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  1. So, Im narrowing it down to what I actually need and would use. Im thinking about getting either a 3 Wood or 2 Hybrid first, and then getting a 4i (and possibly replacing my 22 hybrid to 18). I cant decide between the Mizuno ST180 and the Titleist 917 F2 for the 3 wood, compared to a 2H Cobra F8/9, what would you pick? And when it comes to the 4i, should I match it with my current irons (JPX 900 Hot Metals) or go for something designed for more length such as the Mizuno MMC Fli-High (4i) or maby a titelest T-MB or a TM GAPR Mid?? Thank you! :)
  2. Driver 260y 4H 210y 5i 180y I hit Driver off most par 5s, some par 4s (where im looking to find a Club such as a 3 Wood for those narrower fairways, instead of hitting 4H or 5i). I can play my 4H any where, Tight fairways, off the deck, in The rough, really like the Club. A well struck shot has a straight, not to high flight. I want a Club for narrow par 5/4s off the tee and for some longer par 5s off the deck (3-5 Wood or a 2H). Not super confident with my driver yet. Some par 3s are hard to hit with a 5i, so sometimes I would like something between my 5i and 4
  3. Hello Made some changes to my bag recently and now I need suggestions on what to get. Current WITB Driver: Mizuno ST180 10.5°, Tensei CK Orange S flex 4 Hybrid: Cobra King F8 22°, Tensei CK Blue S Flex 5-PW: Mizuno JPX 900, Modus 3 105 S Flex 52,56,60: Taylormade High Toe, KBS HI-Rev 2.0 I need (or can) have 2 more clubs, I belive both of them should go between the driver and 4H, or possibly one between 4H and 5i. Im really struggeling on deciding what to go with, 3 Wood + 2 Hyb? 4 Wood + 4i? 2H + 3H? Im thinking about getting a matching S
  4. I will take a look at it, its just that clubs are really limited here and the prices are quite High. So if I can't return my 2i I Will have to play with it.
  5. Maby a bit weirdly formulated, but as I said in my og post I want to be able to hit a pure shot, just like I do with my irons. A sub for my 4 Wood that I really hate. Im playing down to 4i then a 24° Hybrid that I use Out of the rough and on some fairways, but I want to hit a solid 2i of the tee.
  6. I play golf for the fun of it, sometimes I attack the ball with every muscle I have in my body, and other shots I swing with one hand. I find the 2i really special and unique, and if I can master the club my love for golf will expand even further. I want to have that one club that I can send 235/240y straight down the fairway and just enjoy the purness of the shot. 🙂
  7. I am determined to master this club, just for the fun of it. My overall distance in my bag is no problem currently, and therefore I want to play the 2i, just for some tight par4/5s. I can't putt, and that's why I'm 17hcp. I hit my 4 iron at 120 mph speed, with a 2i I could probably push it to 130. I believe the contact during impact is the problem, might just have to grind on the d-range?
  8. Hello! I recently pricked up a Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-Hi 2 Iron for fairway bombs. I've never been comitted to woods as I don't appriciate the looks behind the ball. My Mizuno JPX 900s provide me with deadstraight aimlock, which made me buy the 2 Iron. I dont know if it's the excitement of belief to hit hard stingers flying through the air, or the smaller club head compared to my Hot Metals, but something's making the ball dive right into the ground after 50y of thinned ball flight. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you or I do/should be do
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