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  1. Just shot an 89 over the summer, so that’s the broke 90 achievement. Was going into that day thinking 95 😂.
  2. I’ve got a small 10x8 artificial turf green in my backyard, slopes off on all sides so that the flat area is about 6x6, that I use for short game practice, especially 30-50 yard shots. Tough green to hold, but it has helped my short game loads. Does anybody else have something like this in their yard?
  3. I’ve been playing this game for about a year, and have gotten to the point where my average is around 73, but I recently shot a 71-74 in a tournament that just ended Monday. Sounds good, but round pars were 69 and 68 respectively, so it was an 8-over total.
  4. My brother and I played yesterday. I shot another solid round of 42, with two or three missed 3-footers, and be shot 60, playing one tee further back than he normally does, with a 13 on a hole. We both hit some great shots, and we were both happy with our rounds.
  5. Love it! I bet a ton of people on this forum can relate to that.
  6. Definitely better than last year. Comparison from 2018-2019 2018: Scoring in mid-high 40s for nine holes from white tees, 200-yard drives, up-and-down about 10% of the time 2019: Scoring in low-mid 40s for nine holes from white tees, 230-yard drives, up-bad down about 40% of the time. I imagine that this time next year, I’ll be breaking 40 in at least a third of my rounds, and getting up-and-down at least two-thirds of the time.
  7. That was probably me. The main reason for the lack of improvement has probably been the lack of desire to practice. The feeling of wanting to practice recently dawned on me, so now I’m practicing at least two days per week, with specific plans each day. Maybe a range session, maybe the practice green. Maybe both. Point is, I’m a sophomore in high school, so if I’m practicing a good bit per week, and shooting low 40s, I think I’ve got potential.
  8. In the past week, I’ve posted two very solid nine-hole rounds, 41 ad 43. Quick overview of rounds: Tuesday (41): Best ballstriking in a while. No doubles or 6s, just five bogeys and four pars, although two of the bogeys were three-jacks. Also, one of the best bunker shots of my life on the 7th! Thursday (43): Another solid day on the course. Bogeyed the first five (again, two of them three-putts), then birdied 6. Doubled 7, then bogeyed 8 and parred 9 after an ugly third shot (par-5 hole) So overall, a good week. Recently implemented a practice schedule (practice two days, play two days), so looking to get into the 30s a little bit in the near future!
  9. My goal this year, from now till February and start of golf season, is to get to the point where 45, my average now, is just a mediocre score, rather than a good score, which will be 41 or 42. I think, with the new practice schedule I’ve made, that goal is very realistic. Bully this time next year, I want to have 40 as my norm. 10 strokes off my game in 12 months. Going from 90 to 80. That’s the goal. I think with practice, it’ll get done.
  10. My best shot of the week, or really best shots, were remarkably in the same round. Yesterday on the par-4 4th hole, I had a 9I third after topping my tee shot and hitting a 7I second. The ball drew just like I intended and finished 10 ft out. Two putted for five, which I was happy with after the topped drive. Then, a few holes later, on the par-5 seventh, I hit a so-so drive and had 250 in (the hole was about 465 from whites). I caught all of my 3W, maybe a little more, and finished just a few yards short of the green. Failed to make the up-and-down.
  11. I played Occoneechee, a nice par-71 yesterday, just under 6000 from whites where I played. Started okay, but went triple-double on 5 and 6. Finished with a 47 for the front. Then had a quad on the 11th after dumping two balls in the water. Went on a run on 12-15, parring three of those four holes, with the fourth being a bogey where I missed an 18-inch putt after a beautiful chip from about 15 yds off the green. Doubled the 16th, after I ran my par putt 3ft past then missing that. Finished with two solid bogeys for a 45 on the back and a 92 total. Funny thing is, before the round, I guessed I would shoot 92, and my brother guessed 91! Marvelous course, currently in great shape.
  12. Okay, I think I worded that wrong. Here’s what I mean: let’s say I’m 40 yards out with my third shot on a par-5. I do not have to stick it to just a few feet, although that would be great. I just have to put it where I have a good look at birdie, even if it is 10-12 feet. On the other hand, I’ll assume that the shot I’m about to hit is the sixth or seventh on that hole. I’ll feel that I absolutely have to stiff it, because I need to get up-and-down so my score isn't inflated as much. But then again, with a double or triple on a par-5, or anywhere for that matter, my score is already inflated a bit, isn’t it?😂. But seriously, that’s what I meant when I posted that.
  13. You and I have very similar games. I never use my SW and LW, especially the LW, on 40 us shots unless I absolutely have to get one close.
  14. This is gonna be a bit weird 1W: 235 3W: 220 5W: 205 4H: 190 5H: 180 6I: 170 7I: 160 8I: 150 9I: 140 PW: 130 GW: 105 SW: 75 LW: 40 Gets a bit sketchy once I get down to the wedges. I don’t really hit my GW 100% a lot, normally just for around 80 shots and in. Same with the SW and LW. I’ll choke down just a bit on the PW for 110-120 yd shots.
  15. I feel your pain. There’s just something about new balls that the hazards find so attractive...
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