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  1. I have wondered about this for some time. If golfer has limited budget to apply on golf game would it be better to spend that money on instruction or on club fitting? Suspect some of that is specific to type of golfer (high, mid, low handicap, etc) So, if I have some amount of money I can either spend on instruction or fitting and knowing I will at least be able to make some adjustments to to bag based on fitting, where would you put your money? Mike
  2. easier said than done.... I actually "practice" a lot. I live on a golf course. Nothing about the golf swing ever feels natural, fluid to me. Given that, I'm still able to play bogey golf.
  3. New to The Sand Trap, so a little late posting. My goal for 2019 has been to have fun playing golf. I like golf, I like to hit balls on range, practice but I have not really felt like I was having fun while playing/had fun when i finished round. I have kind of stopped playing until I figure that out. I'm ok, 18 handicap. But, especially when playing 18, by the time I'm done it almost feels like work. Trying to figure out some things I can do to have 18 feel fun again. I don't ever really feel "loose" in my swing or overall when I'm playing. Trying to start there Mike
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