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  1. Thanks everyone. I guess I'll throw it up on eBay and see what it gets. Now I kinda want to keep it. But it's HUGE.
  2. Gotcha. $250 is awesome. I would take that. Maybe I should put it in the market place here. It really is a nice bag, and I wish I could use it, but I've got enough bags. It's got ten pockets if that helps anyone else who wants to contribute to this thread.
  3. If you damaged your grip or golf club in any way you should not be allowed to walk. It is really simple.
  4. I have done a full set of irons with ONE can of compressed air. Like the ones you steal from work that are made to blow out the keyboard etc.. I put electrical tape around the straw that came with the can to provide a seal in the grip hole and went at it. Was it easy? No, but it wasn't particularly hard.
  5. Good morning. I won this bag a while ago and I haven't used it, and I am thinking of selling it, but I'm not sure if it is a cart bag or a staff bag. What would you guys call it? Most importantly what shoudl I ask for it? I saw some Titleist staff bags going for $600 which is what reminded me that I had this one sitting in a plastic bag in my basement unused. It has been personalized with the name of a Private Jet Time Share company. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/q19cz"><a href="//imgur.com/q19cz"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  6. Put some lead tape on the bottom until you get the feel back. 1.5" is a big jump to cut off a club in one shot, and changes the swing weight. the fade maybe coming in because you don't feel the club moving off plane.
  7. Ever think that the fitters may not work out of a golf shop? There are several in my area who work out of ranges etc.. Google it. But to answer your question - No. I don't think an online golf fitter would work. As an example I have tried True Tempers shaft fitter several times, and I have never been matched up with the proper shaft.
  8. That backswing is ridiculously long. cut it in half and hit a bucket like that swinging easy. Also with the grip posts, it looks like you're squeezing the isht out of those clubs. Take it easy. I could be wrong, you may have the perfect grip strength, but squeezing the club is only wasting energy, and tensing up muscles you need to keep loose in order to turn.
  9. Ok, let's assume you can strike the ball fairly cleanly and you break 90 often enough. Your full shot is acceptable, and you want to start practicing some useful, yet easy shots. What would be the easiest to work on, and give the greatest rewards? For me I think the bump and run with a 7 or 8 iron. It's easy and saves a lot of strokes.
  10. Could potentially be untrue for some golfers. I would guess several Female Golfers have had clothing deals that rivaled, if not greatly exceeded, their potential revenue from Tour Winnings. That is IF we can draw a comparison between Men's and Women's sports. I know they're very different economically, but IIRC, Michael Jordan made a TON more money off of his shoes than his Basketball contracts and he was the best.
  11. OOoohhhh. I thought they mean under pants. Lol. Yeah, no one should wear leggings outside of a Yoga class, or gym. Were these golfers trying to wear those on the course? That's terrible.
  12. I would say to start out by getting fit. You will save time by not trying, or buying, clubs that are wrong. Be 100% honest with the fitter, and tell them you may have to buy last years clubs, if you can find them, with the shaft he recommends.
  13. Hey, 


    I came across you Edel wedge review somehow and it was very compelling. I wanted to ask you what wedges you're currently gaming and how they would compare to say an SM6?

  14. I think in order to get the best club for you, you should be brand agnostic. Find a fitter you trust explicitly and let them do their job.
  15. I've been in this camp for a LOOOONNNGG time. I had a TM R7 Quad when it was new and I knew something was off. Looked at the length and it was stupid long - then it was only about 44 3/4" I think. Chopped off the 3/4" and gained accuracy. I was at an Iron fitting yesterday and told the fitter who recommended to replace the gram weights with 6 grams to get the swing weight back up and he said length, forgiveness, and accuracy would further increase. OR add lead tape if you don't have the weighted screws. He also said I should get heavier shafts for my hybrids.