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  1. ... In my mid 40's I developed some tendonitis in my right elbow. I switched to graphite in my irons and planned to switch back to steel after I was fully healed. I love the graphite so much I never went back to steel. Long story short I started with 130gm NV Tour shafts, then 105 NV Pro's, then VS Proto 100's and stopped at VS Proto 85's that were too light. Currently playing Recoil Prototype 95's and could not be happier with their performance.
  2. ... Most do not take into account the obvious in taking swings from the range to the course. I taught full time for 10 years n tried to impress on my students the any shot you hit on the range does not count. If you slice one 100 yds, you simply tee up another and try to adjust. You can swing freely knowing it doesn't matter where the ball goes. Playing golf every shot counts and your conscious or subconscious is very aware of this so you do what even Pro's do, you attempt to guide the ball and do not have the same free swing. And your brain remembers every bad swing on the course, not the range, and reacts accordingly. ... The answer is time and practice. Just keep hitting good shots on the range and hopefully your brain begins to gain confidence and you can repeat that swing on the course when it counts. I think it really helps to play practice rounds hitting several shots on the course to retrain your brain about good shots hit to a target on a real course.
  3. ... If the ferrule is difficult to move, pour some boiling water over it slowly for about 10 seconds and then push it back into place.
  4. ... Other than PXG's obnoxious commercials, I pay no attention to marketing. Too many great clubs out there that may fit me perfectly to consider "boycotting" them because of their marketing plan. I am currently playing P760 irons which are the best combination of accuracy in the short irons, and forgiveness in the mid/long irons all in a compact head design that looks just about perfect to my eye at address. In the end my scorecard doesn't care about the marketing of any of my clubs. Neither do I.
  5. ... I started my carer as a DJ moving from NC to Ga to Philly to Chicago before switching to acting. I have been a member of the Screen Actors Guild for over 40 years and thankfully have never needed a second job. I have been the spokesperson for Humana going on 19 years now so most of you have probably seen me on TV. Instead of listing what I have been in here is my IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0220308/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1
  6. Chisag


  7. ... Cobra offers the F9 in shorter Tour Length for a reason. Every 1/4" you miss the center you lose 5-7 yds. Plenty of golfers hitting a 45" or longer shaft will miss on the toe by a full 1" or more and that is 20 to 28 yds lost. Yes some players can center 45 to 45.5* shafted drivers with regularity but they are the exception. Most golfers will gain more yards by hitting the center than they will gain a few more yards due to increased ball speed with a longer shaft. Obviously if you are hitting the center more, you are hitting more accurate shots. Most engineers that I have talked to at the PGA Show play and recommend shorter than standard drivers. I play my F9 at 44.25" and find 44.5" is the line where anything longer starts missing the center and accuracy suffers. Ymmv ...
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