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  1. The conference championship was yesterday, and it was a fun time, especially considering we were playing for a spot in regionals (we were second before the championship, and two teams advance to regionals), and I was playing for a spot in All Conference (top ten qualify for All Conference, I was somewhere between 8th and 12th, so I was close going in). We were so far ahead of third place that advancing to regionals seemed like a formality, so I was mainly focused on All Conference, which I said was one of my golf goals for this year. I wanted it badly. I had a feeling that if I shot 85, it wou
  2. Here’s another scorecard that I really like. Croasdaile Country Club. They just got new scorecards two weeks ago, so here it is! They went back to a horizontal card, which I like. Their old scorecard was hard to figure out as far as combo tees go, but this card makes it very easy. The only true pop-out colors here are the arrows for the combo tees, but that hardly bothers me. The rest of the inside is simple: six lines for scoring, two of which are for keeping track of matches. The front of the card is nice. Logo, course name, city. Super simple. The back is a little bit too mu
  3. I’ve played 36 holes in the past few days: 18 on Tuesday afternoon, 18 Wednesday morning. Tuesday: 18 holes at the home course. Played with a buddy for the front nine and we had a heck of a match. I held a two-stroke lead with one to play, and that proved to be enough: I bogeyed to close the front with a 48, nothing better than a bogey, and he parred the hole to finish at 49. Then I made the turn to the back. It was a super inconsistent performance. I made four pars, a bogey, a double, two triples and a 10 on the par-4 14th. That means a 51 on the back and a 99 total. I had to go +2
  4. When he took out that flag and starting hitting him with it, I found it very difficult to hold a laugh in. 😂😂
  5. I managed another birdie on the sixth hole after a 12-footer, which puts me at 5/18 for the year. Not a bad start!
  6. We played nine holes today in practice and I shot a smooth little 42 (+7, playing the fourth hole as a par-4 from the reds). The highlight of the round was a span of about a hole and a half. Sitting two about ten feet short of the fifth green, I hit a nice pitch shot that stopped a foot from the hole, leaving a tap-in par. Then on the sixth, I hit my approach to about twelve feet and made the putt to knock off another birdie on the challenge. My brother also played pretty well, as you’ll see in the scorecard below. He shot a 54 (+19) with a triple-double-triple finish. A really solid day
  7. Never did my anylasis of our last match, so I guess I’ll do it now. 😃 The first 18-hole match was Thursday, and I’ll just say this: it wasn’t near the level of success we had on Tuesday. Not terrible by any means, but definitely not great. The course we played, Kerr Lake Country Club, wasn’t in fantastic shape, but it was a fun layout that kinda made up for the condition. We played the white tees (just under 6200 yards), so all yardages I note are from there. I’ll do another hole by hole anylasis, and because the second hole was my starting hole, I’ll start there! No. 2; Par 4, 291 y
  8. Haven’t read LSW yet, but I’m definitely looking to in the near future!
  9. There are four slots in my golf bag. I’ll call them North, South, East and West, since they are arranged sort of like a compass. North Slot: Driver, 3W, 5W East Slot: Driving Iron, 4H, 5H South Slot: 6I-PW West Slot: GW (50), SW (54), Putter Once upon a time, I had the North and South slots swapped, so my woods are in the front. That made it more difficult to get to the irons when we rode in a cart, so I switched them. I also used to just put them wherever I felt like putting them, but last summer I decided it would be better if I just had a system so I wouldn’t
  10. On the first hole, I can’t really hit more club because from where we were hitting, it was probably around 210 to the far treeline, meaning about 190 to run through the fairway. On the second hole, I didn’t hit driver because I didn’t really hit it well on the range, so I wanted to wait for a hole that was a little more wide open. As for the eighth hole, I was trying to hit it a little left of the 150 marker to set up a 140-yard second shot, but it just happened to draw and leave me in better position. This is one hole where you cannot hit driver because it’s about 190 to the treelin
  11. 1, 5 and 6 for me. I could pick and choose what clubs I want without fear of cost, and I’ve always wanted to go to Augusta and meet John Daly.
  12. Easy. 400ish par 4. •First I’ll hit a drive in the fairway, leaving somewhere in the neighborhood of 175 yards. I’ve never been a super long hitter, but I’m pretty good at putting it in the fairway. In fact, in my past 36 holes, I’ve only missed three fairways. •Using a 5- or 6-iron, I’ll probably miss the green, but not by much. When I miss the green, it’s usually not by a whole lot. I’ll typically have around 15 GIRs/nGIRs a round. I’ll usually double or triple the other three holes, and I’ll probably throw in a double or two with the nGIRs. Of course, if I’m having an above or bel
  13. There is honestly a lot to say about our match today. As you’ll see later, we made a really good run today! Now to the round. I hit range balls beforehand, and from my very first shot (a striped 8I), I could tell today was going to be a good day. Good shot after good shot on the range, and I was building confidence with each one. After putting for about 20 minutes, and hitting some really good putts, I was ready. I’ll do a hole by hole analysis. Yardages from the tees we played, but the fourth hole, a 478-yard par 5, was played from the red tees, and we made it a 345-yard par 4. Here we g
  14. My brother and I played nine holes before practice yesterday. I played pretty well except for one hole: seven bogeys, a par on the sixth hole, and a triple on the fourth hole after I pulled my second shot OB. That means a 46. Not really that bad, especially with a triple. I didn’t keep my brother’s score, but he did par a hole where I bogeyed: we had identical chip shots on the seventh hole, he hit it to about ten feet and I was probably half that away. He made it, I missed. I hit it pretty well too, and I’m really looking forward to our match this afternoon!
  15. We’ve got a big week ahead of us. I believe there are only three matchesT left this season (two 18-hole matches), and two of them are this week. We’ve got a home match on Tuesday, and an 18-hole away match at Kerr Lake on Thursday. As I said in my last entry, the top two teams go to regionals. We are now 4th in the standings (by how much, no idea), so we’ve got some work to do. Our plan for this week until Thursday: Weekend: Hit some balls into my net at home. Haven’t been able to get to the course at all this past week because unfortunately, my youngest brother tested positive and
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