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  1. I believe that dress codes are good for the game, although I’m fine with with seeing people with jeans/sweatpants and a T-shirt on the course. In the cold months, I’ll often wear a hoodie over my golf shirt.
  2. I wasn’t really angry, but more annoyed that he asked his question right before I was gonna swing. Up until that point in the round, I was laser focused, but the timing of his question rocked my concentration. What annoyed me was not what he asked, but when. If he had asked me 10-15 seconds before he did, I would’ve been fine. I did hit 6I on the shot, emphasizing accuracy over distance. I knew I could hit a 6I straight, and solid contact would’ve left me with about 100 yards, which was and is where I’m most confident. Back then, I couldn’t hit half wedges to save my life, so I chose the 100-yard shot instead.
  3. I don’t think 3W was the play for me at the time. The second shot on this particular hole is where there is the least margin for error. OB is about twenty feet off the fairway on the left until the 100-yard marker, but even if you hit a shot left that got past the 100, there’s a chance it’ll kick off the slope and finish OB, especially as dry as it’s been my past few rounds. A solid 6I for me from the lie I described in my post would’ve given me about 100 yards into the green, which was, and still is, a shot I’m comfortable with. I didn’t have as much confidence with the 40-50 yard shots, which is where a solid 3W would finish. That was also back in a time where I didn’t trust my 3W near as much as I do now. I now hit 3W almost all the time on my second shot on that hole because I can now hit it a lot straighter. About what I made on the hole...I actually don’t remember. I do remember this however: the poor timing with his comment/question shook me out of my concentration bubble. I promptly hooked my 6I OB. Hmmm...that’s a very good possibility. My other friend who invited him always talks trash and tries to get into my head. Maybe he was just following suit! But last time my friend tried to get into my head, which was actually the last time we played, it didn’t work. I had just shot 50 on the front nine, and we (my brother and I) ran into him as we were making the turn. He asked how we played, and I told him I shot 50. He then said to my brother, “Don’t beat him up too bad on the back.”, which he says literally every time we see him. I don’t really mind that, because we’ve been friends for a long time. I went and shot a 44 on the back, tying my low score on that nine.
  4. I’m gonna start this up again. I’m generally slow to anger, so there’s not much that annoys me on the golf course (apart from slow play of course), but there is something that has happened, and got under my skin. I absolutely hate it when someone I’m playing with who knows absolutely nothing about my game questions me about decisions I make. Here’s what I’m talking about: A few months ago, I’m playing with a friend at my home course, and he’s brought one of his other friends with him, who I’ve played with, albeit only nine holes a few weeks before. So we roll up to the fairway on the par-5 fourth hole, and I’m sitting pretty in the middle of the fairway. Shot context: I’m sitting about 260 out, so there’s no realistic chance I’m hitting the green, even with a purely struck 3W. Left is dead, and right is trees until the 100-yard marker. So I pull my 6I. The ball of my friend’s friend is just a few paces from mine, and right before I start my swing, he asks me, “Why aren’t you hitting 3W?” I didn’t reply, but I wanted to say something like, “Why SHOULD I hit 3W?” But it really ticked me off that he asked me the question right before I swung.
  5. Wow. That was definitely fun to watch. The pattern at the end was amazing! Same here. I’d have to go at it for a while if I wanted to solve it, but the way I am when solving a Sudoku puzzle, I’d probably quit in the first hour out of frustration.
  6. Looks like we’re gonna be able to play out a full PGA Tour season with that game! Closest thing I’ve got to that right now is Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.
  7. Putting was definitely better than my post from the first week, but it’s still not where I want it. The main trouble for me was short putts. I’d miss at least three out of five. That’s where I really want to work.
  8. I managed to get in three rounds this week, improving my score each time: a 97 on Monday (44-53), a 96 on Wednesday (48-48) and a 94 on Thursday (50-44). Chipping/pitching was rock solid this week, which I was pleased to see. I hit a lot of my <50-yard chips/pitches inside ten feet, and a handful of those inside five, including a chip in. Easily the best part of my game as of right now. I feel a little less confident about tee shots. I did have some really good ones, but there was at least one per round that I sprayed. One OB, and two water-bound shots. I did hit at least half the fairways every round, but those sprays are a little concerning. I normally don’t spray it. Next up, iron play. Iron play was, at my best, 7/10. At worst, it was about a 3/10. Contact was my main problem, mostly ugly chunks. I’m looking to improve that when I get in front of my net later today. Lastly, bunker play. I hit two truly good bunker shots out of, say, ten. Most of my bad bunker shots are when I leave my first one in the trap. Unfortunately, that’s the only part of my game that I can’t really practice, because the range is closed, and our practice bunker is part of the range. So overall, there were several things I found that need fixing, with iron play my main focus. I’m gonna practice today and tomorrow, and then start with a fresh week on Monday.
  9. It’s definitely not easy to find good people to play with. I’ve got a circle of about ten guys who I play with (but due to them working, we can rarely play), and we have a blast. When I join people on the course, or they join with me, they’re usually fun to hang out with. Occasionally, at my club’s social events, I’ll run into somebody who I played with in the past, and we’ll talk for a few minutes.
  10. Sounds like a good time! We’re going to (eventually) take a 3- or 4-day golf trip one day like you are, and I was thinking about playing a few courses in the Pinehurst area.
  11. I’ve been doing something similar to you. About twenty minutes before we head to the course, I’ll take a wedge, some balls and hit 15-20 pitch shots to a practice green in my yard. Or I’ll just get to the course ahead of time and hit some chips/putts on the practice green there. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t need to do much to get loose.
  12. My week of golf is effectively over, so I’m gonna share two shots, both from yesterday’s round, both on the back nine. 1) On hole 12, a par 3 with a creek way left, I hit my tee shot into that creek (actually wasn’t that far off line, but it hit a slope and kicked hard left). After taking a drop, I decided to hit a bump-and-run 6I. Played it exactly how I wanted to, and it rolled in for a three, one of the only times (maybe the only time) I’ve made par with a penalty stroke. 2) On the 14th hole, after my tee shot found the fairway, I pulled a 7I from about 155 and knocked it onto the green about 20 feet out. Felt great coming off the face too! This was probably my favorite shot of the week.
  13. Not a very good front nine today. After going par-bogey, I hit the green on the third hole, and freaking four-putted for double. Rammed the first one ten feet by (just a little bit too agressive) missed the second putt, then missed the two-footer I had left. I then had back-to-back quads. On the sixth tee, the guy we were playing with noted that we had fallen a full hole behind. I replied with, “Guess we’re just gonna have to start playing better.” It snapped me into focus more, and I went bogey-par-par on the next three holes, only to make double on the short par-5 ninth. That makes for a 50. My teammate called me and asked how I was playing, and I told him what I shot. He then said, “I’ll give you $5 if you shoot 42 or lower”, and then hung up. I felt like I could do that, and off to the back we went. I started with a bogey on the tenth hole, including a penalty stroke where I took an unplayable after my second shot came to rest against a tree. Then I made a routine par on the eleventh (the same hole where I made quad yesterday) and then hit my 6-iron tee shot on the 12th into a creek, followed by a chip in for par and two extra balls (in pristine condition) in the creek. Some hole. I was thrilled to walk off with five on the tough thirteenth, and then I three-putted for bogey on fourteen after a beautiful 7I to twenty feet. The fifteenth was my first really bad hole on the back. After a perfect tee shot, I shanked a 9I OB. I hit another ball into the bunker in front of the green, and was in the hole in three from there, giving me a seven. Three pars would give me the 42. I made bogey on the long sixteenth from the trees, and made another routine par on the seventeenth. I needed a two on the par-3 eighteenth to shoot 42 and win my five bucks. My tee shot was right on the pin, but just short of the green. My money-or-no-money chip shot was right on line, but I left it three feet short. Then I missed that par putt, and tapped in for 44 on the back, 94 total. So after I made that statement on the sixth tee, I played the last thirteen holes in a very solid +11, the same as my first five holes. That makes my last three rounds a 97 on Monday, a 96 yesterday and a 94 today. Not a good week for me, but that 44 shows that my game has not fallen to pieces. Gonna post in my blog tomorrow, evaluating my game from this week.
  14. Another mediocre round today. I’ll tell it in two parts: the front and back nines. The front nine I played with my dad and brother, and we had a match for the ages. The back nine was a rollercoaster ride. Here it goes: FRONT: The round started with all three of us going 5-5-4 (three bogeys) on the first three holes. A good start from me and my dad, and an excellent start from my brother. All three of us hit a shot OB at some point on the fourth, and it cost us two doubles (me and my dad) and a triple (my brother). On to the fifth, where we were all within ten yards of the green after our second shots. I got up-and-down for par, while my dad and brother made double and triple respectively. At this point, I was ahead of my dad by two strokes and ahead of my brother by four. On the sixth, my brother and I were on the green in three, but my dad was on in two. My brother was the only one to two-putt, closing the gap. My lead was cut to one over my dad and three over my brother. The seventh hole gave us all trouble. On the 140-yard hole, none of us hit the green, and we all found ourselves in one of the two bunkers fronting the green. None of us were even on after two. At the end of the hole, my brother made five, my dad and I made sixes. On the eighth, I hit a good approach shot but three-putted for five, which was still good enough to gain a stroke, as both my dad and brother made six. On to the 440-yard par-5 ninth, and I had a two-stroke lead to work with. I pushed my drive, but it still found the fairway, albeit 250 yards out. I was on in three, and so was my dad. My brother went on to make eight. Needing only a two-putt for the win, I left my first putt four feet short, and then missed that putt. My dad had a five-footer to tie, but he missed and I won the match, which was the best I’ve had in a while. Final scores: a 48 for me, 49 from my dad, and a 53 for my brother. BACK: After three-putt bogeys on the eighth and ninth, I started out shaky on the back, going 7-6-6 (double-double-triple), with penalties on two of those holes. But I redeemed myself on the last six holes by going 4-6-5-5-6-3 (par-double-bogey-par-double-par). Back nine total was another 48, for a 96 total. I hit a total of nine fairways and four greens, with 37 putts. Not a great round overall, but I’m glad I played well on the difficult last six holes.
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