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  1. Maybe it was someone else I was told who was from Raleigh. Well, either way, I still like the guy.
  2. I’m a Spieth fan as well, and I’m also disappointed that he didn’t play well. One of the reasons I root for him is he’s a local guy. I’m from Durham, NC, and he’s from Raleigh. Another reason is he just seems like a good guy to hang out around. I’m also a Tiger fan, and I was thrilled when I saw he was -2 through four holes and pretty much stayed either there or one under and finished with 68. If he gets on track, I think we’ll see his name on another trophy come Sunday evening.
  3. If I were in your situation, I’d go find a club that I can hit straight for 200-215 yards. That way, if you face a tight hole, you can pull out a club you feel confident with that gets you decent distance.
  4. That gets on my nerves too. I played in a tournament today, and I generally would wait by my bag or on the edge of the green for the others to finish, and the guys I was playing with did the same. But I’ve had people do that before. I’ve had people walk to the next tee after they’ve putted out, leaving me on the last green alone. Occasionally one or more of the others in my group will have teed off by the time I get to the tee. It ticks me off.
  5. Today we made the almost-four-hour round-trip to Pinehurst No. 7 for my tournament, which I believe is one of @Sandy Lie’s home courses. We played the white tees (par 72, 6347 yards). I forgot how to play golf on the front nine, save for two holes, and posted a limp 59. I had packed eight balls in my bag, and by the seventh hole, all but two were gone. The back was a bit better. I was a stroke over bogey golf through 16, but on the 17th, I hit one OB from the bunker and posted a nine. On the par-5 18th, I had 120 to the pin for my third shot, skulled it into the pond behind the green, and posted an eight, a back-nine 51, total 110. Putting was terrible. The greens were fast (an 11.5 at least), and I love fast greens, but I had a four-putt and nine three-putts. Two one-putts gave me a total 45 putts for the round. I don’t know if I finished ahead of anybody. But despite not playing well, I loved the golf course. For those who don’t know, No. 7 has a lot of elevated greens, so it’ll play longer than the scorecard’s yardage. It was definitely a tough one to walk, as I was exhausted at the end of the day. I’ve always wanted to play a Pinehurst course, and although it owned me today, I’d love to get back out there in the future and try to post a better score. I’m gonna take tomorrow off before getting back to the range Friday.
  6. I’d rather do a driver. Here’s why, assuming I’m playing the white tees at my home course: PUTTER: A full-swing putter is not a shot you’d think of practicing on the range. Sure, I’ve hit one every once in a while just for the heck of it, and I’ve actually hit some solid ones. But I only averaged about 160 yards on a solid strike, and as far as about 175, which wouldn’t get me home in regulation on a lot of the par-4s on my home course. Also, I probably never hit it above head height, which could be ugly on some of the holes. DRIVER: An average driver for me would go about 230 yards, 250+ if I smoke it. That puts me within striking distance on every hole, and as it happens, I’ve actually practiced less-than-full drivers, which helps on the par-3s and shorter approach shots. I can also hit a decent full swing driver off the deck. As for bunkers, in most of the bunkers at my course, you can just run it up the lip and pop it out gently.
  7. If it were me, I’d use a lob wedge and try to land it just on the fringe and let it trickle down to the pin.
  8. Today’s round, given how close my tournament is, was depressing. Started well, +2 through four. But then I got quick with an approach on the fifth, yanked it into the water, and chunked a pitch. Chipped on and took not one, not two, not three, but four putts for a nine. I hit a tree on the sixth and made double, made bogey on the seventh and tripled the eighth. I was +13. I told my dad that I might stop after nine holes like he was, but I was gonna play the last hole and decide after. Bogey and a 50. Horrendous. I ended up walking to the tenth tee, knowing that I could play better than I just did. But I was hot, tired, and frustrated. Three things that don’t go well together. I took a short break, teetering on the edge of a total meltdown, and then stepped up to the tee, driver in hand. I’m not at all proud of what happened next. I badly sliced the drive OB, which pushed me right over the edge. I went to the bench near the tenth tee, sat down, and half cried, half screamed for the next several minutes. After that ordeal, I walked to my car and took off. If that tee shot was gonna be a theme of my back nine, I didn’t want any part of it. As I said, I’m not proud of that. I’m probably going to the range tomorrow, but Tuesday I’m resting. I want to be ready come the tournament Wednesday.
  9. Guess I’d better start practicing my flop shots then. Given how I’ve been doing with recent attempts, the ball would take off so hot I wouldn’t even get a chance to catch it 😂.
  10. Pretty much. I’ve made the same mistake. Although IMO, a ringer score doesn’t mean much (because I’m sure a lot of us won’t ever actually shoot those scores), I have calculated it merely out of curiosity. In two and a half, almost three years of playing my home course, I’ve made par or better on every hole and birdied 14 holes. No eagles. Because the course is a par 72, that amounts to a 58. Not too shabby 😃.
  11. Just checked the leaderboard. Brenden Todd is -11, holding on to his 36-hole lead. Fowler’s at -10, and a guy named Joel Dahmen is -8, probably the biggest move of the day, as he is seven under for the day despite making bogey on the first hole.
  12. If I remember correctly, Koepka was making some solid putts yesterday, which was a good portion of the reason he shot eight under. I was thrilled to see a number of big names on top when I looked at the leaderboard at the end of the day yesterday. Fowler, Koepka, Thomas, DeChambeau, to name a few. We’ll see how they hold up the rest of the way.
  13. Played my home course today with my brother and grandpa. We laid some odds the night before on each of our chances to make birdie on the day. Here’s what we came up with: ME: 5-to-1 PAPA: 10-to-1 BRO: 20-to-1 We also guessed what we would shoot, as we always do when we play. ME: 43-45—88 PAPA: 50-47—97 BRO: 52-51—103 Despite going +6 through three, I rallied to shoot 46 on the front. My grandpa shot 51, my brother 58. The back nine started well, and I made a 15-footer for birdie on the tenth, then made a solid bogey on the next after a miserable tee shot. Bogeys on the next four holes. On the par-5 sixteenth, in great position, laying two 115 out into the wind, I badly thinned a choke-down 9I over the green, and I would go on to hit a poor chip and three-putt for double. I knew riding to the 17th tee that I would have to par the last two holes to match my prediction. Not an easy task on either hole. I hit a solid drive, but it drifted a bit too far right and left me 165 in. My 6I approach came up just short. I hit a great chip shot to within two feet and made par. One down, one to go. The par-3 18th is a daunting enough hole, but I had put pressure on myself to tie my guess. Thing is, I like pressure. I embraced the pressure and knocked my tee shot onto the green about 35 feet out. My first putt ran two feet long. A tough putt, but I rolled it in to shoot 42 on the back for an 88 total. Final scores: ME: 46-42—88 BRO: 58-52—110 PAPA: 51-DNF I’ve got my tournament next Wednesday at Pinehurst No. 7! I’ve gotten confirmation that we will be playing the white tees there (par 72, 6347 yards). I’m glad we’re not playing the blues, mainly because I’ve heard that No. 7 is one of the more difficult courses at the resort, and the blue tees are just over 6800 yards, a fairly long course for me. I’ve been wanting to play a Pinehurst course for a while now, so I’m definitely looking forward to it!
  14. Finally knocked off another birdie on the challenge!!! This one was exciting, because I birdied a hole that I’ve been wanting to birdie since this challenge even started. The hole in question was the 8th hole at my home course, a short (318 from whites) but difficult par-4. The hole requires a tee shot of 160-175 yards before it doglegs to the left. I got a bit quick with a 6I and sliced it, leaving me an approach of about 180 yards out of rough that’s getting longer every time I play the course. The rough at my home course as of right now is sort of thick, but you can get away with hitting a hybrid or higher-lifted wood. Probably not a 3W. In this instance, I hit a 5H and knew the minute it came off the face it was gonna be good. Landed in the front of the green and rolled to the back where the pin was, and it settled less than a yard from the cup. Nerves buzzing just a bit, I rolled in the putt. The reason I’ve been wanting to birdie this hole so badly is because before today, the eighth hole was the only hole on the front nine I’d not birdied in my two and a half years of playing this course. So it was nice to get this one off my chest. I’m exactly halfway there now, with just over five months to go. I don’t know whether I’ll get all 18, but I’d like to get to at least 13 or 14.
  15. After my piece-of-crap 95 the other day, I shot a 94 today, although it’s not as bad as the score says. My ESC score, the one you post into GHIN, was 89. Had everything from a birdie to a quint, with twelve of the 22 strokes above par coming on three holes. I played with my coach and a few of his friends, and I was a bit nervous. It showed coming out of the gate. I hit one OB on each of the first two holes, making a double and a quad. I found my game, going just two over on the last seven holes on the side (one birdie, three bogeys, three pars) to shoot 44. My coach took off, leaving just me and his two buddies. Hole ten was the second of the three bad holes I noted above. After a lost ball on the first shot, I was only able to get into the greenside bunker in six, then I hit it over the green, missed the chip coming back, and two putted for a 10, the quint. Played the last eight in +9, including a triple bogey 8 on the 16th hole. Final damage is 44-50. My first nine hole score in the 50s in about a month and a half. The ten and eight really hurt, and without them I probably would’ve shot another 44 at worst. So not really that bad a round except for three holes.
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