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  1. It was a par 66. The rating was a 61.7 with a 105 slope. Very easy course but hey if thats what I needed to do to get my first birdie then so be it.
  2. @Shindig @Wally Fairway Well guys... something happened today.... I did it. I putted a birdie. Since a shot by shot account was asked for, one will be given. I'm playing a 9 hole par 33 course (par 66 18 if you go around 2 times like me). Something to get out there and beat the heat we are having in MA this weekend. (went out at 6:30am) Shot a 38 on the front 9 (+5) and headed back around for the back. Went bogey par for holes 1/10 and 2/11. Walked up to the tee at 3/12 and was thinking where I want it. It is a straight slightly uphill par 4 clocking in at 291 yards. I hit a drive up the left side and its drawing to the rough. Still had a line to the pin and it was in the left middle of the green so I went right for it. I was roughly 35 yards out. Hit a nice high chip with my 56 and landed it 8ft from the pin. This is the longest 8ft of my life. I knew this could be it. I was reading the green from each side of the hole to only realize...it was a straight putt slightly uphill. So I said ok cam just square it up and hit it straight. and oh baby I did it. I hit that birdie and I was like Tiger winning the masters. People on the 7th green were quite confused but they wouldn't understand hahaha. Went on to finish the round a total of +10 (76) Now if someone could help explain, now if this was a par 72 course what would be my score? would it have broken 90? If anyone knows I'd love to know. This was the best round of my life. Thought of you guys that I tagged when I hit it, I said I can't wait to go tell those guy and anyone else who was wondering. But finally, the search is over and I'm playing much more confident golf.. Thank you guys for all the help and teachings
  3. I will definitely do that! Thank you
  4. Thank you I will definitely take a look, as for a video. I will post one as soon as I'm at a range and if my next round is before I am at the range I will post one from there. So right now it is looking like my next round is sunday, and being a 20 year old working 2 jobs I have 1 day I have a 25% chance of being able to go to the range, so I will post as many videos as I can come sunday Thanks for the advice.
  5. That is pretty good advice! Thanks! I think what happens is most of the greens I'm playing have stupid speed and are slopped pretty harshly too, I think I might think like that is because I'm afraid I'm going to putt it off the green because I can't read greens well if at all. I think I just overcomplicate things for myself.
  6. Since my friend is a quite low handicap (came out today with an 8.8 on the ghin system) he helps a lot with telling me where wind is going where pin is (I play at his own courses he belongs to) and what to do with pin placements. So when I get up to a ball for a short iron or wedge in I tend to aim middle green if it is in the back or front of the green if it is in the front or middle. I'm completely content with a 2 putt for par/bogey. I've never thought about the flighting part though, from what I've browsed before replying it looks like something I should practice. My dad built a projector to watch movies in my backyard and I found this really tight wound netting at one of his job sites and took it. So soon we will have a mini backyard hitting station and I can work on everything necessary!
  7. I broke 100 if that is still an award and I'm oh so close to that breaking 90. Can't wait to send an update when I do
  8. Haha thank you! I was surprised with my par 3 play in a good way of course. I had trouble on the par 5s hitting double on 2 and bogey on 1. I was happy with the bogey, as it was a tough hole and I was proud. The other however were not. They are dogleg par 5s. One is rather straight I ended up hitting it through the fairway with driver and just my luck the fairways were watered 15 minutes before our tee time, so it was rather thick rough I was dealing with and I tried to power a 5 iron and try to go as far as possible, I just ended up chunking it, that divot is still in the air I think... surely wen't further than the ball. I played slow to try and catch my breath (it was a hot day) between shots and really think about what shot I want to hit but the par 5 was after that miserable 8 shooter so at that point I was fed up. zapped the distance with the range finder and just hit. So to answer your question, I guess I'm pretty bad at em. lol
  9. If there was no advice to be given, better left unsaid. I was simply asking for things to work on at the range because "I don't have any videos YET" so that when I go to the range I know what might be the cause of certain things if detail was given and then later in the week videos are posted. Thanks for the comment though.
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 7-8 years (1 1/2 consistently on weekly basis) My current handicap index or average score is: 23 (range between 91-95 consistently) Think it should be said I have never hit a birdie and that is my goal for this season. My typical ball flight is: driver: baby draw or baby fade or massive slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: driver/wedge play I don't currently have any videos yet, just looking for advice for what to work on when at the range if I give you some info and detail. I tee the ball high and let it fly with my driver. I have a short backswing that helps me play the baby draw into my swing because last year I really really sliced the thing and would shoot 100-115. I've since dropped that to the 91-95 I am at now and am quite happy with the progress I've made. Sometimes with that slow short backswing I try to compensate for that and swing really hard and it just slices, I know whats wrong it is just a matter of being able to understand what I need to do when getting on the tee box. With that I've really started to struggle with short irons and even my wedges. This never used to be a problem. within 100 yards from the green I was able to get it on and 2 putt. Now I'm thinning it and chunking it and just not what I want to see. My friend (who is currently an 8 handicap) told me that since I have that slow tempo in my head for the driver and sometimes overcompensate with swinging hard, I'm now swinging back the club fast and forward even harder and thats why I am mishitting. I'm not sure whether this is correct or not but I would just like some advice from you guys out there on what helped you or what you think could help me. Thanks guys
  11. Well I ended up getting on the course yesterday and there was no birdies. One of my worst rounds and better rounds all in one. Started out the round par bogey bogey par, which in my case was amazing. I parred all the par 3s except for bogeying one. But then came the hole that ruined it all. I hit a very solid drive about 275 leaving me with a 118 gw shot into the green. Thinned it. found it in the woods, played it, chunked it, overcomplicated my swing trying not to chunk and thinned again, now shooting bogey and 20 yards away, didn't put enough on the ball, hitting 6 onto green just smash a putter and it rolls off the back, putt 7 too light and at that point my friends dad said (while me still being 20 feet from the hole) "You can pick that up we will all just assume you made that" for my 8. Thought I'd give you guys a funny story about my round yesterday. hahaha
  12. Unfortunately I don't play this week but I have a couple tee times next week and after my range sessions with all of you guys advice I have confidence that I can break 90 and hit that birdie in the same round!
  13. A caddymaster at a private course I've played said that the higher you tee the ball on driver eliminates the slice (in my case since everything was mechanically correct otherwise) and that worked. I didn't ask about irons but I generally have about a quarter of an inch below the wide part of the tee. I also can't hit divots for the life of me. I can hit a real pure shot without any divot. I can also chunk it and cause an earthquake with how much earth I've moved. haha
  14. Yes, I have a local par 3 course, only played there once because cost was as expensive as a championship course around me. Par 3s I would say are my worst because I for some reason can't hit my irons off the tee well but give me fairway or even a good lie in the rough and it comes out crisp. maybe I should just forget about teeing my ball on par 3s and just letting it fly. I do like this advice I am going to work on my ball striking tonight at the range
  15. This is great advice! I'm going to the range and putting green today coincidentally so I think I'm gonna give that a go!
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