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  1. The bolded speaks for SO many people...and I mean hard core legitimate golfers who play and most importantly support the game...
  2. so I have read 12 pages of comments on this forum and many more some other places...what I can conclude is golf is still run by a few elites who refuse to listen to the masses...because of their own smugness to the game. They could have fixed this rule 2, 5 10 years ago, they could assign officials like every other sport or they could like every other governing body use their heads and police the game for the good of the game...it is a sad day for golf. Not because of this rule but because of the lack of leadership and the failure of the sport to itself.
  3. this is pretty well said, I honestly don't care or feel bad for either, I don't watch much ladies golf and don't really care...I do care for golf a whole and IMO there is no way this doesn't make the game and ruling bodies look like a joke. Sadly I believe it goes way beyond looking like a joke, I honestly believe from the USGA, The ancient and Royal (or whatever they call themselves) all way down are a joke. They hide behind the rules and the past, they refuse to allow logic to enter the think tank. There is no defense IMO for a penalty be able to be called over the span of days after the fact but then to not be able to change the scorecard. That is laughable and lends itself to lack of credibility. Based on the rules I don't have a major issue with the 2 strokes for the ball replacement...the additional 2 for the scorecard are just BS.
  4. the rule IMO won't change much, if the guy was going to handle before he still will now, with a free conscience...assuming they ever cared in the first place!
  5. patch summer it up pretty well. it is not course you want to walk and I found the caddy to be well worth the expense. the putts break to the mountain...which sounds simple enough but I couldn't read them worth a damn. All in all greens are fast, course is in great shape and they leave plenty of space between groups. they do a great job with service from the time you enter the gates till you leave. I would play again with a doubt.
  6. just as a question, assuming you are not playing alone, why not strap your bags on a cart and just walk the holes? it wouldn't be an issue...nobody is going to care if you walk? if you have a long walk from green to T jump in the cart...I mean honestly I enjoy a good walk (with a caddie) but there are a 100 ways around a rule if it matters to you. think outside of the box just a little bit.
  7. When we played the southern end our lineup was Caledonia, Dunes Club, True Blue, Willbrook, TPC, and Prestwick. The Dunes club and Caledonia are the best courses on the strand BY FAR in my opinion, we used to play them every trip regardless of where we were staying.
  8. I have had good experiences with TPC - it is a tough golf course but good one.
  9. Shipsticks is awesome, I have used them several times and lot it.
  10. thanks have fun.
  11. The wee between Christmas and New Year I am taking my 2 boys down with me, some cheap winter (by NC standards) golf. I am using it as a scouting trip for April annual; guys trip. I am looking to expand the course a little bit this year. 8 rounds - I am the planner I have the below list kind of confirmed, any other suggestions? Pine Needles 2x Pinehurst #7 and 9, possible 4 or 8 but regardless 2 of these 4. Southern Pines Need 3 complete, I am trying to keep prices a bit lower due to the above being premium, but at the end the golf is more important then the price. We have played Mid South, Talamore, Mid Pines, Tobacco Road, Dormie, Pinewild both courses over the years. plus several PH courses. Is there any good to very good places I am missing?
  12. the very reason it is a great system is because of the electoral college...it represents in spectacular fashion. Democrats loved it in 2008...apparently not so much now.
  13. I actually feel bad for liberals, the ones who are sincere and American at least. You should be pissed, you were fed a pile of sh!t from your Party leadership, you were handed the most worthless unlikable corrupt candidate ever, who had so many holes in her story that she couldn’t hardly defeat Bernie Sanders in the primary. A man who has accomplished nothing in his life on his own….I would be mad as well. The truth is I am not happy with Trump, he is flawed for sure and now we will be forced to find out what he truly believes. The DNC and the partners in crime the RNC, are the losers, the establishment, the lifers, the inside the beltway people. These are the ones who created Trump and ultimately made him win. The rank and file are not all that different. Sure the Dems are misguided and don’t understand how big complex things work but for the most parts you mean well. The rednecks from the other side… well they are fine enough folks but at the end of the day all they want to do is work, live well and get Uncle Sam off their backs. This election is about correcting 20 years of abuse by government, the PC crowd, the fact they are in our bedrooms and bathrooms, the over regulation, the refusal to protect our borders, the refusal to take care of the US, the failure to show any balls dealing with our associates around the world, the over regulation of our businesses and lives…the list could go on. At the end of the night this was a huge middle finger to the leadership of both parties from both parties and I personally am proud to be a part of that.