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  1. Coming back to golf after 13+ years, Callaway Super Soft. I track and find the ball better. I don't play well enough for it to REALLY matter I don't think. Wish I could remember what I used to play. Hex dimples and was one of the first to do so. Prob not made anymore but I LOVED those balls.
  2. IMO, if I was submitting paperwork of any kind that pertained to my results or standings in any type of competition, it's on me to make sure its 100% right before submitting. Not saying the market did nothing wrong, but the buck stops with the competitor. Imo.
  3. At what point in a golfer's "career" would you prefer they seek instruction? Early, before they've solidified their swing and generally (probably) don't repeat it every time or later when they have a swing, warts and all, to work with? As a newer golfer, I've been told both are the way to approach it from various sources.
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  5. All, Thanks for letting me join. I used to golf quite a bit about 15 years ago. Hacker, broke 100 twice. Left the Navy and continued golfing for about a year and left the game. Last month, played 2 rounds out of the blue and it's bought the fever back. Will be playing more. Here to learn, much has changed.
  6. Sr. Area Planning Manager Lead a team of area/regional planning managers for a large transportation and logistics company. (We hired over 15,000 drivers last year) Basically we plan all the freight and drivers for our company from Colorado - west.
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