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  1. That’s definitely demoralizing. Not just for Tiger, but for his fans as well. I looked at the leaderboard yesterday, and when I saw 4-putt, I thought, “That doesn’t sound like Tiger to me.” And how on earth did he send the putt five feet past from two feet?!
  2. My golf season is starting in just under three weeks! What we’ll do is practice for a few weeks before our first match on March 2. Anytime we play, I’ll post about it here and on “What’d You Shoot Today?”. Also, if I have any crazy stories from practice, I’ll post those here as well. We do a lot of fun things at practice, from going out and playing a few holes to competitions on the practice green. Our favorite wager: pushups. I’ve got a few crazy stories from last year, so I can put those here too if you want! Definitely looking forward to the season. Just some info from last season: •My scoring average last season was something in the neighborhood of 48.5, with a low score of 45. Hoping to bring that average down to 45 this season. •We made it to regionals as a team last year as one of the top three teams in our conference. At regionals, we played okay, but came up well short, placing ninth out of 12. Top two teams go to state level, and top twelve individuals go to states as well, which leads me to my third point: •We had two of our team members (neither of which were me) go to states. And the final point: •I made a 10 on my last hole of the season. The last hole of regionals, with my family and just about the whole team watching. If you want to know the hole, look up Keith Hills Golf Club, Orange Course #9. Drive to the center of the fairway, then knocked one in the hazard. Dropped, then into the bunker. Took four to get out and onto the green, and then I two-putted. So, there you go. Looking forward to posting my performance this season!
  3. We’re almost a month into this challenge, and it’s not looking good for me so far. Probably three or four rounds so far in 2020, two I remember at my home course. No birdies yet, and I’m probably not able to play until next weekend, for two reasons: 1) The course is probably going to be very wet both tomorrow and Sunday, because we just got a good amount of rain, and 2) School. Tomorrow and Sunday are gonna be practice days, probably an hour and a half to two hours each day.
  4. Here are two that didn’t actually happen to me. May have said these before. Both just happen to be in the same round: 1) We were standing on the second tee of a new course (to us), and after three of us hit, my brother was up. He took a hard practice swing with his driver and it flew out of his hands and landed probably 40 yards in front of him. My dad appeared very irritated, and because I was riding in the same cart as him, I had to try really hard to hold back a laugh. 2) On the 16th hole, my grandpa was the last one to tee off. I remember the hole as a long par 4, 495 from tips, probably 420 from whites. My grandpa said, “Maybe if I swing harder AND faster, I’ll get more distance.” So he swung harder and faster. He topped it badly, so badly in fact that it went between his legs and finished about 20 feet behind him. So many funny things were happening that day, and all the laughs I tried to hold in came out. Probably the hardest I’ve laughed in my entire life. And, to top his bad shot off, and making it even funnier, he yelled, “AAAAGGGGHHHH! DAGGUM IT!!”
  5. This is a good one. I think that I would rather hit the ball well. I can control how well I hit it on any given day, but I cannot control what happens to the ball once it is in the air or rolling. However, my mom does not understand that you can hit the ball well, but still score poorly.
  6. Everything inside eight feet?! Where’s the fun in that (apart from lower scores of course)?
  7. I’ve never played on a simulator, and I’ve always wondered how to putt with those.
  8. What is the most difficult golf course you’ve played? For me, it’s Duke University GC right here in Durham, NC. I remember @iacas told me he’s played here before. Tee shots aren’t too hard, and you could probably get away with hitting driver quite a bit, but the approach shots will get you. This course is a nightmare if your sand play is poor. The greens are quick, and will definitely provide a stern test for the flat stick. It’s about 7100 from the tips (par 72), but 6100 from the whites where we played. I remember that I shot a very respectable 98 there last spring. Coming in close second are Croasdaile CC and Quaker Creek. Both of them have quick greens, Quaker Creek probably the fastest of all three courses I’ve listed. If you’re in the area, all three are worth a visit, but you have to know a member to get on Duke and Croasdaile. Just realized that somebody has already created a topic on this. Oops 😬
  9. Same goes for me. I’ve taken one shot to get on the green from 200 out, and three or more from 120 out. Unfortunately, putting is the only consistent part of my game right now.
  10. I’ve got another nominee: a shanked fairway wood. Yes. A shanked WOOD. I had to experience this horror the other day when playing. I was standing in the fairway of the par-5 ninth, about 270 out, 3W in hand. I thought, “Just a great opportunity to score.” Then I proceeded to pull-draw my shot OB. Wait for it. Then, I put the 3W back and pulled the 5W. Then the thing cropped up out of nowhere. Hit it into the trees, 60 yards to the right of me. I thought, “Where the heck did that come from?” Then I did it again. Made a 9. Uuuugggghhhh.
  11. Alright then. Whenever we play, I’ll post it here. First match isn’t till March though 😔
  12. Do high school matches count as tournaments? Im talking 9- and 18-hole matches.
  13. Good grief. We just had a moment yesterday. We finished up on the 8th green, and my brother tried to throw his ball to his bag. Man alive, it landed in the bunker. He raked it out with his club, and took several tries, leaving about a basketball-size crater in the bunker. It was definitely painful to watch. We had a single walker behind us, and my bro forgot to rake the trap when he was finished. The guy behind us finished up as we were walking off the tee. He whistled to us and said, “Come rake this trap.” I turned to my brother and said, “You made the mess, go rake it.” We ended up letting the guy play through us.
  14. Sounds like you and I have very similar games. We’re both about bogey golfers. How far do you hit your driver? That’s what you should look at first. For example, I hit my driver probably 220 in the winter. With the Tee It Forward system, the white tees at my home course align perfectly with my driver distance (par 72, 6063 yards).
  15. Despite the high of 45 degrees today, my brother and I decided to play. He hasn’t played in a while, but he wanted to play the whites with me. Neither of us had a great front nine. I played okay except for one hole. Standing in the ninth fairway with a solid chance to walk away with a bird (which would give me a 46), I proceeded to rope-hook my second OB, then slice two straight 5W shots. I normally don’t spray it like that, so I was thinking, “Where on earth is this coming from??”. Ended up taking 9 on the hole for a 51. He shot a 63, which is pretty good for him. On the back, we lost some of the feeling in our hands. It definitely showed. I shot 55 for a 106 🤮. He shot the worst nine holes I’ve ever seen him play. Apart from the par-3 twelfth (he made a 5), he didn’t have anything better than an eight. Final score for him: 80 on the back for a 143 total. I had only one par on the day (a poor approach, at best, on 12, two-putt from ~60 feet). Long Game: C. Overall good contact apart from the three shots I mentioned above, but hit just under half the fairways. It’s probably alignment. Mid Game: D. More than a handful of fat shots, which is not normal for me. Most of my mishits are thin. Really poor club selection. -Short Game: B-. Chipping was actually decent, just not quite getting within 6’. Most of my chips today were probably 10-15 feet from cup. Putting: B. Exactly 36 today. Definitely not the best it’s been, but had a bunch of two-putts, two three-putts and two one-putts. Recovery: C-. Did have some good recoveries, but more bad ones, most likely distance control.
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