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  1. I played Occoneechee, a nice par-71 yesterday, just under 6000 from whites where I played. Started okay, but went triple-double on 5 and 6. Finished with a 47 for the front. Then had a quad on the 11th after dumping two balls in the water. Went on a run on 12-15, parring three of those four holes, with the fourth being a bogey where I missed an 18-inch putt after a beautiful chip from about 15 yds off the green. Doubled the 16th, after I ran my par putt 3ft past then missing that. Finished with two solid bogeys for a 45 on the back and a 92 total. Funny thing is, before the round, I guessed I would shoot 92, and my brother guessed 91! Marvelous course, currently in great shape.
  2. Okay, I think I worded that wrong. Here’s what I mean: let’s say I’m 40 yards out with my third shot on a par-5. I do not have to stick it to just a few feet, although that would be great. I just have to put it where I have a good look at birdie, even if it is 10-12 feet. On the other hand, I’ll assume that the shot I’m about to hit is the sixth or seventh on that hole. I’ll feel that I absolutely have to stiff it, because I need to get up-and-down so my score isn't inflated as much. But then again, with a double or triple on a par-5, or anywhere for that matter, my score is already inflated a bit, isn’t it?😂. But seriously, that’s what I meant when I posted that.
  3. You and I have very similar games. I never use my SW and LW, especially the LW, on 40 us shots unless I absolutely have to get one close.
  4. This is gonna be a bit weird 1W: 235 3W: 220 5W: 205 4H: 190 5H: 180 6I: 170 7I: 160 8I: 150 9I: 140 PW: 130 GW: 105 SW: 75 LW: 40 Gets a bit sketchy once I get down to the wedges. I don’t really hit my GW 100% a lot, normally just for around 80 shots and in. Same with the SW and LW. I’ll choke down just a bit on the PW for 110-120 yd shots.
  5. I feel your pain. There’s just something about new balls that the hazards find so attractive...
  6. Okay, this was pretty strange. Last December, my dad and I were out for a quick nine, and on the 5th hole, we saw a ball lodged in a tree! Neither of us knew where on earth it came from, but we both got a good laugh out of it! I think somebody just put it there, unless somebody hit it into the tree from the tee, which was about 200 yards behind me, so probably not. But, strange things will happen in this game.
  7. Congrats man. I’m still waiting to have my first ace 😂. Seriously though, that’s incredible. Two aces on back to back days on the same hole? I can’t even imagine the odds on that.
  8. I’ll play 18 when I can, which is mostly on the weekends, but during the week, I have school, so I can’t play until about 4:30, so I’ll just play 9.
  9. For the past two or three weeks, I have been in a scoring slump. I normally shoot around 43-47 for nine holes. I had about a two week period where I shot 52 or 54. I just recently broke out of that slump with a 43!
  10. That’s the idea I had when I saw this question.
  11. Well, there is a sign in our pro shop that says no fivesomes. And it’s just proper etiquette.
  12. Normally, I’m a fairly fast player, as I can get round my home course in around three hours walking. Which is why, when I walked up to the 6th tee and saw a fivesome coming off of the 8th green (they’re adjacent to each other), I texted my assistant golf coach who was working the pro shop. I hate the idea of fivesomes, slow or fast.
  13. I would do whatever you feel is best for you. For about 6 months, I had to hit shots with my GW from about 100 in, no matter if it was fairway, rough or bunker, because I lost my PW, and I didn’t have a SW. The GW is probably now my favorite club in the bag, along with the 8I. I have learned how to hit so many shots with it, it has become a very reliable club. My PW is 45 degrees, then my wedges go 50/55/60.
  14. Okay, first, my teammates and I are having weekly practices, one or two per week, and we hit a bucket after school, then hop in a cart and play 9 holes. One of my teammates and I are having a competition where we play straight up strokeplay, winner gets a point and first to four points wins. Up to this point, it’s 1-1. I started double-double on the first two holes, going 3 strokes down immediately. Then on the par-3 third. We both made the green, his just inside of mine. I two-putt, he three-putts. Now only two down, we head to #4, a par-5. I nail a PW onto the green in three, and he lies three in the woods. He somehow gets down in three, and I three-jack, the hole somehow tied, still two back. On the fifth, I almost chip in for a birdie, but make a par. He made double. All square with four left. I chunked my second shot, and he lies two on the green about 15ft out. I hit a decent pitch on and two-putt for bogey and he three-putts again. Still tied, and on the the par-3 seventh. We both make the green again, his just inside of mine. He says, ‘don’t three-putt this’, and I make the 40-footer I have for a birdie! He two-putts, giving me the lead for the first time. On the eighth, we both miss the green. He makes the up-and-down, and I fail. All tied up with the par-5 ninth to play. After two shots, I sit just to the right of a greenside bunker on the right, and he is in said bunker. I hit a good chip up, to about 8ft, and he leaves his in the trap. He then makes a good out to about 5ft. I lag up my birdie putt, as he is putting for par, then proceed to miss the follow-up par putt! Tap in for six. He had a five-footer for the win, which he misses. Since our competition scores rely on our round scores alone, we’re still tied 1-1, but we decide to do a puttoff to see who wins the day. We pick about a 30-footer, closest to the hole wins, and I hit a decent lag two feet short. He runs his four feet past, giving me the dub. Sorry for the long post, but this was a really good match. Hoping to win our competition! SCORES: Me: 6-6-3-6-4-5-2-5-6=43 Him: 4-5-4-6-6-5-3-4-6=43
  15. I just hit a really good shot the other day. I was sitting about 110 out and I hit a gap wedge. It felt like a beauty and took off towards the green. It touched down about 10 or 12 feet to the left of the pin. Best shot of the round.
  16. Played 9 holes yesterday, and on the 5th hole, a 380-yard par-4, I hit a good drive just short of the 150, then an 8I to about 6ft. I wanted the birdie badly, given that it was the no 2 handicap hole. Ran it 3ft past then missed that. My putting just stinks out loud right now. The greens at my home course are being aerated next Monday, so that won’t help a bit.
  17. After my past 3 nines of 38, 40 and 42, I stunk it up this afternoon with a rotten 52. Did have two pars, though. Both up-and-down, one from about 10 feet off, the other from about 60 yards out. 4-6 was a bad stretch. Best to worst: on 5, right of fairway, hybrid to green, three-putt for bogey. On 6, 80 yards out after tee shot and in rough, ended up with triple. On 4, 3W to right trees, couldn’t find it. 3rd shot also in trees, 4th hit a tree, 5th OB, just went up, dropped and took two strokes. 8th and 9th fatted, 10th on and two-putt for a 12. Rotten round today.
  18. I don’t know what clicked, but I’m glad I played 9 after school today. Teed it up about 4:45: 1) 5W, 6I to right of green, chip in for bird 2) Driver to right rough, PW short, up-and-down for par 3) 9I to green, two-putt for par 4) 3W, 4H, 9I to green, two-putt for par 5) 5W to left rough, PW over green, chip on, two-putt for bogey 6) Driver to right trees, 7I punch, PW short, chip up, two-putt for double 7) 8I to green, two-putt for par 8 ) 4H hook, PW punch-out, up-and-down from 120 for par 9) 3W to right rough, 4H up fairway, GW onto front of green, two-putt for par TOTALS Course: Par 36, 2910 yards Score: 38 (+2) FIR: 2/7 GIR: 3/9 Putts: 14 I shot a 40 from the blues at this same course back in May. Guess the record didn’t stand for too long.😁 Seriously though, as a sophomore in high school AND an 18 HCP at that, I’m thrilled with a 38.
  19. Alright, so this was just yesterday, more like best hole of the week: I was playing at a new course with my dad, grandpa and brother, and already with one birdie on the 14th, and on the par-5 18th, 500 yards, I hit a less-than-ideal drive and am left with over 300 yards, in the rough. I pop my second up about 120, leaving me about 180 into the green, I then hit a low hybrid that miraculously held on the lightning-fast greens, 7 feet behind the pin. Made the putt for birdie and a 95 on the day. Didn’t play my best apart from the two birds, but had that to be proud of.
  20. I can think of 3, in order from least to most embarrassing: 1) I was playing with my usual foursome of my dad, brother, grandpa and me. I was in the greenside bunker on 18, caught way too much ball and sent it 25 yards over the green. I then made a triple. 2) On 14, I was playing with one of my friends who teases me whenever I hit a bad shot. My second shot was with a 5W, and I take a big swing at the ball and miss it completely. 3) My dad and I were playing together and on the par-3 third, about 150 yards, I shank a 7I right near the 8th green, which was 40 yards to the right of the tee. With this game, I’m sure y’all have had those kinds of moments.
  21. Okay, so most of the people I’ve joined or who have joined me on the golf course are really nice and are a joy to play with. But there was one person who I remember quite clearly who was just plain rude. I was playing as a walking single through the 10th hole, and teeing up on 11, a riding single hit down to the 10th green. He pulled up and I offered to let him play with me, which he accepted. First, on 11 green, he picks up a 2ft putt. Being that I’m on our school team and I never do gimmes, I said “That’s not good.” He replied, “What?! You’re supposed to give me that!” He was ticked off at me for the next few holes. Then we got to 16, and there was a line of storm clouds in the distance, probably an hour or so away. But he wanted to get home as quickly as possible, so he rushed his shots and would let let me take my time on mine, ignorant of the fact that I was getting really tired. By the time we got to 18, I was exhausted after being rushed around the last three holes.
  22. This shot was actually from a few weeks ago: my dad, grandpa, brother and I were playing a course at the beach, called North Shore. After two shots on the par-4 7th I was in the bunker in front of the green. I decided to pick the ball instead of blast it, because it was sitting about 6 inches below my feet. Started dead on line with the pin, but checked up two rolls short of dropping. Ended up tapping in for a par, the best par I’ve ever made, and my score was an 89, first time breaking 90. I just was in the zone that day.
  23. I actually have three nemesis holes at my home club: Holes 13-15 No. 13: Par 4, 420 from whites. This hole starts our version of Amen Corner. A tricky driving hole, fairway about 30 yards wide. Downhill till the 200 yd marker, then uphill the rest of the way. Two bunkers short right of the green. No. 1 handicap hole. No. 14: Par 4, 355 from whites. Dogleg right, you can cut off as much of the hole as you dare, but if you fail, there’s OB to catch your ball. The green is sort of like 17 at St Andrews. When I play the blues, it plays like 395 is is a very different hole. Can’t cut the corner from back there. No. 15, Par 4, 370 from whites. This is the most difficult hole on the course, in my opinion. Downhill tee shot, then you will most likely have a downhill lie for your second. To add a bit of pressure, there is a small pond about 100 yds from the green that has caught quite a few of my balls. Only parred this hole once. If I can get through these three holes in +3 or +4, I feel like I’ve done good.
  24. Today I played a short but tricky course about 10 mins from home. Following up a chip in for bogey on the first, I hit 5W to the right side of the fairway on the second, then a beautiful 9I to two feet and made the putt. One of the best iron shots I’ve hit in a while.
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