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  1. Hello all, I have some chronic pain in my lower back lumbar area and left Side. Does anyone know if a Back support will help While playing golf? Or is it just too cumbersome. thank you!
  2. Hello all, I’m playing a course this weekend that has some elevation changes. Lake Chabot. I’m curious about club selections with elevation Changes. Can anyone give me the scoop on this. I have read contradicting rules. Thanks in advance!
  3. Matthew62


    Hello all, Hope you all are well. I have a question, it might be a no brainer or a dumb question but I have to ask it because I have all kinds of scenarios with different golfers that I meet on the course. You see I was into archery before I got hooked on golf I became really good and even took it to competition and hunting big and small game and done really well. When ever I would shoot a round I always counted every shot whether I dropped one or broke the line, I never took any gimmys. So on the course I have played with guys that would pull out mulligans on the front on the back 9. If they have a blow up hole and have more than 7 strokes they only score 7 on the card. Some say I never put more 7. what do u guys think about this? I know the game is for fun and I really don’t care what they score but for me I just don’t feel right subtracting strokes. And there have been times where I had 5 or even 6 overindulged a hole. I don’t like it and it totally blows my score but I like to have my correct score so when I play there next time I can see if I can beat it. just your thoughts thanks!
  4. Hello all, I am getting so frustrated, I have been golfing for 5 years now and have a bad habit of releasing the club head early. Last year I worked my way down in the 80’s now I’m back up to 100 I can not kick this habit. I have watched several videos. I just can’t train my body to do what my mind wants it to do. Anybody out there ever Conquer this issue? I could really use a solid tip and some direction. Thank you!
  5. I believe my rt knee is locking. Now I’m just trying to feel the pressure in my right inside foot in the downswing, it’s frustrating trying to break this bad habit. I remember it was so bad last year it felt like I would almost jump a little in the down swing. I have never really felt myself using the ground, I’m trying to figure it out. Thanks all
  6. Hello all, I have a bad habit of straightening the right leg and standing up in the downswing. I have some drills that I’m working on that I got off YouTube. I am wondering what worked best for you. Thank you guy and gals for all the tips!
  7. Hello all, I replaced a grip on my putter last year. I cleaned all the tape off and I did not have any mineral spirits so I use break clean, it worked fine but it was tough getting on. I’m gettin ready to change the one on my driver. Does the tape make it easier to install ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all, I need help with my swing. After seeing it on video I realize I am straightening my rt knee on my backswing. I am also ending up with my weight on my back foot. I have been struggling with this for a couple 3 years and am having one heck of a time trying to break this bad habit. Any solid tips would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance🙂
  9. Hello all, got a new set of irons for Christmas. Mizuno HoTMetaL irons. I really like them, the only problem is I can’t read the club number without putting my reading glasses on while playing. The number on the club is painted white on top of the satin/chrome. Any suggestions, I was thinking of using a black sharpie. Not sure if that would make the number easier to read or not. tks
  10. Matthew62


    Hey guys I’m looking to purchase a 60° wedge off of eBay. It’s listed 60.06 Does the .06 describe Bounce? If so I’m fairly new what degree of bounce should I be looking for, whould this club suit me? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello all, I am going to purchase some new irons. I’m looking for something forgiving. What do you all think of the Ping G410’s? Thanks
  12. Hello all, I’m new here and appreciate all the tips. I have s bad habit if swinging at the ball and not allowing my hands to turn over. Some say let the ball get in the way and swing at the target. For some reason this is hard to process. Is there a good tip or swing thought that might help me achieve my this goal. Thank you all in advance!
  13. Thank you Adam, I will start with these chip shots and hopefully I can reprogram myself. I know it will take some time.
  14. Hello all, I’m new here and was advised by a couple of members to post my swing here. I hope I can get some help, thank you all in advance! I have been playing about 4 years. handicap is 25 average score in the 90’s ball flight not consistent shot I hate is chunk or hook to the left. i use to have a bad slice but it is better. i’m trying to reduce this darn chicken wing but I can’t get my brain to command my body to do it. If anyone has had victory over this please help. Thanks again! IMG_1309.MOV IMG_1310.MOV
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