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  1. I just got a crazy idea. I played 36 in a day earlier this week riding both rounds, and I honestly wasn’t tired at all, so I was thinking about doing 54 in a day, with a rough timeline:

    7:30- First round 

    11:15- Break

    12:00- Second round

    3:45- Break

    4:30- Third round

    I’m thinking it would probably be best to stick to the same course in all three rounds, otherwise I’ll be competing with daylight. Also, I’m planning to take a cart for at least two of the three rounds, most likely all three.

    My logic with four and a half hours between tee times is pretty simple: at my home course (which is where I’ll be playing all three rounds), just about everyone plays at a good pace, and nine times out of ten I can get around in four hours or less. 

    What do y’all think? Anyone else done this?

  2. I played River Ridge in Raleigh today, and I decided on the blues (6206 yds, 70.1/130).

    I ground out a 44 on the front with one par and eight bogeys, a few of which could’ve easily been doubles, then came in with a 47 with two triples and two pars. Both the triples were after lost balls. But I’ll take 91 on this course on my first time around and on a day when I didn’t have my A game.

    The highlight of the day came when I hit the par-5 18th in two. What do I do next? Three putt for par from 20 feet. Oh well. But the good news is my handicap stays right where it is: 13.8.

  3. I played 36 yesterday at Falls Village. 

    One of my buddies joined me for my morning round, and we decided to have another match. Last time we played, he won on 18 after drilling a 30-footer for par. I played the blue tees (6474 yards, 71.9/131) and he played the tips (7072 yards, 73.8/137). Because of our handicap difference, I would get a stroke on eight holes.

    From the start, I could tell this was going to be another close one: we both made lengthy par putts on the first hole. By the end of the front nine, I was one down, having shot 48 to his 41. But then I got hot: I started the back nine bogey-par-par and opened up a two-hole lead with six to play, and I stroked on two of them. I’ll do a hole-by-hole of the last holes of the match:

    No. 13: I’m just short of the green laying two, and he’s sitting two in the trees. He makes a beautiful up-and-down, and I drain a four-footer to keep my momentum. 2up

    No. 14: Par 3. We both miss the green and we both hit mediocre chips. We both two putt. 2up

    No. 15: Short par 5. One of my stroke holes, so a par would, unless he eagles, tie at worst. He’s in for birdie after burning the edge of the cup with his eagle chip, and I have a five-footer to tie the hole. Dead center. 2up

    No. 16: Shortish par 3 (151 from the blues). He comes up just short, and I hit the green leaving 20 feet for birdie. He hits an awesome chip and taps in for par, and I two putt. 2up (Dormie)

    No. 17: Short par 4. He hits a huge drive and I hit 3 wood off the tee and I have about 140 in, downwind but uphill. I choose a PW and I nuke it right at the pin. It rolls just over the back. He also hits his wedge over from about 100 out. I was in a good position to at least par, so he almost had to chip in. It rolled five feet past, then he missed that. Three putts to win the match, and I needed only two. 3&1

    Then I tripled 18 after I played a fade off the tee and it drew. Still, that was a 41 on the back for 89 total. A very solid round, and I bounced back after a tough loss in the first match.

    There’s not much to say about my second round. I started and finished well (+2 thru 4 and +4 for the last 6), but in between was awful. Three nines in that stretch meant I played the middle eight holes at +22. That added up to 100. Not good.

    The good news is that my handicap is still dropping. It’s at a 13.8 now.

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  4. Three rounds to catch up on:

    5/12: Played Hillandale from the whites. Not a good start, +5 after 3 holes, but I parred the tough fourth hole and battled back to shoot 44 on the front and 42 on the back for 86. I was pretty happy after the poor start. Irons were spectacular, but short game…not so much.

    5/14: Yesterday it was back to Umstead Pines, and we decided to play the blues. I played a solid front nine, 44. Three pars and two doubles. My bro played one of the best nines of his life. After a triple on the first hole, he parred the second and then bogeyed in. 47 for him! We moved on to the back.

    I slipped a little to start the back, but I righted the ship again and parred the last two holes for 45 on the back and 89 total. How I shot 89 is beyond me, because my whole game felt shaky after about the sixth hole.

    5/15: I had a feeling before we played that I would go low, and I did. I was +1 through 7, and while I doubled 8 after an unlucky bounce on my tee shot, I rolled in about a ten footer for birdie on 9 to shoot a two-over 38 on the front. And after 12, I was still only +3, having started par-bogey-par. 

    Thoughts started creeping in, and I doubled 13, 14 and 16 with a three putt bogey on 15. +10 going into 17. I caught a horrific bounce on my approach and had to settle for bogey, then I parred the last hole to shoot 45 on the back and an 83 total. Unlike the last two rounds, short game was on point today. I hit nine fairways, and two of my misses were by no more than a yard.

    I’ve got an early tee time tomorrow morning with a buddy, and we’re planning on playing a handicap match. More on that tomorrow!

  5. I played Croasdaile the other day from the blues (par 72, 6511 yards, 71.9/136). I was +8 through 7, not too bad, but then weather caught me and I had to stop. But an hour later I was able to continue. I rope hooked my drive OB and made a quad, then made a solid bogey on the ninth to make the turn at 49. 

    I then three putted the short par 5 tenth for bogey and made double from the fringe on the 11th. Then I played the toughest stretch on the course, holes 12-14, in just one over. Six over on the last four holes added up to a 46 on the back, 95 total. I played the last 11 holes in +15 and in about 1:15. Not my best effort for sure, but my handicap didn’t move. I’m playing again later today, so I’ll see if I can get my handicap moving in the right direction!

  6. My brother and I played another new course today called Stoney Creek, near Greensboro. I decided to play the slate tees (par 71, 6647 yards, 72.6/137), and I knew anything in the low 90s would be a pretty good number. The front nine ate us both for breakfast. 

    I made two pars, three bogeys, two doubles, a triple and a quad, which adds up to 50. But two of those were lost balls off the tee, and playing longer tees, it wasn’t horrible. But my brother, well…let’s just say we had to get a couple of sleeves at the turn. 

    We agreed that it would be best for him to move up a tee box for the back (blues to whites), and he did a lot better. Didn’t keep his score, but it was probably mid-high 50s, a lot better than his front nine.

    I managed to turn my game around on the back side as well. With this side being the par 35 (which included three spectacular par threes), I managed another two pars, four bogeys and three doubles. 45 on the back, 95 total and a 17.7 differential. Not bad at all! Highlight of the round was on the long par-5 15th where I made a brilliant up and down for par from a bunker after not being able to see even the tip of the flag.

    Despite the high score, I feel I played well. Wasn’t able to make a putt on the quick greens, but I was pretty good off the tee (10/14 fairways), and my chipping was solid. I don’t think this 95 is gonna impact my handicap a lot, if at all, but I’ll find out in the morning!

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  7. Haven’t posted here in a while, so I’m gonna catch up on some golf I missed from my past week and a half or so!

    May 25: My brother and I decided to play Quaker Creek in Mebane, and we had a super early tee time (7:50 I think). I decided to play the blues (6554), which are one up from the tips there. I shot a solid 43 on the front with four pars, but by the time we got to the 15th hole I was back to playing bogey golf.

    The last four holes on the course are a long par 3, two long par 4s and a par 5, in that order. My finish? Par-par-par-birdie, which included a near chip in on 15 and another near hole out for eagle from about 60 yards on the last hole. I finished with a 42 on the back for 85 total. My handicap dropped significantly after this round, from a 15.9 to a 15.2.

    May 27: Another ‘Away’ round on the GHIN, as I decided to travel again to play The Neuse in Raleigh. I was gonna play the blues there too, but I was grouped with three others who were playing the whites, so I decided to play the whites as well. I managed a 42 on the front and a 45 on the back for 87.

    Another solid round on a completely new course (never heard of it until I made the tee time the night before), but I butchered the par 5s, which were all under 500 yards from the whites, and I played em +6. On two of them, I had a chance to hit the green in two. Both times I had an initial decision to lay up, but pulled out the wood and went for it. Both times it resulted in a poor second shot, leading to disappointing doubles. If I had laid up both times, I probably would’ve walked off with pars and, given how my wedges and short irons were that day, I had a solid chance for birdie. Instead I let my ego get the best of me, and I paid the price.

    But it’s a solid round nonetheless, and my handicap dropped again, from 15.2 to 15.0.

    June 1: My most recent outing was back at my home course. My brother joined me again, and I played really well on the front and shot 39. Three bogeys, six pars. Then we made the turn. I doubled the tenth after being 80 yards out laying two (par 5), and I began to slip a bit before parring the last three holes to shoot 45 on the back for 84. A new personal record on that course.

    Then I looked at GHIN and noticed a nine hole score that was unpaired. It was only 6:00, so back to the front I went, from the blues this time! I sliced my tee shot off the first tee and made double, but another comeback saw me shoot 43. Two doubles, three bogeys, four pars. My handicap dropped even further, from 15.0 to 14.5, and that is where it stands today. 

    Looking at my handicap history, I noticed I was at 18.1 at the start of the year, and 16.7 at the end of April. That’s a three and a half stroke improvement this year, and a two stroke improvement in the last month! I wrote in my 2021 goals that I wanted to get to 14.0 and keep it there, and the way I’m playing right now, I think that I’ve got that almost in the bag. I might change that goal, but I’ll see what happens the next few weeks!

  8. My brother and I played six holes the other day after I got off work: our usual loop of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, and then a short 50-yard par 3 I made where we hit from the sixth tee to the third green. I went +4 on those six holes from the blue tees, including an up and down par after I blocked my tee shot left, leaving a very tough pitch.

    We agreed that we’d do this sort of thing more often, so looking forward to that!

  9. Forgot to post about this, but my brother and I played eighteen holes on Thursday. The catch: we played the front tees, which were 5044 yards.

    I started strong, going -1 through 4 after back to back birds on 3 and 4 (the latter of which is a 345-yard ‘par 5’). However, I struggled on the next few holes, making two doubles and a bogey on the short ninth (again, a sub-400-yard par 5 from the reds) to post 40 on the front. My brother posted 55.

    The back nine was a strong start, par-bogey-par for me and double-par-double for my brother. Then on the toughest stretch (13-15), I three putted for double on 13 after being just off the green, three putted for bogey on 14 after hitting a beautiful approach to seven feet, and doubled 15 after misclubbing on my tee shot and having almost no second shot. Still, I was only +10, and we had a short par 5 (465 downhill), a really short par 4 (about 240 on a straight line) and a short par 3 (94).

    I parred 16 without much trouble (a pic of my outstanding tee shot below), but I made two disappointing bogeys on 17 and 18 to post 84. Definitely not a terrible score from where we were playing, but I lost some strokes with putting (five three putts on the day), so it could’ve easily been lower as well. My brother actually played better on the back, making two solid pars on 17 and 18 for a 52 on the back, 107 total. It was a really fun day of golf!


  10. At my home club, the snack bar/grill is basically on the way from 9 green to 10 tee, so a lot of people stop for food and drinks at the turn before heading on to the back nine. 

    I will usually stop at the turn, mainly to get something to drink and maybe a quick snack, but on the few occasions I’ve ordered a meal, I ordered on the ninth tee, picked it up at the turn and continued on to the back, eating as I play. 

    I think it’s also worth noting that this also tends to create a backup on 10 tee. When I make the turn, it’s not unusual to see a group already teeing off and then occasionally a group or two waiting, so I’ve had waits of close to half an hour before.

  11. Here’s a tournament in planning on playing in! The Durham Amateur Golf Championship is a two day event (June 5-6), and it’s very affordable ($100, covers the two tournament rounds and one practice round). The good news is that we will be riding both days, unlike a lot of tournaments I’ve seen.

    I am going to get my coach’s signature on the form tonight at our banquet (must have coach’s initials on form), and I’ll report back here once I’ve registered!

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  12. I’ve hit a lot of good shots in the past week or so, but two really stand out:

    •In my round at Croasdaile, I was sitting two on a par 5 about 130 out, but there were some trees overhanging, so I couldn’t hit a lofted PW/9I. I opted for a punch and run with a 7I, planning to land it about ten feet short of the elevated green.

    I did exactly that, and my ball rolled onto the top tier where the pin was and stopped four feet out. Would’ve been a heck of a birdie, since that hole isn’t easy on a normal day, but I had a nice tap in for par.


    •This was from my round yesterday. The seventh hole is a tough 180-yard par 3 from the blue tees. I let rip with a 6I, and I hit one of the purest 6I shots I’ve ever hit. It landed safely on the green and stopped pin high, about 15 feet to the left. Two putt for par and probably my best hole of the day.

  13. I’ve played several times in the past week and a half, four rounds to be exact, so here we go!

    5/6: Decided to play 18 holes after school, and I’m happy I did! My front nine was spectacular: two birdies and two bogeys, the rest pars for an even-par 36. One of the birdies was on the tough fifth hole after I bombed a drive and hit a wedge to six feet. That beats my personal best nine by two strokes!

    I started par-bogey on the back, but went +12 on the last seven holes to shoot 49 on the back for an 85 total. Still a solid number, but it was disappointing after the front.


    5/8: I played a handicap match with a buddy at Croasdaile. Because of the tees we were playing and out handicap difference, I got twelve strokes, including nine in a ten-hole stretch.

    After five holes of the match, I was six over, and down two. But then started the stretch I mentioned above, and I took advantage, winning five holes to take a one up lead through 13. But then came the turning point of the match. I was sitting two on the par-3 14th about three feet out, and since I was getting a stroke here, I had a great chance to go two up with four to play. But then Zack chipped in, and my par putt, not for just a half, missed. All square with four to play. Because I got a stroke on two of the last four holes, I still had a chance to win. But momentum was with Zack. He went +1 on the last four holes, good enough for a two up win.

    My final numbers: 45-45 for a 90 from the blue/white combo tee (6241 yds, 70.8/133). Despite losing the match, I’m pretty happy with the round. Didn’t putt well on Croasdaile’s quick greens, but hit it well for the most part!


    5/11: Played the home course again, and because a league was going off the front, I had to start this round on the tougher back nine. I managed three pars on the back nine, including the signature 18th hole, and I shot 45. Given the way I was playing, I figured I could shoot low 40s on the front nine. 

    I was right. Five pars on this side, and with two doubles as well, I shot 42 to finish with 87. Another solid round with solid putting (only 30 putts!) that saw my handicap drop a tenth of a stroke (16.0 to 15.9)!


    5/17: In prep for the Durham Amateur tournament at Hillandale, I went to play Hillandale yesterday. From the blue tees.

    On the tougher front nine, I shot 44 which included a par on the tough par-3 seventh. Then, because I had only an hour and 20 minutes until all golfers needed to be off the course, I took a cart for the back nine.

    Playing kind of fast because I was pressed for time, I actually did okay. Despite playing holes 10-15 in only 45 minutes, I was +7 for the back. Not bad at all because all of the tough holes are in the stretch I’d just finished.

    I then went par-bogey, meaning a par on the short par-5 18th would bring me in with 88. I proceeded to hit my tee shot into an environmentally protected area, which, lucky me, played as a hazard, so I could just drop. It didn’t help me much though, because I was on in five, and three putted to finish the round with a 47 for the back and a 91 total. Didn’t hit it great, but I putted well again (32 putts here), so that saved me. Short game was also solid!

  14. I understand where he’s coming from. ‘Drop and take a stroke’ is a rule that I’m sure a lot of players play in casual rounds (I did too for a while), but in reality it’s stroke and distance. Now, if I’m not mistaken, there’s a new rule that says you can play from where it went in, but you’re hitting your fourth shot instead of your third, as he was thinking.

    In my personal experience, to avoid situations like this, I just hit a provisional ball if I have any doubt whatsoever that the ball’s out of play.

  15. I’ve got a lot of golf to tell y’all about (including regionals on Monday, more about that in my blog!), playing four days in a five-day stretch, so here we go!

    THURSDAY: This was the last official day of practice of the season, so we had a match to finish. Me, two teammates and one of the coaches played nine holes from the blues. I was off to a strong start, one under through two after getting up and down for par on the first hole and hitting a 6I to within a foot on the second hole. I didn’t know it because I was only focused on what I was doing, but I already had a three-stroke lead.

    I pretty much coasted for the next six holes, and when we got to the ninth tee I was five over, but I still led by one. When my coach told me that, it turned into Choke City. I was 100 out after two shots, and a par would seal at least a tie. Then I hit my third into a bunker, took two to get out, and then three putted for a triple bogey. I had shot 44, earning me a third-place finish and a two-stroke deficit. Not a good way to end, but some good golf was to come.

    SATURDAY: The coach treated us to a weekend at the beach before regionals (we went down Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning) and we played a nice course while we were there. It wasn’t that hard a course, but I still shot 99. Not a great round, but I was putting reasonably well and hitting some huge drives (I think I hit four tee shots 270 or longer). 

    I told my coach afterward that I hit probably every mishit possible: I chunked shots, thinned em, shanked em, pulled em, pushed em. Topping was the only one I don’t recall hitting, but it was super inconsistent.

    SUNDAY: We went to Keith Hills on Sunday morning for our practice round. We hit our tee shots and approaches to the pin locations there, but then we picked up our balls and chipped and putted to where we imagined the holes would be cut Monday.

    I hit the ball pretty well on those holes, and the highlight was where I dropped a ball around the 140-yard mark and hit a 9I to two feet. 

    We did have seven holes, however, where we kept score and played like it was the actual tournament. Holes 6-9 was a tough stretch, but I went +4 there, so I was fairly pleased with that. 

    On the back, we kept score on holes 14-16, and I made an eight on the par-3 14th after having bunker trouble. On the 15th I made a double after hitting my second shot OB and making a nice up-and-down. The 16th is a short par 4, around 330 from the tips. It was downhill and downwind, and the course was firm, so I was able to get my tee shot pretty close to the green. Up-and-down for birdie!

    I’ll go more in-depth about the tournament in my blog later today, and it will probably be my last post there.

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  16. We played Falls Village today, and it was a fun round! My dad and I decided on the blue tees, my brother played the whites. I’ll put the scorecard below. 

    The back nine destroyed all of us, with me posting 48 and my dad 52 (we didn’t keep my bro’s score upon his request, but he didn’t play well with the exception of a birdie on the second hole and a par on the sixth).

    Of the 14 holes I could’ve hit driver on, I only took out the big stick on five of them. In fact, I only missed three fairways, all of which were with the driver. But I can’t complain too much. I played pretty well on a difficult golf course off the blue tees. And I putted well except for one hole. It was definitely a good day! 


  17. What’s the greatest comeback you’ve ever made in a round of golf? It can be when you’ve started a round poorly and played well the last several holes or you were in a match and came back from a huge deficit. I’ve got two, one from each of those categories.

    •I remember not too long ago I was +13 through five holes and seemingly on my way to a three-digit score. But I played the last thirteen holes at +9 to shoot 94. Usually I’d be disappointed with 94 but not on that day.

    •This was from about two years ago. I was playing a nine hole stroke match with a teammate and I was three strokes down after only two holes. I rallied to tie the match going to the last, then we tied the ninth hole and I won in a puttoff.

    I also had a near-comeback on virtual golf, so I figured I’d share it here as well😃.

    In one tournament on a pretty easy course, I was -9 going into the fourth round and nine strokes back, dead and buried. But I made two eagles in the final round, shot a twelve-under 59 and finished only a shot back.

  18. Two nine hole days so far this week: 

    YESTERDAY: Played the back nine from the blues yesterday but didn’t really keep score, just sort of a practice round where I hit two or more balls on a few holes. I did par the tenth and eighteenth holes playing my first ball though, which I was happy with. I hit it pretty well too.

    TODAY: Same deal as yesterday, but this was a scoring round that I played with two buddies. I only managed to shoot 49, but I hit it just as well, if not better, than yesterday. I parred the long 16th hole after topping my second, but that was the only par I made. There was also a little bit of gambling going!

    The 13th hole is a long and narrow par 4. I almost never hit driver there and I just play to make bogey. One of my buddies, seeing me pull out my three wood, laid a bet. He said if I made a five after hitting the three wood off the tee, he’d give me $5. If I somehow made par, he’d give me $20. I pushed my tee shot a bit right but hit two solid shots onto the green, albeit about 30 feet out and with a lightning-fast downhill putt. I hit a good putt but watched it roll six feet past the hole. Barely missed the follow up putt for bogey and $5.

    We’re playing Falls Village tomorrow, so expect to hear from me again!

  19. We did a 9-hole scramble mini-tournament for a kinda laid-back practice yesterday. It was the three coaches and one of their sons on a team, and the eight of us were divided into two teams of four and we took carts. The coaches played the white tees, we played the blues, and the two ladies on the team played the reds. We all got one “tee buster” (men used the red tees, ladies from the 200-yard marker.

    We all had a blast, and there was a lot of trash talk which I enjoyed. We were off to a slow start, making par on the first three holes. Courtesy of my approach, we had a makeable birdie putt on the second hole (about 12ft), but none of us could convert. Then I used my tee buster on the fourth hole, but I didn’t take advantage. We still made birdie to get into red figures, then we made birdie on the tough fifth after the coach’s daughter (on our team) used her tee buster to get within 100 yards and I hit a beautiful sand wedge to two feet.

    We also birdied the sixth hole, but made par on the seventh. We were three under at this point, and figured we needed to go birdie-eagle (two threes) to have a chance. We made our three on the eighth hole after the last guy to putt made a twelve-footer to avoid using one of our mulligans. We were in good shape on the last hole, because we still had a tee buster and three mulligans. We took full advantage, and we set up a three-footer for eagle, but it was slippery. We all missed it the first time, and then I used my mulligan to roll it in.

    We finished six under (30) and found out the coaches finished seven under (29). The team behind us also finished at seven under, but we went to the tenth hole for a “playoff”. Both teams made par on the short par 5. So we agreed that my brother and I would have a puttoff.

    We both two putted the first three holes, then I said, “Screw it.” and I plopped my ball about four feet from the hole, intending to drill mine to put pressure on my brother. I made, he missed.

    Just a fun day of golf!

  20. I was going to play Croasdaile yesterday, but I couldn’t play until around 4:00 and there weren’t any tee times. So I went to my home course, knowing I’d feel better if I played at all. I was going to play the blues at Croasdaile to get used to playing a longer course for Regionals, so I played the blues at Umstead, which are around 6400. I shot 46 on the front after starting double-double, so I wasn’t really disappointed at all. 

    Then I started bogey-par-par on the back and had a three-footer to save bogey on 13. Barely tapped it because that particular green is lightning fast, and watched it miss on the low side and slide six feet past the hole. I missed that one too, and tapped in for a seven. Not a big deal, but then came The Rot. Par for the next four holes was 17, I played em in 26. Then I parred the tough 18th for a 50 on the back and a 96 total.

    Not awful, but given where I stood after twelve holes it’s not that good either. Really I only had one bad hole, a nine on the 15th, but it was still disappointing. Good news: we’re doing a scramble in practice today for kind of a fun day, so I’ll post back here tonight about that!

  21. Here’s another scorecard that I really like. Croasdaile Country Club. They just got new scorecards two weeks ago, so here it is!



    They went back to a horizontal card, which I like. Their old scorecard was hard to figure out as far as combo tees go, but this card makes it very easy. The only true pop-out colors here are the arrows for the combo tees, but that hardly bothers me. The rest of the inside is simple: six lines for scoring, two of which are for keeping track of matches.

    The front of the card is nice. Logo, course name, city. Super simple. The back is a little bit too much. “USGA Rules Govern All Play” is on 99% of the cards I’ve seen, so unnecessary. I do like that they’ve recently rated the Blue/White and Blue tees for women, which wasn’t on the other card. Red tees weren’t rated for men either.

    Overall, a pretty good card. I’ll give it a 7.5.

  22. I’ve played 36 holes in the past few days: 18 on Tuesday afternoon, 18 Wednesday morning. 

    Tuesday: 18 holes at the home course. Played with a buddy for the front nine and we had a heck of a match. I held a two-stroke lead with one to play, and that proved to be enough: I bogeyed to close the front with a 48, nothing better than a bogey, and he parred the hole to finish at 49. Then I made the turn to the back. It was a super inconsistent performance.

    I made four pars, a bogey, a double, two triples and a 10 on the par-4 14th. That means a 51 on the back and a 99 total. I had to go +2 on the last four holes to stay under 100, with pars on the last two difficult holes. 

    I honestly hit the ball well, but when I missed it was in all the wrong places. I couldn’t get a bounce to save my life. But as I’ve said, I want to have one thing I’m proud of in the round even if everything else is trash, so here it is:

    I parred the tough par-4 15th. Hit a nice 5W to the middle of the fairway, then I hit a nice 9I onto the green and two-putted, and I nearly made the birdie putt.

    So there’s my round from Tuesday, now to Wednesday!

    Wednesday: I decided to switch it up a bit and play Hillandale. After the first two holes, it looked like another near-100 round, because I four-putted the first hole for double and made a nine on the second hole. I played well on the rest of the front except for one hole and shot a 50. Two pars were in the mix, both of which could’ve easily been bogeys due to long birdie putts.

    But on the back nine, I found my game again after 27 holes of mediocre-at-best golf. A streak of solid bogeys from the tenth to fourteenth holes put me in a good position to close. And I did...sort of. I parred the next three holes, meaning I could still shoot a 90 with a birdie on the par-5 18th. I was just short of the green in three after a duffed second, and then I duffed the chip. Chipped on from there and two-putted for a double. Despite the closing double, I still shot 43 on the back for a 93 total. I’ll take it!

    I just recently started working weekends at Croasdaile Country Club, and I get one 18-hole round every three or so shifts. This weekend will mark four shifts, so I’m hoping to get out there one day next week!

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