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  1. Gotta love it when you have the course to yourself! Lets you take your time since you have nobody in front of or behind you. When that happens, I’ll walk 18 holes in about 3 hours.
  2. This is gonna be interesting. What is the fastest time you and your foursome rode 18 holes? Mine is 3 hours. Was playing with my teammates, and we decided to just hit our shots, no practice swings or anything. I actually played decent, but my partner and I (we played a fourball) got hammered 7&5.
  3. How quick does your 5some play 18? OMG, that foursome sounds like they are a pain to play behind. I, as a single walker, have played behind very slow groups before, and it quickly drained the energy and fun out of my round. It would be play a shot, wait 5-10 minutes, repeat.
  4. This is an interesting topic. I believe that there is a correlation. Somebody who takes half an hour or more unpacking their stuff will take absolutely forever on the course. For me, the time between when I’m getting out of the car and when I’m standing on the first tee is usually less than five minutes. And on the course, the time between when I get to my ball and when the ball is rolling/in the air is 30 seconds or less, again with very few exceptions.
  5. That’s what I do to stay in shape. Just pushups, situps, and working on my hips, arms and legs. I’ve heard that weightlifting can develop the wrong muscles, in other words, muscles not suited to golf.
  6. Let’s see: My favorite par-3 is the seventh at my home course. It’s 150 yards from whites, anywhere from a 6I to a 9I, depending on the temp and wind. A bunker in front and to the left. Steep drop off behind the green. Made two there twice. My favorite par-4 is the seventh at another course, and they call it “Trial”. It’s 380 yards from the tees I played. You can’t hit driver, because it’s a downhill drive where the fairway runs out at 240. Second shot is over a creek to a well-protected green. My favorite par-5 is the seventeenth at yet another course. Not long, 450 yards, so a definite birdie opportunity. The drive is downhill, and even shorter hitters can get to within 200 with a good drive. The second is over water, so even a slight mishit can screw you up.
  7. Pretty sure there’s no penalty, but it’s just poor etiquette.
  8. I have two shots, both resulting in pars: •On the 6th hole today, rated the toughest hole on the course, I pulled my drive just a hair but crushed it 240 yards, leaving me just over 150 to the green in the rough. I pulled a 6I and hit it nicely onto the green, about 7ft from the pin. Missed the birdie putt by a hair. •Not quite as good, but still a highlight. On 13, my 7I approach landed a foot short and rolled down a steep embankment that protects the green short. I was laying about 10ft from the edge of the green, probably 35ft from the hole. Decided to chip with my 58 degree. Nailed the bottom of the stick, but rolled 5ft away.
  9. Heck, I’d probably pay the full price for Pebble. It’s hosted six US Opens, so no doubt it’s gonna set you back several hundred bucks to play it. But I’d pay, because you’d get to play a course that you’ll probably play just once in your life.
  10. Not a good day today. After going +12 through 5, I played bogey golf the rest of the front nine for a 52. Then I went bogey-bogey-par-par to start the back. I thought I’d be able to pull a decent round together. Not quite. Three consecutive triples, then double-bogey on the last two for 49 on the back and a 101 total. My brother played as well, and didn’t play well. Four double digit scores. He lost three balls today, but only one was from playing. The other two he banked it off a hole sign and tried to catch it, but went into the pond 😂. We couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously, his driver is working well for him, but he doesn’t take time on his putts, resulting not infrequently in quintuple putts or worse. I want him to play with me on the team next year.
  11. I love to walk when playing, but I enjoy riding occasionally as well. I feel like I’ve gotten to know my course a lot better by walking 50+ rounds. When I played 36 holes last month, I played the first round with a few teammates. We stopped at the turn to get a quick bite to eat, and they insisted I ride the back since I had another eighteen holes to play after that, which I was totally ok with. Either one is fine with me, but if I choose, I’d prefer walking.
  12. No I have not. That course is definitely on my radar for the near future though. I’ve heard that Tobacco Road has some tricks to it.
  13. It may be straightforward to you, because you’re a low handicapper. I’m a bogey golfer, so Duke was definitely more demanding to me because of my current ability level. Of course, if I get to your level, the course may not seem as demanding anymore. As for ‘tricky’, all it means to me is just something that’s hard. Duke, to me, was definitely tricky. Hope this clarifies things a bit for you.
  14. The course had really slick greens, and the best place to miss on your approach shot wasn’t pretty. So it was either hit the green with your approach or you’re in trouble, specifically bunkers. Loads of them.
  15. During spring break last year, I played a nice, but very tricky, course here in Durham. It’s called Duke University Golf Club. It was probably $100/person, so definitely not cheap. From the tips, the course is a par 72, 7154 yards, course/slope rating 74.8/142. But, I played the whites, which was 6127 yards, course/slope rating 70.2/126. We started off on no 10, and I shot a 52. Then when we made the turn, I shot a 46 on the front for a 98 total. Very slick greens. On probably half the holes, if you missed the green, you had either a bunker shot or a really tough chip shot. My two favorite holes were 12 and 13 (our third and fourth on the day). The 11th is a downhill par 5, with a third shot over a creek. Then the twelfth was a short par 3 (130 from whites) over a lake. I believe I doubled both. But, if you’re in the RDU area, definitely a good course to check out.
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