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  1. My brother and I were discussing this after our round last week. We came to an agreement beforehand that on the green, or anywhere for that matter, if it hit the raised cup and we agreed that it had a realistic chance of dropping, we counted it. Obviously, if you just bladed the heck out of a shot and your ball hit the cup full-force, then no, it wouldn’t count.
  2. Hey guys! Thought this would be a fun thread. There are no rules here. You can be as generic or as interesting as you want. Tell us the name of your tournament, entry, format, and prizes at the end. I’ll start. The name of mine would be The Club Championship. It will be played at my dream club (see that thread). Carts will be optional during this tournament, but highly recommended. You’ll see why. There will be a $100 entry fee for all members, and upon entry, you will be asked your handicap. This is for good reason. You will be flighted based on your handicap: Championship: HCP 5 or below (Black Tees) First Flight: HCP 6-12 (Blue Tees) Second Flight: HCP 13-20 (White Tees) Third Flight: HCP 21 or above (White Tees) There will also be Senior (60+), Super Senior (70+), and Ladies Flights, regardless of handicap. The Senior Flight will play the green tees, and the Super Senior and ladies will play reds. The tournament will be five days long. The first two days will be qualifying rounds. The top 8 from each flight at the end of the two days will advance to the matchplay portion. One day for each round of matchplay, all matches 18 holes. There will also be a nine-hole consolation match on the same day as the finals. There will be a ceremonial dinner at the end of the tournament, where prizes will also be given. Only those who made it to at least the semifinals will be awarded prizes. The winner from each flight will be awarded a plaque with their name and “XXXX Club Champion, X Flight” (the XXXX being the year) printed across the top, a $150 merchandise gift card, and three dozen golf balls. The losing finalist will also be given a plaque, gift card and balls, except the plaque will say Runner-Up instead of Champion, and the gift card will only be good for $100. The winner of the consolation match will win two dozen golf balls, and the loser of that match (4th place) will win one dozen. So there’s my own golf tournament.
  3. My perfect course would be a really nice, affordable, private club. As the founders of my club, me and my immediate family would be the first members. MEMBERSHIP: The initial membership fee wouldn’t be too bad, probably around $5,000, then a monthly fee of $175/month, in order to make it affordable for everybody. If anybody joining is family or friends to us, they would get a 10% discount on all fees, including merchandise and food/drink from the snack bar. A membership purchase immediately allows the new member access to all club events and features. FACILITIES: My dream club would have a tennis court and a nice, spacious, two-story clubhouse. The tennis court would be open all year. The upper floor of the clubhouse would be reserved for dining and social events, while the lower floor is for golf carts, the pro shop and an indoor swimming pool, which would be free to use for all members. GOLF: My dad and I would work together to design the two courses that will be on our property. The first would be an 18-hole par-70 championship course, where all tournaments are played. There will be five tee boxes: black, blue, white, green, and red. Only those who have a handicap of 3 or less would have access to the championship tees, which will be about 7000 yards. The other would be a nine-hole, par-30 executive course. On that course, no par-3 will exceed 150 yards, and no par-4 will exceed 320. Only a single tee box here. The green speeds will run at about 11 for the championship course (I love fast greens), and probably 8 for the executive layout. TOURNAMENTS: My club will host probably one tournament a month. Most would be open to everybody, but I would give one to just low cappers, and one to high cappers. But my main tournament would be my Club Championships. Four flights based on handicap. Two rounds of qualifying, top 16 make it into matchplay. One day for each round. The final match will be thirty-six holes in the same day. Riding carts will be optional during this event. Optional but, due to how many consecutive days of play, highly recommended. So there you have it, my dream club.
  4. Here’s an idea. I assume you will have several tee boxes. When golfers pay before their round, have them present their handicap card/app. Then make them play the tee box according to their handicap, and have a course marshal see them off to make sure they play the right tee boxes. Also, have cameras in the pro shop overlooking every tee box. If the high-handicapper that you put on the middle tees suddenly tees off from the tips, they’re out. If they don’t have a handicap card/app, too bad.
  5. Hmm...when you say on a “completely forgettable” course, was that meant to be on a course that was in poor condition or just one that’s not really famous? Either way, I’ve got a course in mind for both of those, so I’ll take the first option. I’d love to break 80.
  6. What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed on the course? Whether it’s something your playing partners/buddies have said, or a shot you/they hit, just plop it here. I’ll start with two hilarious stories. 1) Last September, we were playing a course new to us. On the 16th, a long par-4, my grandpa was up. He wanted to launch his ball down the fairway, and he said, “Maybe if I swing harder and faster, it’ll go further.” So he put his words into action. You can probably infer from the title that his ball was not launched down the fairway. Rather, it was topped. So badly, in fact, that it went between his legs and rolled off the tee box. My brother and I lost it. Then he yelled so loud the rest of the course probably heard it, which made us laugh even harder. 2) This from just over a week ago. My brother and I were playing with our godsister’s boyfriend, who we didn’t know played golf until the night before. Anyway, we were on the par-3 18th. My brother was the last one to go, and he hit it so well that it flew 30 yards over the green and over some small thorny bushes. The pin was in the back of the green, and he tried to get cute with it. He chunked it, and it went right into the center of one of the bushes. We were able to get the ball out without too much trouble, laughing all the while. I actually caught this one on video!
  7. Have any of y’all been golfing at a course with raised cups? If so, how do you determine whether a putt is holed? My brother and I just played nine holes last Saturday, and we didn’t know about the raised cups until we got to the course. Because we’ve never seen anything like it before, we didn’t know how to play it. After a few minutes’ discussion, we decided that even if our balls hit the side of the cup, we wouldn’t count it unless we believe it would’ve gone in under normal conditions. I ended up shooting 41. An excellent score, but I believe there were one or two I gave myself that wouldn’t have dropped if the cups weren’t raised, so my ‘real’ score probably would’ve been 42 or 43. Still a very good performance for me. But talking with my dad on the drive home, I realized I probably wouldn’t have a ‘real’ score for the next few months.
  8. If I won the Masters, I would definitely go with steak as the main course, with a side of French fries. And for dessert, sherbet.
  9. I think I’m gonna go with the Open. It’s the tournament I look forward to the most every year, and I love the challenge of links golf. Winning the Open would definitely be special to me.
  10. There are now a few Coronavirus cases here in Durham, so I’m probably not going anywhere anytime soon. In the meantime, I’m doing three things mainly: 1) Playing my PS4 2) Playing a golf simulation board game, or 3) Playing my backyard golf course. Went out this morning about 8:00 and played.
  11. For me, it’s almost always about having a good time. I would much rather play a 5-plus-hour round while enjoying my friends’ company than play a 3.5-hour round while being driven insane by my playing partners.
  12. dagolfer18

    Love and Hate

    I hate when I see a group on the course that meets both these conditions: they are slow, and they are larger than a foursome. Just experienced this the other day. I love when I follow up a really poor shot with one or two really good shots. Last week, I hit a heely 8I off a par-3 that came up 20 yards short. Got up-and-down for par.
  13. What are some bets you’ve made on the course? Here’s the first bet I made that really meant something to me. While I was warming up before our match last week, my coach came up to me shortly before we were due to tee off. It would be based on final score alone. If I shot a 46 or better that day over nine holes, he would caddy for me in our next non-conference match (things like that are prohibited in conference matches, but permitted in non-conference matches). If I shot a 47 on the nose, the bet would result in a tie. However, if I shot a 48 or worse, I would have to clean his truck inside and out, probably taking up my entire day. I thought about it for a minute, then we shook. We then took to the course and I took the easy win, shooting a 44, with a triple on the last. So technically, he’s gonna have to carry my clubs in our next non-conference match, which, because of the Coronavirus, isn’t until April 7. A solid end, to, honestly, the first half of our season.
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