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  1. You're out of your mind. Here is a hypothetical - I am part of the market. I choose to watch men's golf. So now I am Sexist? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I couldn't even read the rest of your post. For the record I actually don't watch any golf. p.s. please don't quote me, I don't want to argue with you.
  2. I Shouldn't have even said anything. I forgot about the argumentative nature of this forum. Which is really sad by the way. By no means did I mean that cutting your driver shaft, then replacing the loss in weight, would somehow give you the exact same shaft characteristics, just shorter. That was a very incomplete answer that I left up there, and the simple fact is that if you find a club that works, be it from a Trackman equipped fitting, or the local goodwill, once you change the length of the shaft you have a different club. If it helps, great. If not then I am sorry.
  3. I was embarrassed that I left this as it was so I did some quick math at work. If you have a driver with a 200g head, and a 45.25" (or 114.936cm) shaft and you multiply them you get 22,872 g/cm If you then shortened your driver to 44.5" (or 113.03cm) you would need to add 2.35g to the driver head to get the same 22,872 g/cm. I'm at work so pardon conversions, units etc..
  4. So if I cut 0.5" off of a driver, and say I weigh the piece of graphite I cut off, should I place that exact amount of tape on the head of the club? I am an Engineer, but I don't feel like thinking about this right now. It's been too long since Physics.
  5. Soooo .. . . Underlap grip? I want to leave work right now and go try this. I am going to try this with a broom if I can find one. I am a very handsy golfer and I am looking for ways to stop.
  6. I used to practice this non stop when I was a kid, and I used to pick EVERY shot out clean. Boy I wish I could still do that.
  7. Try to push on the ground with your feet during the downswing. This will cause your sternum to be further from the ball, which will *theoretically* tell your body to compensate by lengthening your arms. Work on extending your right arm. If your right arm is extended your left arm will have to follow. For the record I am not qualified to give swing advice, but I have been fighting this myself.
  8. You're kidding right? There are definitely finance, and law offices offices with putting greens. It's not that big of a deal. Insurance? I don't know anything about Insurance.
  9. Sounds like a bad fitter. Find a better one. Mizuno is obviously a great club, and I almost ended up with them at my last fitting, but another brand won out, but you need to be brand agnostic if you're really looking at what clubs work best for you.
  10. If you already have clubs and you're not going to replace them what are you going to do with the info garnered from a fitting? BTW a static fitting is really only a baseling to start you off on the path towards buyign clubs. But you can do your own static fitting easily. You need a dynamic fitting if you want to get the right clubs for you. But be warned the fitter is probably going to find clubs that you don't already own to be the best for you.
  11. Uber, borrow a car, train. There are actually a decent amount of decent golf courses in NYC, just none in Manhattan. There are a few in the Bronx, plenty in Queens, and I know of one in Brooklyn, and more than a few in Staten Island. As far as the offices I've been in offices where they have climbing walls, Ping Pong tables, Putting greens, Simulators, Arcade games etc.. In Architects offices, Engineers offices, Clothing Company offices, Ad Agencys, PR Firms etc..
  12. Especially when the faces on your TM Irons cave in. It has happened to me. My 5,6, and 7 iron are in a box now waiting to go back to TM for the Second time. They're crap. I'm actually a little concerned with Titleist using hollow body irons that the same thing could happen to them. I had AP1's and I loved them. I should have kept them. I'm going to fight with TM to get a refund so that I can go back to Titleist. Or Mizuno, but anyone but TM.
  13. Get fitted, maintain brand agnostic the entire time, and you will get the clubs that suit you best.
  14. Absolutely it's worthwhile. You try on rental ice skates before you ice skate right? I could use the analogy with all sorts of sports. Why not pay to find out what clubs work for you now? And I hate to break it to you, but your swing is not going to change radically in the next few weeks, months, years, decades. What you end up with will probably work for a long time.
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