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  1. @Vinsk, thanks for the insight. I had noticed people referencing Evolvr. Obviously, who doesn't love free, but I also know you get what you pay for sometimes... I'll check out Evolvr for sure.
  2. @Vinsk, I read through the attached, but wasn't clear on the takeaway as it relates to me. I do feel I'm too upright - i've played around with posture a lot and for some reason this ends up being my natural position and the one I'm most comfortable with. But i definitely want to learn and get better, so open to hearing your thoughts so i can apply them.
  3. I had no problems posting my kids' swings but I finally got the courage to post mine! Would love feedback. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: haven't tracked, but have played a couple rounds recently of bogey golf. in those cases, the short game is what kills me, i.e. on the green on 2 or 3 and then 2 - 4 putt 😞 My typical ball flight is: Typically straight, but sometimes a fade. Ball flight tends to be pretty high. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: my biggest issues is hosel rockets! i can literally go through a single day, like today, where in the morning, I am literally hitting a hosel rocket (nasty ones that go 45 degrees and curve wickedly) on every shot and every club. then, i tell myself ok, i'm going to go this afternoon and make sure i keep my eyes on the ball and all of a sudden, i'm crushing shots and people on the range are asking me how i do it. the problem is i have no idea what causes that nasty session in the AM vs. the perfect session in the afternoon. Will try to get some better videos up in the coming days... Videos:
  4. @Vinsk thanks for the tech tip 🙂 appreciate the chair drill. going to try it out with him tonight!
  5. Thanks Vinsk. I think that's exactly right. Any thoughts on how he can work on carrying that hip rotation through the final part of his swing?
  6. With him, I feel like the challenge has been how to complete the rotation through the end of the swing. It looks his body stops rotating as the club is about to hit the ball and you can actually see his body sort of jerk and come to a halt, at which time he also loses his spine angle. Of course, I'm a total novice 🙂
  7. With him, I feel like his balance is a bit off kilter in that he leans too far over his feet. And as a result, as a bit of a "jump" at the end of his swing. We've been working on that, but it's something that comes and goes depending on the day.
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is: n/a My typical ball flight is: straight, but occasional block right (no curve, just starts going right) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: that block right Son #2! Also open to any thoughts and advice as he continues to work on his swing. Not taking many lessons at all at this point given soccer commitment, but trying to find ways to build more consistency in his swing if there are places to simplify his motion. Thanks again! Videos: [ ]
  9. Son I has been Playing Golf for: 1 year My current handicap index or average score is:N/A My typical ball flight is: straight (no fade or draw) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: none in particular, main idea is to continue refining swing where people see areas to clean up. I can't believe I just found this site. My younger son has been playing for about a year. He's doing occasional lessons, but at this point, mostly working on his own to build consistency. He has his first tournament in a couple weeks and I'm not looking to make wholesale changes, but would love to get any pointers from folks in the know. He's 8, weighs about 55lbs and around 50" tall. His driver probably goes around 140 - 150 yards on average. Thanks! Videos:
  10. vinsk, i wasn't entirely fair in my original post. my sons are new to the game in that they've only been playing a year, but they've put in a ton of work and so pretty far along. i checked out the 5 point video and they've got that stuff down. for the most part, their swings are looking good and they just continue to build. boogielicious, that's super helpful and exactly the position i'm talking about (p2). so with my older son, the instructor has been making that face entirely closed, whereas yours is angled with your spine. the problem my son then has is the club face stays closed throughout and voila, the ball hooks left. as soon as he thinks about opening up a bit, i.e. getting to a position more similar to yours, it works. all in all, i know which way i'm going to encourage him to swing, but i was more interetsed in the rational for a fully closed club face from a theoretical perspective. just seemed really odd to me and couldn't figure out what it was trying to achieve.
  11. Hi, first time poster as my kids and I are new to the sport. We're taking lessons and getting conflicting advice, so wanted to get the forum's thoughts... One area I hear about is the club face angle when the club is parallel to the ground on the backswing. From what I understand, the traditional way is to have that club face between vertical (pointing to the sky) and your spine angle (club face is pointing in same direction as your spine if you draw a straight line from butt to head). I have two questions on this: 1) one instructor pushed my son to have a fully closed club face at that parallel position. in other words, the club face is also parallel to the ground. He says that encourages a better impact position, and says a number of pro players also have that closed face. But everyone I've spoken to about this says that is crazy talk, so curious what others think... 2) i've found that if I have a fully open face, i.e. club face vertical, it creates an issue where I am more likely to hosel rocket the ball. but if i go with a club face more in-line with my spine angle, i'm able to hit pretty straight. for anyone who has experienced that, i'd love to better understand the science behind that. Thanks in advance and love the forum!
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