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  1. Yep...this is the only swing thought I have..."dead arms and hands"...i move till my shoulder is just above or a little before the ball...shoulder pointing steeply...then rotate...club shallows without thinking about, wrists cock without thinking about, releSe is perfectly timed...worst case miss is an overdraw or honestly...I'll randomly just rope one 15 yards further than I expect...problem is this feeling and thought goes away randomly...when I'm feeling this "dead arms" swing I can easily shoot low 80s high 70s...when in pissed and trying too hard (which happens a lot) I'm lucky to break 90...golf is so mental its obnoxious
  2. But then why even use the driver???? You can get all the distance youd need if those are your aspirations from a 5 wood or 3 wood with much less risk...if ur gonna risk using the driver try to get thr reward from it
  3. Good lord...this exact thought is what transformed my game....driver is not like irons...get that damn ball out there as far ad you can within in reason...even if you slice it on, just get it out there...swing for the fences on the range, figure out what swing will give you the fastest club head speed and stick with it...THEN once you have that swing bring the accuracy in...for driver I am a firm believer that its distance first, then accuracy...if ur worried about absolutely hitting a fairway and only care about that and not distance, then put the damn driver back in your bag and pull out a fairway wood or hybrid...if ur pulling out driver you need to get it out there...the risk vs reward is worth it...you hit a monster drive and now ur talking birdie...you hit a baby 200 yarder and you have to be damn perfect now to make par...even if ur in the rough after 260 ur in great shape...and if you don't hit your 200 in the fairway, man ur really screwed now I dont think hes advocating having a long swing hes saying stop baby driving to get it in the fairway...whatever your fastest clubhead swing is, use it...for driver I turned a corner when I started focusing on distance first just hammering it out there and making contact (it was a massive slice) but from there now I had a repeatable motion that generated a lot of power and I learned to square the face...I never had success with gently getting it to 215 then from there trying to swing faster Irons different story cause you can always club up/down but drivers sole purpose is to get it as far down there as possible...if you dont plan on taking advantage of that, put it away and use a hybrid or fairway wood...its safer and you'll go same distance...I dont get why people want to swing a driver on the course (range is different) focusing just on keeping it straight ur taking the risk of using a hard club to hit but now the risk won't give you the possible reward if you dont put some speed behind it
  4. Same man...its like I get a false sense of confidence that I've figured our the secret to power, so then just try to hit the ball farther and farther with my arms until I get frustrated to the point where I just go back to a "passive arm" swing, hit the ball great. Then the cycle continues
  5. Agree 100%, never give advice...gotta admit that what you did would annoy me very much
  6. I guess the issue i have is that when I was playing a fade for a long time, I refused to change my path because it was predictable, but I was losing a lot of distance by coming over the top and keep face open...I worked to get a more "loopy" swing (which is actually the completely perfect way to describe dropping in the slot...literally feels like a loop)...I found my ball flight more penetrating, longer and more of a baby fade vs a cut...all I had to do to make this swing a fade was aim feet and shoulders open and hold face...to each his own, but coming from the inside for me definitely helped out a lot vs just accepting my weak cut
  7. I used to be nice and just humor those guys, but they dont go away...as soon as you start listening they just go on and on...that's what I'm going to say next time "I'll bring it up to my PGA teacher when I next see him but I dont make changes to my swing unless he says so"...If they come back with something after that I'll ask for their PGA pro card so he and my instructor can discuss my game...one guy literally told me to "fold my left elbow in my backswing' now I understand it's not imperative to keep your left arm 100% straight but...its a common fundamental to keep your left arm straight (especially if ur just starting, it's a good thing simple thing to think about)...I'm a 6 hc btw...funny thing is my shots were fine... nice high draws landing near target...so I dont know what this guy was doing...the craziest thing is that I have never once on the range even noticed anyones swing but my own...which leads me to believe people like this go out there with the intention of critiquing others... They really stupid thing these idiots dont get is that they may be talking to someone just starting out and could be implanting all sorts of bad habits...I've seriously never even noticed someone else's swing on the range cause I'm focused on my own...do these guys just go and watch for someone hitting bad shots and then pounce?
  8. It has been considered they are used on tour Exactly its 200 years old...written at a time when blacks werent allowed to play and women couldnt join country clubs...the entire problem with golf is the communities (well then older communities unwillingness to change)...at my country club myself and like 10 other people are the only ones under 40...we talk all the time about how we canr waitnto actually modernize our club...
  9. Agree, my problem is if the damn ball goes just off the fairway in rough and you simply just "dont find it"...you only have 3 min to look now by rule...but that ball is there and given an empty course, I'd search and search for it till I found it...but crowded course I'm dropping for free...luckily driver is my strong point Broooo if this really works I'll happily buy
  10. I really think in casual play at a public course, the club rule ahould be to agree on is allow a free drop in the vicinity of the ball if the ball should otherwise be found given more time...they preach all this stuff about increasing pace of play and such but then ur assessed a stroke for losing a ball where it's probably just right under your feet buried somewhere, often times because the rough isnt properly maintained AND there are 4 people behind you...now, clearly in a tournament or on the PGA, it cant be allowed but it's usually a non-issue because someone, somewhere will find it anyways...but on a Saturday morning at a muni, it should be free drop after a 3 min search, thats how we play and it really doesnt affect my score that differently than when I play a tournament (because my ball always gets found there)...its not like ur moving it onto the fairway or closer to the hole, if anything it encourages pace of play at public courses
  11. Not worthless advice at all, I'm a 3 HC and that's how I learned how to putt...now its come so routine that I don't look at my feet anymore...but that exact drill did wonders for me and quickly... Grab 20 balls and a flat or uphill spot on green, hit then with a stroke (back heel to front heel) focusing on a repeatable stroke...dont look up till you have hit all 20...once you have hit all 20 pace to the middle of the biggest cluster of balls and round your pace to a nice rounded distance...so if you pace off 11 steps then boom now you have a 10 ft distance stroke (obviously there will be variation depending on uphill/downhill, fast/slow greens, etc.) But you'll have starting point and over time you'll learn to adjust your stroke instead of blindly whacking at the ball...do this for 2 or 3 strokes and you'll have some good baselines...uphill 12 paces, use your 15 ft stroke, downhill 15 paces, use your 10 foot stroke...made a massive difference for me Just dont get over committed to those strokes, they're baselines while you learn feel...somedays youll do your 10 ft stroke and it will go 16 ft...at that point head back to the putting green and recalibrate or do a quick 5 ball recalibration before every round...this is the fastest way for a new player to lesen distance control imo
  12. Probably not common, but anyone can do it if you have ever hit a ball straight with and iron and driver, or made a putt, or hit a good chip...you can be scratch you just have to have the time to develop the ability to do it on command
  13. HitTheMark


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