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    As I just posted in “What’d You Shoot Today?”, my brother played his first full eighteen in a while. Well, I say full eighteen, but he didn’t exactly play the entire round. He quit on a few holes and didn’t play the last hole. He dropped at my ball when he lost a ball. As I’ve mentioned several times, he wants to be on the team. Keep those details in mind.
    The reason why I mention this: he was texting with our grandpa after the round (our grandpa loves to hear about our rounds), and when he was asked what he shot, he said a number that caught me off guard a bit. That number was 103. 103!!! In reality, the way he was hitting the ball, he probably wouldn’t have been within ten shots of that. When I asked him why he said that, his answer was almost laughable. He said, “103 is a good score for me.” He’s been known to fudge his score like this before.
    So, my question is, what do I do here? If this continues, and he actually does it in a match, what appears next to his name on the scoreboard will not be a number. It’ll be a DQ.
  2. dagolfer18
    Here’s the first real post in this newly edited blog. As I’ve mentioned, my brother wants to be on the team with me next semester. He’s taken the initiative to want to practice, and he went by himself yesterday and hit a bucket of balls. From what I’ve heard, he didn’t hit them great, but I’m glad he’s starting to practice.
    We’ve got a new practice plan that revolves around our school schedule. On days when we’re meeting with teachers via Zoom (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), we’re going to practice, since neither of us will be done until around 4:00. Wednesday and Friday are play days, and we’ll play in the afternoon. What we do on the weekend is our choice.
    I think with this practice schedule, we will both see progress in the first two weeks. I’ll get back in the 80s after my drought of 90s scores, and he’ll probably get around 105 or 110 for eighteen holes. 
  3. dagolfer18
    Here’s a new blog post that I’m hoping to keep going. As some of you may know, I have a younger brother (he’s 14 now) who’s shown an increasing amount of interest in golf. He didn’t come to the course much with me in the summer, which I think is mainly because of the heat. He doesn’t like being in the heat for a ton of time or sweating a lot, which I tried to explain to him several times that if he ends up making the team, our coach is gonna want him playing tournaments over the summer.But now that it’s getting cooler, he’s starting to accompany me to the course more.
    He just played nine with me today, and it wasn’t great, but not terrible. What I like is that he’s playing the white tees with me. He’s been doing that for a while, and he’s gotten quite used to it. The tees he plays usually depends on who he’s playing with. If our grandpa is playing, my brother will play the tees my grandpa plays, usually the gold/green tees (most of the courses I play go blue/white/gold/red or gold/blue/white/green/red). But if he’s playing with me, he’ll play whatever tees I play, usually the whites.
    He wants to be on the high school team with me next semester, but he’s got a bit of work to do. We’re gonna have seven players this year, and only six are allowed to go to a match. We’ve got two guys who are shooting in the 30s consistently, and they’ve guaranteed themselves the top two spots. Then we have three (one of whom is me) who shoot in the 40s. Then there’s my bro and the coach’s daughter, who shoot in the 50s. She’s his main competition. I want to get him to the point where a 54 is an average/okay round for him, and his good (not great) days on the links are high 40s.
    Right now, a high 40s score is a red-letter day for him, in the same way a 40/high 30s score is a red-letter day for me. A 55-60 is average for him, although that’s when I kept his score. He asks me to keep his score, but then he makes a seven or eight on the opening hole and tells me to stop keeping his score. Technically, he can pick up at triple bogey, because we play triple bogey maximum in every match except for regionals (and states, if we get that far).
    So here’s what I’m thinking: I know my mom and dad want him on the team too. My teammates and coach want him on the team. I want him to come to the course with me once or twice a week when I go. Sometimes when he wants to go but doesn’t want to play, he’ll practice while I play. He doesn’t have to play all the time, and I don’t want him to feel that way. But when he does play, I want to keep his score just to monitor his progress. I just want him to come to the course with me and at least practice. This is his only chance to really get to know the other guys. Apart from me and the coach’s daughter, the other guys are seniors. The coach said he’d be willing to coach just the three of us in my senior year, but I’m not gonna put a lot of hope in that just yet.
    So what do y’all think I should do? I think I’ve got a pretty good plan, but I want to know what y’all think. I think we could get him ready in six months.
  4. dagolfer18
    Sorry I wasn’t able to post in this blog the past two weeks, but I wasn’t really able to do too much due to the weather being crappy here in Durham. But I’m keeping it going this week with some good news. I think I’m turning my game around.
    My ballstriking and chipping have been excellent this week, leading to scores of 90, 46 (nine holes), and a 94 today (with a 42 on the difficult back nine). I’ve hit several good shots from 130+ yards, including a dart I hit yesterday and a 7I to six feet today. 
    Putting, however, has been a different story. It wasn’t too bad on Monday, but I had 19 putts yesterday, including two missed 2-footers. I missed a few more short ones today, especially on the front nine. I did turn it around on the back, making a few clutch 5-footers: one for par, one for bogey, but yesterday was concerning regarding putting.
    Putting has been the only shaky part of my game this week, which I need to get fixed before a tournament on the 15th. But I think I’m starting to get better. Ballstriking has been proof of that. Looking forward to next week!
  5. dagolfer18
    I managed to get in three rounds this week, improving my score each time: a 97 on Monday (44-53), a 96 on Wednesday (48-48) and a 94 on Thursday (50-44).
    Chipping/pitching was rock solid this week, which I was pleased to see. I hit a lot of my <50-yard chips/pitches inside ten feet, and a handful of those inside five, including a chip in. Easily the best part of my game as of right now.
    I feel a little less confident about tee shots. I did have some really good ones, but there was at least one per round that I sprayed. One OB, and two water-bound shots. I did hit at least half the fairways every round, but those sprays are a little concerning. I normally don’t spray it.
    Next up, iron play. Iron play was, at my best, 7/10. At worst, it was about a 3/10. Contact was my main problem, mostly ugly chunks. I’m looking to improve that when I get in front of my net later today.
    Lastly, bunker play. I hit two truly good bunker shots out of, say, ten. Most of my bad bunker shots are when I leave my first one in the trap. Unfortunately, that’s the only part of my game that I can’t really practice, because the range is closed, and our practice bunker is part of the range.
    So overall, there were several things I found that need fixing, with iron play my main focus. I’m gonna practice today and tomorrow, and then start with a fresh week on Monday.
  6. dagolfer18
    I’ve been practicing quite a bit (mainly chipping and putting) over the past week, but unfortunately I’ve only gotten to play once, which was today. For the most part, I’m very pleased with how it worked out. Here’s the scorecard:
         PAR: 4-4-3-5-4-4-3-4-5—36
    SCORE: 4-4-3-6-4-5-4-5-5—40
    As I mentioned on What’d You Shoot Today, conditions got tough starting on hole 4. We had at least a one-club wind, maybe two. I think I handled it well under those conditions (started on hole 4, played +4 for the last six holes). Lost a few shots, which will be explained below, but fairly happy with the round. I could’ve honestly shot 38 or even lower today, if not for all these little mistakes I made:
    Hole 4: After two shots, I was about 95 yards out, just in the rough, with a good angle to attack the pin. I flew 25 feet over it with a gap wedge and then three-putted for a disappointing bogey. I feel like despite being a mid handicapper, I should be making par at worst from 100 yards (assuming it’s my second shot on a par 4 or third shot on a par 5).
    Hole 6: Basically the same as above, except I was ten yards closer to the green. I top-pulled a wedge on the second shot (which I never do) and then hit a chip to 15 feet that was, to me, mediocre at best. The worst part is the pin was smack in the middle of the green.
    Hole 8: Another poor chip, this time to just 25 feet, resulting in another bogey.
    Hole 9: With the strong wind with me on this short par 5, I hit my two best shots of the day: a 3W to the middle of the fairway, then a textbook 6I to the middle of the green, about 20 feet from the pin. I then three-putted. That’s definitely in my top five most disappointing moments in golf: hitting a green under regulation, then making par.
    Thing is, that’s the third time I’ve done it on that hole. I’ve hit the green in two four times on that hole (twice this year), and three times I’ve walked off with a par.
    Short game is better, but still not where I want it to be. However, ballstriking, especially with irons, has remained the best and most consistent part of my game. I’m gonna practice tomorrow and Sunday, mainly because it’s near impossible to make a tee time on weekends now, and play two or three days next week. I feel that my game is trending in the right direction, but I just need everything to click.
  7. dagolfer18
    Today rounds off a solid week of golf, with scores of 95-90-92. I’m getting so close to consistent scores under 90, but I need to figure out what I need to work on. Today, I’ll evaluate my game over the last three playing days, and give each category (Woods/Hybrids, Irons, Short Game, Putting) a letter grade.
    Woods/Hybrids: B. The driver is bringing the overall grade down. I’m slowly but surely getting rid of the slice, but it continues to haunt me every now and then, and when it fade, it sometimes does so more than I’d like. The range at my home course is closed, so I’d love to find another way to work on the driver.
    Irons (6-PW): B+. Contact with my irons has been excellent this week, but direction is off a bit. Alignment is the only thing I really need to work on in this category.
    Short Game: A. Aside from bunker play, my short game (not including putting) has been outstanding this week. Once the range opens up again, I’ll get in the practice bunker and work my bunker play. That’s the one area of my game where I have little to no confidence.
    Putting: D. I am not at all pleased with my putting this week. Lag putting has been inconsistent, I’ve hit more bad lag putts than good ones. 4- and 5-footers have definitely been shaky, and those short ones have often been the result of poor lag putts. I even three-putted from six feet once. That’ll be the first thing I work on when I go back to the course.
    Overall, putting is the main thing I want to work on when I get back to the course. I feel like improving my putting alone, as bad as it was, will take three strokes, at least, off my rounds. I will put in new entries once a week, every Friday. If you want more, let me know!
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