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  1. I just don't understand the drama of this thread. chances are very good if you check the bags the your clubs will be there when you land, if they aren't there when you land they will find you quickly...sure it is possible they get lost - it is also possible the plane crashes or that you die on the flight...I mean really this is what you stress about while traveling?
  2. if I have no doubles I am going to be right about 80 every time...so based on that I think they are the same for me...I don't make a lot of birdies so the double just kills me.
  3. it is the 10 to 15 yard chip off a tight lie...I have no problem with the rough or even the fringe cut. it is mental and physical. at times when I am practicing it is no problem but if I don't get to the range for a week or two the first thing to go is that chip. I am resolved to putt from longer then I prefer and it actually isn't terrible for me but when there is bunker involved or I am forced to chip over the corner of rough short of the green...sigh
  4. RNC

    if what you claim is true you will obviously vote for Trump, that should be obvious to you...
  5. there is a drivable par 4 at kings north, it has a tiny pot bunker about 5' round maybe...but it is also about 5' deep. it is dead unless you are in the exact middle of the bunker.
  6. the guys are my club do a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves, if you are playing the same course week after week or multiple times a week it is incredibly stupid not to. That being said when I go to public courses even most of the high end ones there seem to countless full blown holes from many people. I think it is just a matter of it you care or not and if people think it will have any impact or them in the future or not. Fairway divots are kind of the same story.
  7. the 15th at Philly Cricket is a classic example of this as well. it was redone during the renovation back to the original layout....great hole if you don't mind a kick in the nuts at the back part of the round!!
  8. In the Tampa area the best place I know if is Olde Memorial. it is golfers golf club, it is not cheap and based on your comments above you may not fit in but if you are really looking for a great golf club that is your spot.
  9. pretty much as stock 52 with a touch of choke.
  10. soooo true, 5 days on some private island with the pretty little thing he has been with since HS...cloths optional...he will be fine!! cost him less the 50k to do it right and he will be back work before he missed - all cleared up!
  11. I spent the first 6 years of my golf life wanting to be single digit...now I want to be a 12 again...I really miss those couple of strokes!!!
  12. I hated Bill when he was in office...now when you look at the current state of affairs he seems like a nice compromise! I mean you have a socialist, a crazy bitch, Canadian and whatever you want to call Trump....sigh
  13. Eh?
  14. sure great comment. we don't need a leader, a motivator, a guy who brought the country together, a guy who could work with the other side (tip o'neil) ... Reagan by todays standards would be a moderate and a great one! He is exactly what we need oh and he had the presence and the balls to be a world leader, he never bowed before a some middle eastern prince, he never cowered to Iran, he led the final defeat of Soviet Union....the list goes on.
  15. Ronnie gets a C- and Jimmy Cater get C....you lose any and all creditability with that statement. Not even Democrats (at least the few with common sense that I do hang out with) agree with that. What would Reagan do?? jeez he is exactly what this country needs again!! Obama is the worst of my life time and probably the worst since FDR!