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  1. Right now I keep track of my putting stats, but haven't done any of the others. I've been looking into Shot Scope and the reviews and stats it offers look amazing. I'm not fimilar with GameGolf though.
  2. @DaveP043 I've taken one lesson so far, but currently I can only afford about one a month 😔. My next one is coming up in two weeks though. I did the Titleist Thursday tonight and the guy gave me a couple things to work on though until my next lesson! Really opened my eyes! I'm trying to be as much as a sponge as I can to soak up more knowledge. @Patch after reading everyone's feedback I'm definitely gonna do that! One of the courses I found out has a practice green with bunkers and all so I'm going to try and hit that at least once a week before I hit the range.
  3. @iacas appreciate it! I will give both a through read and start working on those drills!
  4. I totally get what your saying, but how does one practice? I play with with my brother, he's just as new as I am. Other than that none of my friends play and my dad maybe plays 5 times a year for fun. So no one I know practices so I have nothing to base it off. Thank you for the clarification!
  5. @iacas can you have a practice round vs an actual round? 9 hole days I'm usually by myself, take note time with each shot (unless there's anyone behind me), and put more focus on certain things each round, where as the 18 hole day I'm with someone and we're playing for score. I've only been golfing a couple months so I'm not trying to argue, it's just the way I've seen it up until now. How would you recomend one would practice? I'm 100% open for suggestions! I dont know if I understand what you mean? The shots I am getting on the green I'm usually pretty happy with but that could be me being naive as well.
  6. Within 3 foot it's speed, usually leave it just short. Longer than that it's a little of both.
  7. Day 11 Played 9 today. Focused more on grip, setup, and putting than anything, but still ended up 3 putting every hole but the first which was a 4 putt. Trying to get into a 3 ft circle with my first putt, which I'm pretty consistent at, but getting the second one to drop isnt clicking. Either came up an inch short or lipped out. Everything is improving, I had a legitimate chance at par or birdie on all but the last hole which I found the water. But seeing improvement either way.
  8. What constitutes practice? I work from home and am in charge of my own schedule which leaves me plenty of time throughout the day for "activities". The city offered a membership to 4 of the local courses for $65 a month, unlimited play so I picked it up. Right now I'm playing 9 four days a week and 18 once a week. While I'm definitely seeing improvement, especially when it comes to club selection and judging distance, there are areas where I'm still struggling. I tend the view the 9 hole days as practice rounds, but should I be doing other things as well? I'm pretty consistent at being on or within about 5 to 10 yards off the green for my 3rd shot on a par 4. But 95% of the time I'm 3 putting and ending up double bogey by inches. I work on putting around the house, but it's a totally different beast on the course. And I've seen huge improvements from when I started till now so I do feel that playing everyday during the week is helping, but instead should I go spend an hour or so on a practice green? Thanks in advance!
  9. He was pretty adamant that my swing is pretty good. We focused on grip as it was non existent and setup. He watched me swing though and said after that the shaft I was using was to weak for my speed. I assume he was able to tell that from what he was seeing.
  10. Day 10 Worked on grip and ball placement today while playing the back 9. After the second hole seemed to top all my drives but hitting solider iron shots.
  11. Day 9 Played 9 alone this morning. Wasn't my greatest showing, but only lost 2 balls so guess that's an improvement. Worked on grip and set up tonight.
  12. Day 8 Played a practice round of 9 today. Everything seemed off. Wasn't until the last couple holes that things seemed to click. Going back to work on grip and setup tomorrow.
  13. Day 7 Worked with my 58° on getting the ball to stop as soon as it hits the ground. Starting to understand how to open up the face. Spent about 15 minutes on this.
  14. Day 6 Spent time putting at a cigarette pack from 15 feet out. Was trying to get within 3 feet and work on distance control to bring down my 3 putts.
  15. I just started playing a couple months ago and at first my swing was so horrendous that I'd fall on my butt more often than not and the only divots I'd take were with my feet. My family got a good chuckle and as frustrating as it was then it is something I can look back and laugh at now. As the others said lessons are a great way to improve and learn the basics, also I've found playing alone when the course isn't busy takes a lot of pressure off yourself while your still learning. I've even played with complete strangers who've been extremely patient and encouraging while I whiffed the ball. It's a fun game and sooner, rather than later the results will come! Happy golfing and welcome to the forum!
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