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  1. Looking for some opinions on what a good drive should look like. I've gone from hitting it high and to the right, to low (maybe 50 feet off the ground) and left to center. Getting good distance, anywhere between 230-270 with a couple pushing the 300 mark (pretty rare). But feel like I'm losing distance based on the low ball flight. Everything else from my hybrid down to my wedges seems to be beautiful, at least in the ball flight regards. Should I focus on trying to get the ball up in the air more, or be happy with what I'm getting now?
  2. Couldn't get a picture, but caught a possum taking a bath in a puddle off the 14th tee box today. Felt a bit bad for interrupting him.
  3. Thank you! I would have never noticed the head movement. Since this was posted I have had a lesson, but it was rained out after 15 minutes. Still waiting on the pro to reschedule, weather hasn't been very cooperative. I will work on those tips and plan on posting a new video with better quality in the next couple weeks. Can you clarify the flying right elbow? Don't know exactly what you mean?
  4. Appreciate it! Now to try and repeat it!
  5. Played my first 18 today with the new driver (TS2) and hit an even 100! Shot 52 on the front and 48 on the back. On the 5th hole everything seemed to fall in sync and was crushing it on the tee straight as I ever have! Been striving for this moment and honestly thought it wouldn't come till next season.
  6. Here are the slowmo and range videos
  7. Will be posting slowmo here later today.
  8. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 Months My current handicap index or average score is: Average Score 120 My typical ball flight is: High Right, trouble squaring club face at impact The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: High far right, usually end up on the opposite fairway Videos: I'm having an extremely hard time squaring the club face at impact. I had a fitting with a trackman and my club speed seems solid. On full shots was averaging between 109 and 111. The problem doesn't seem to be as prevalent in my iron shots and I'd say ab
  9. Wow, thank you everyone for the advice! I've stepped back and taken the best look I can at my game and tried to identify my problem areas. 1) I open the club during my downswing causing me to hit off the toe, which is extremely evident during drives. I did a fitting last night and the fitter showed me how to correct it so I have a general idea of what to work on there. 2) My short game is atrocious! I can bump and run fairly well, but beyond that I have no clue what I'm doing. I've scheduled a lesson to focus on that and plan on taking what I learn and implementing it i
  10. Right now I keep track of my putting stats, but haven't done any of the others. I've been looking into Shot Scope and the reviews and stats it offers look amazing. I'm not fimilar with GameGolf though.
  11. @DaveP043 I've taken one lesson so far, but currently I can only afford about one a month 😔. My next one is coming up in two weeks though. I did the Titleist Thursday tonight and the guy gave me a couple things to work on though until my next lesson! Really opened my eyes! I'm trying to be as much as a sponge as I can to soak up more knowledge. @Patch after reading everyone's feedback I'm definitely gonna do that! One of the courses I found out has a practice green with bunkers and all so I'm going to try and hit that at least once a week before I hit the range.
  12. @iacas appreciate it! I will give both a through read and start working on those drills!
  13. I totally get what your saying, but how does one practice? I play with with my brother, he's just as new as I am. Other than that none of my friends play and my dad maybe plays 5 times a year for fun. So no one I know practices so I have nothing to base it off. Thank you for the clarification!
  14. @iacas can you have a practice round vs an actual round? 9 hole days I'm usually by myself, take note time with each shot (unless there's anyone behind me), and put more focus on certain things each round, where as the 18 hole day I'm with someone and we're playing for score. I've only been golfing a couple months so I'm not trying to argue, it's just the way I've seen it up until now. How would you recomend one would practice? I'm 100% open for suggestions! I dont know if I understand what you mean? The shots I am getting on the green I'm usually pretty happy with but that
  15. Within 3 foot it's speed, usually leave it just short. Longer than that it's a little of both.
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