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  1. Took advantage of 43 and sunny weather today to get a round in. 43 quickly turned to 35 and by the end up the round, the greens were icing up. Front 9 was rough...53, but improved as we moved a long. I picked up a used draw bias driver a few months back and used it for the first time today after a couple of windy range sessions where I really couldn’t judge the trajectory of my shots. I hit way too left with it and ended up leaving it in my bag after the first 5 holes. Luckily I brought my old driver and my round improved. Back 9 I shot a 43, only 1 double bogey. Hit the shot o
  2. Played two balls on a par 32 course. 35 on the first ball, 36 on the second. Left a couple of birdie putts a couple of inches short.
  3. 38 on a par 32 course. Didn't touch a club for over a week before the round and started off slow. Finished birdie, par, par, birdie, so I was happy with that. Putting was rough for the first two holes as they just aerated, and its pretty dry so the greens were really bumpy. I adjusted after a few holes though and had nothing more than a two putt.
  4. Played 4 balls on a par 32, 9 hole course at Neshanic Valley in NJ. It’s their academy course but it is in great shape for a 9 hole course. The par 4s are mostly a 3 wood off the tee but there is a hole or two where you can use the driver. There is one 175 yard par 3 where you have to carry a hazard. Shot a 37, 38, 38 and 39 with each ball. The 37 felt good, with a lot of decent wedge shots and I pared the par 6 holes.
  5. I meant to say it measured between 38 and 38.5, but still short. I have a feeling you are right, they were a -1/2 instead of +1/2. I am away on vacation for the next couple of days but I will give them a call next week. Thanks for the insight!
  6. I was a bike mechanic during college and still build bikes now, there is no standard length there either, they all do what they want. I looked at the standard length of the cf16s and the AW for example measures 35.5" but I measured around 35" to the end of the grip. The clubs were supposed to be +1/2 so even with measurement error, the club is short. The 5 iron is supposed to be 38" at standard length and I measured it to b 37.5 or so. The only club that doesn't fit the pattern is the 4 iron. Standard is 38.5" and it measured 38". Its not really noticeable on the longer clubs, but t
  7. I recently bought a set of Apex cf16 off callaway preowned. I bought them at the suggestion of my instructor and he told me to get them +1/2 inch. When I was playing this week and at the range today, the AW seemed really short so I measured the clubs and they seem to be either standard length or in some cases a half inch shorter than spec. I measured the club basically in the position it would be in at address from the floor to the end of the grip. Is that the correct way to measure? I have a lesson next week and my instructor is also a club fitter so I will ask him, but I was just wonder
  8. Just from watching the videos, I can see the my club faces are pointing toward the sky at impact. I think this could result in either the club face being open at impact, or an overcorrection that forces the ball to the left.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 months consistently with a few rounds and range tim scattered over the past 15 years or so My current handicap index or average score is: ~20 My typical ball flight is: Irons - High with a large draw/hook; Driver - High and inconsistent, slices, hooks, and when I am consistent, straight and sometimes a slight fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Irons - large draw/hook; Driver - slice/push slice Videos: Driver (sorry the sun was behind me on the face on) 7 Iron
  10. 285 yard carry drive that trickled into a shallow greenside bunker on a short par 4. I average around 265 carry, but have a slight fade. This one went straight and didn't lose distance. Almost went up and down on the bunker shot and landed about a foot past the hole. Tapped in for birdie. Helped after the 3 putt on the par 3 before...
  11. I will say that I rounds like today, I try to look for positives. When I was just starting to play regularly this spring, it was a struggle to get to below 110. I had no control over my driver slice and I wouldn't be able to recover during a round. Today was a rough round, but there were positives and thats sometimes all you can ask for. I had 4 putts over 20 feet that either lipped out or ended up within 2 ft, and I was perfect from within 5 feet (which is something I have been working on), and I was able to figure out my drive on the back 9 and hit my longest drive ever on one hole (285 yard
  12. 105. Worst round in a long time but salvaged it a bit on the back 9 (I used salvaged generously). 57-48. Driver was rough today but still had a few holes where I put everything together. It’s not too much fun hitting 18 strokes worse than your last round...
  13. I honestly though it could be over there, but with the downpour, I didn't want to take any chances, especially with the visibility so low.
  14. On the 4th hole of my round today, the skies opened up and it started pouring. My second shot was from the short rough but had to go through a tree or two. I hit the shot, it felt good and made it through the trees, but no one saw it land, and we couldn't see the ball from where we were because of the rain. I hit a provisional from around the same spot and continued on the hole. When we get up to the green (after hitting the provisional and another shot with the provisional ball) I found my original ball just off the green. I then played the original ball and no one questioned it. My qu
  15. Somerset County. We play Quailbrook and Spooky Brook most often, and play Neshanic occasionally. I actually used to live on the 18th of Quailbrook.
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