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  1. I am looking to get a new driver, right now i have the nike sq 9.5 and its pretty beat up. I have a swing speed of about 105 to 110 and tend to hit a draw more then anytrhing else so just looking for any advise on what might be some good clubs to consider.
  2. a lot of times when you go from the driving range to the course you don't use what you learned on the driving range because you don't trust that new concept and you revert to what you know and that is your old swing
  3. I got one on ebay used for like 40 bucks when i was first starting to get serious and it really helped my rhythm, and also to understand where my swing plane needs to be at. But the best thing it helps with is the transition from back swing to down swing where so many people have a hitch where the club comes off angle, its a really good learning tool and i highly recommend it.
  4. i like to go with 1 mulligan for every 18 holes but no puts, just looking to see what the norm is for everyone else.
  5. yeah when the shaft is shorter i feel so much more confident. I feel like i am hitting a short iron but when i swing other peoples drivers that are longer it just all goes wrong. But i think i need to get fitted.
  6. I like to use a shorter shaft, right now i have a nike sq driver with a mitsubishi diamana 44 inch stiff flex shaft .Not to brag but distance for me is really not an issue for but I feel a shorter shaft gives me way more control. Just wondering how long is your shaft.
  7. both swings look really good but one thing I noticed is your hands on the driver swing are really close to your body. You should try extending them away more, this will help you with distance and control because it will allow your arms to get more extension creating more power. Watch tigers swing in slow motion on youtube his left arm is fully extended.
  8. You have to have your right thumb over the left side of the club. Having your thumb straight down the shaft makes it much easier for your hands to open up and causes you to hit the ball right. Take a club in your hand and try the two grips and twist your wrists, it will feel alot more difficult for your wrists to hinge open when your thumb is across the mid point of the grip.
  9. You need to relax and think confidently about your next shot because if you think your going to mess up then you will feel yourself getting syched out and you will mess up. There are so many worse things that you could be doing when your golfing so go out and have fun because if you let one shot bother you it will kill your whole round.
  10. Stand behind your ball and find something 3 or 4 feet in front of your ball like a divot or a leaf that is on line with where you are trying to aim and line yourself up with that. It is much easier to line youself up with something 4 feet away then having to pick your head up and look at the hole. It was a tip I saw watching the golf channel from hank haney himself.
  11. i work at dicks sports and i have been looking at those cg 14s, i think if i needed to i could shave my face before a round those grooves are that sharp. but my vokey will be hard to give up.
  12. im a college student who had a low budget and wanted new clubs so when i saw wilsons new di9 irons with a 4 Fybrid (yes Fybrid) for 329.00 and free shipping i had to get them and i could not be happier they are easy to hit and for game improvement irons u can shape shots fairly well i highly recommend these clubs and they are look great in the bag.
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