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  1. Apparently he removed a note (possibly suicide note) and some perscription medications.
  2. I would just like to turn on the Weather Channel and get the weather and not Jim Cantore talking about some blow that happened 30 years ago.
  3. are you assuming that it wont be returned? i wouldnt give up on it to soon. check with the pro shop.
  4. Maybe they should sell these in pro shops. http://www.healiohealth.com/tek9.asp...cific=jqhqjqp8
  5. Blue dot on either side of the manufacturer name and a third dot above or below the number
  6. Sounds to me that this was more of a case that the 3some wanted to play faster as opposed to your group playing too slow. I think I would have let them play through and taken it from there. On another note, it shouldn't be an issue that marshalling is a tough job. Most of these guys are retired and probably get a lot of free golf. If you can't do the job you are paid to do, go find something else.
  7. Leave your wife and/or girlfriend now. You can always find another later on.
  8. Anyone else see or hear this? Holy moly..corruption at its best..I believe. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-0...-protests.html
  9. If the fairways are flat or downhill it may not be a bad thing but if they are inclined it could be a problem
  10. Weezy must be having a fit over this one. (I kid..I'm a kidder)
  11. you forgot using "your" when "you're" is appropriate or "there" instead of "their"
  12. Are the PVD and Classic the same club but different finish?
  13. I wasnt giving him advice. Just making the point that golf during off times is probably better than other activities. Oh..and welcome to Delaware. I think you will enjoy your time here. My youngest is finishing up this fall at UD.
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