank You - MB
  4. I’m a believer in the open market. In my area, industrial, commercial, retail and residential developments are effecting recreational land values prompting land owners to let’s say, consider other sources of revenue like selling off their property assets. I’ll put it this way. If those in T-Shirts, Cut-Offs and Flip Flops are enjoying and routinely patronizing my local course, making it a viable business in lieu of (any) other type of real estate development, then so be it. Also in the spirit of the open market, if another facility believes an appropriate dress code for their target
  5. So far my retirement has been amazing, thank you! I appreciate the advise as well.
  6. Hey KevinK - I’d like to believe (and hope) many others have the same story to tell. On a semi-serious note, totally abandon the concern of embarrassment. That will free up the your mind to find and develope your own game. I wish you the best! - JustForeFun
  7. Seriously under consideration, thank you.
  8. I appreciate the comments, encouragements and congratulations. Thank You!
  9. Hi Piz - I found an image of a Seggy putter with a U.S. patent number, the rest was easy after I had that Y-U-G-E chunk of traceable information.
  10. FYI - I’ve managed to answer my own original question regarding the history of the Seggy putter. The putter was patented by and eventually manufactured for, former PGA Pro Frank Segaline of El Paso, TX. I have no further or current knowledge of Mr. Segaline.
  11. I’ve never been one to sit on my donkey for too long. The past four and half decades have pretty much been work for me , as so I know, for many others as well. Developing my golf game will (not) dominate my new found free time. It will though give me a new avenue of pursuits that I hope will keep my mind expanding. Thanks for the input and reply.
  12. Hello to another occupant of The Great Northern Swamp! Thanks for the invite.
  13. Hello Patch - I’ll most certainly heed your advice. I appreciate your input and reply, thank you.
  14. Hello Shindig - I played my first and last nine holes nearly 40 years ago. My (new) wife plays and “even I” (HaHa) have friends and other family members whom play. My ambition is to simply enjoy myself on the course while not frustrating others. I consider myself competitive in that I (will) aspire to continually improve (my) game. I believe my chosen forum profile names sums it up. Just Fore Fun. I appreciate the reach out, thank you.
  15. Hello from Mid-Michigan - I’m recently retired and looking forward to a full and busy retirement. I simply want to add golf to my physical activity list. I’m looking forward to learning how to play (my) game. I am thanking in advance all those whom respond and reply to my post. Thank You!
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