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  1. TaylorMade M2 irons

    You're right, I'm just upset because I really like my irons, but my faces have caved in and I'm waiting on replacements now. I'm going to end up going back to Titleists.
  2. TaylorMade M2 irons

    Taylor Made M2's won't last that many rounds. The faces collapse. Google it. They're isht
  3. I bought some nice new shafts for my Hybrids (20* and 23*) and misread the instructions. I tipped them an inch and I should have only tipped them if I was installing them in fairway woods. I also trimmed the butt to fit. The thing is I hit them great now. I really like the shafts. I have another shaft, and another (18.5*) Hybrid I have been meaning to install that shaft in. Should I treat this shaft the same as the others and tip them, or should I install as recommended? The shafts are Aldila RIP 85 grams in stiff. The Hybrids are Nickent IW 3DX or something like that.
  4. The AP2's are great clubs, but you're putting the cart before the horse. If you really want the proper clubs for your swing you need to go into a fitting being brand agnostic. Find the best clubs for you then buy em..
  5. I've played with grips like that for 6 or 8 years on 3 or 4 sets of clubs. I installed them with air and single sided masking tape and have never had one shift unintentionally. It's very very easy to do and can even save you a little bit of money. I think if someone had their grips twist then maybe some strange conditions exist (thin shaft, extra wide i.d. on the grip) or maybe it was operator error.
  6. I just ordered a set that only had 5-AW. I hit the 5 over 200 so there's no need for a hard to hit 4 iron.
  7. Do you mean 300 yards and it lands in the fairway? Cuz I know a 30 Handicapper that CRUSHES the ball with his driver, but people in the next neighborhood better be behind a solid wall, cuz that balls coming for them.
  8. Contact and Compression Cheats?

    I am an Engineer who just ordered LSW, and I am glad i did. I wish it could get here tomorrow though.
  9. I can hear my Wedge Bounce

    Yeah, I think maybe i am coming in too steep with my wedges. Strange. i need to learn to shallow out my swing with all clubs, but deinitely with the wedges. Obviously.
  10. To upgrade or just regrip old ones

    Absolutely. If you can lower the pressure lower the pressure though. You don't need a lot of air flow, or pressure at all. I like it because it was cheaper, and I can regrip in 2 minutes if I wanted to. Oh, and for the record Ping Eye II's are great clubs. Yes, there are "better" clubs out there, but if you hit those well enjoy them. I have a set I dust off every once in a while and I still hit them fine.
  11. I can hear my Wedge Bounce

    Yes, this is all off of the mat. I don't typically hit my wedges, or any irons, fat when I'm playing though. But I guess I may hit my wedges a little more steep than my irons..
  12. Should I actually bounce my wedges? Let me explain. I have a 54*-10 and a 58*13 wedge. Both were bent from 52 and 56. This is not the first time this has happened though, it used to happen before. But if i am at the range and I hit these clubs, more so with the 58, I sometimes here the bounce ground out just before I hear the impact to the ball. I am fairly happy with my wedge play, and I wouldn't really change it now, but is this normal? The ball flight and distance is fine, but would you guys suggest I have too much bounce? Or Not enough? I'm looking for new SM6 wedges, just because I want them, and I'll probably go to a Titleist fitting as well, but I thought I would throw this out there.
  13. I used to caddy at WGC and used to hit hundreds of sand trap shots over the course of a week. I used to pick the ball clean out and get it to where I could get a decent put in easily, but that was when I was a kid. My swing has changed, and the ranges near me don't have the same sand traps on them that Winged Foot had :( I am not a CC member anywhere either this year.
  14. Thanks everyone. I guess I'll throw it up on eBay and see what it gets. Now I kinda want to keep it. But it's HUGE.