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  1. number #1 is meh but it will be in fine condition, 9 is a bit tighter and seems to be endless dogleg right but it is high quality course, 2 is one of my top 5 just a great walk! and 8 is also an awesome golf course, that is a big boys course, make sure you play the proper T's for yourself because it will give you all you want!
  2. #7 is well worth the time. it is a members course and it is somewhat more limited in available times but I have played it 3 times and really like it.
  3. nothing in this world is given, you have to earn it or sell it. If they don't have the market share or cash they want it is on them to change it. it is totally possible they can't change, possibly the product just isn't good enough to the masses to generate the $'s...possibly they do a poor job of marketing it...the WNBA says the same thing, the Womens professional fastpitch league is watched by few, womens college sports are watched by few, the ladies soccer league fell apart.... This might be a shocking and slanderous statement to some...maybe as a gender males prefer sports more then f
  4. I think his potential is higher...due to his ball striking. I also think he is soft and underachieving. Neither of those things apply to Speith which is why he wins more.
  5. When Rory hits the ball well he is on another planet from Spieth, however, I guess consistency does have a place in the conversation. I don't mean to act as if Spieth is bad...just that he isn't near as good off the T and it does get him trouble. His short irons obviously are deadly and the putter. Well it is hard to give him to much credit for that. Speith is tough as nails and I have not really seen that from Rory in a long time!
  6. he did finish 4th but it was a really nonfactor in the weekend. Much like the kid from China, he was never in the hunt. I think he has more talent and if he gets it lined I agree he has a higher ceiling...between the ears is another matter and Spieth has him crushed there.
  7. The bolded speaks for SO many people...and I mean hard core legitimate golfers who play and most importantly support the game...
  8. so I have read 12 pages of comments on this forum and many more some other places...what I can conclude is golf is still run by a few elites who refuse to listen to the masses...because of their own smugness to the game. They could have fixed this rule 2, 5 10 years ago, they could assign officials like every other sport or they could like every other governing body use their heads and police the game for the good of the game...it is a sad day for golf. Not because of this rule but because of the lack of leadership and the failure of the sport to itself.
  9. this is pretty well said, I honestly don't care or feel bad for either, I don't watch much ladies golf and don't really care...I do care for golf a whole and IMO there is no way this doesn't make the game and ruling bodies look like a joke. Sadly I believe it goes way beyond looking like a joke, I honestly believe from the USGA, The ancient and Royal (or whatever they call themselves) all way down are a joke. They hide behind the rules and the past, they refuse to allow logic to enter the think tank. There is no defense IMO for a penalty be able to be called over the span of days after th
  10. the rule IMO won't change much, if the guy was going to handle before he still will now, with a free conscience...assuming they ever cared in the first place!
  11. patch summer it up pretty well. it is not course you want to walk and I found the caddy to be well worth the expense. the putts break to the mountain...which sounds simple enough but I couldn't read them worth a damn. All in all greens are fast, course is in great shape and they leave plenty of space between groups. they do a great job with service from the time you enter the gates till you leave. I would play again with a doubt.
  12. just as a question, assuming you are not playing alone, why not strap your bags on a cart and just walk the holes? it wouldn't be an issue...nobody is going to care if you walk? if you have a long walk from green to T jump in the cart...I mean honestly I enjoy a good walk (with a caddie) but there are a 100 ways around a rule if it matters to you. think outside of the box just a little bit.
  13. walking rate is typically the same as a riding rate....if they allow it.
  14. When we played the southern end our lineup was Caledonia, Dunes Club, True Blue, Willbrook, TPC, and Prestwick. The Dunes club and Caledonia are the best courses on the strand BY FAR in my opinion, we used to play them every trip regardless of where we were staying.
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