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  1. We played nine holes today in practice and I shot a smooth little 42 (+7, playing the fourth hole as a par-4 from the reds). The highlight of the round was a span of about a hole and a half. Sitting two about ten feet short of the fifth green, I hit a nice pitch shot that stopped a foot from the hole, leaving a tap-in par. Then on the sixth, I hit my approach to about twelve feet and made the putt to knock off another birdie on the challenge. 

    My brother also played pretty well, as you’ll see in the scorecard below. He shot a 54 (+19) with a triple-double-triple finish. A really solid day for both of us! I’m hoping to get out for 18 Wednesday morning because there’s a chance for isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon.


  2. There are four slots in my golf bag. I’ll call them North, South, East and West, since they are arranged sort of like a compass.

    North Slot: Driver, 3W, 5W

    East Slot: Driving Iron, 4H, 5H 

    South Slot: 6I-PW

    West Slot: GW (50), SW (54), Putter

    Once upon a time, I had the North and South slots swapped, so my woods are in the front. That made it more difficult to get to the irons when we rode in a cart, so I switched them.

    I also used to just put them wherever I felt like putting them, but last summer I decided it would be better if I just had a system so I wouldn’t go fishing through the whole bag to find one club.

  3. 1, 5 and 6 for me. I could pick and choose what clubs I want without fear of cost, and I’ve always wanted to go to Augusta and meet John Daly.

  4. Easy. 400ish par 4.

    •First I’ll hit a drive in the fairway, leaving somewhere in the neighborhood of 175 yards. I’ve never been a super long hitter, but I’m pretty good at putting it in the fairway. In fact, in my past 36 holes, I’ve only missed three fairways.

    •Using a 5- or 6-iron, I’ll probably miss the green, but not by much. When I miss the green, it’s usually not by a whole lot. I’ll typically have around 15 GIRs/nGIRs a round. I’ll usually double or triple the other three holes, and I’ll probably throw in a double or two with the nGIRs. Of course, if I’m having an above or below average day, these numbers can go up or down, but that’s my typical stat.

    •If I hit the green, I’ll usually two- or three-putt. One-putts are much more common for me when I miss the green because the shot that puts me on is usually a short chip or pitch.

    •If I miss the green with a nGIR, which is what usually happens, I’ll hit on and two-putt.

  5. My brother and I played nine holes before practice yesterday. I played pretty well except for one hole: seven bogeys, a par on the sixth hole, and a triple on the fourth hole after I pulled my second shot OB. That means a 46. Not really that bad, especially with a triple.

    I didn’t keep my brother’s score, but he did par a hole where I bogeyed: we had identical chip shots on the seventh hole, he hit it to about ten feet and I was probably half that away. He made it, I missed.

    I hit it pretty well too, and I’m really looking forward to our match this afternoon!

  6. I’ve decided to do another one. This course was the first course I could consider my “home” course. Lake Winds Golf Course is an extremely short course, as you’ll see from the scorecard. (please ignore the scores 😂) When I play this course now, I’ll alternate between the blues and whites. 


    Don’t be fooled by the course’s yardage! It’s kind of a tough layout with smallish greens and thick rough, and a slight mishit can cost you dearly on some holes. On to the hole by hole!

    No. 1: A nice start to the round. With the hole playing downhill, a solid tee shot will leave you with a short iron approach, but missing long or right on your approach is a big no-no.

    No. 2: A shorter hole than the first, but this one is tougher. The first of eight holes with water in play, a pond sits off to the right about 230 out from the blue tees, so a fairway wood off the tee is best. The approach plays about a half club farther due to an elevated green. 

    No. 3: The first of four fantastic par threes, and another one that plays over water. Fly it all the way there, because any shot landing short of this green will not bounce up.

    No. 4: Probably the toughest driving hole on the course. You’re hitting out of a sort of chute, and while it widens out at about the 150 marker, you can be intimidated by how it feels on the tee. The green is much wider than it is deep, so it can be tough to hold the green.

    No. 5: An ultra short par 5, barely clearing 400 from the whites. The catch is that every inch of this hole is uphill, so it’ll play much longer, but it’s still reachable. The green is one of the most sloped on the course, so be mindful of that when deciding whether to go for it in two.

    No. 6: Another par 5, and while it’s actually a decent yardage, it descends the same steep hill that the fifth hole ascends, which makes for an awesome view. Sprayers of the ball beware, this hole can eat you alive. If you hit the fairway here, you have a very good chance for birdie.

    No. 7: Probably my favorite hole here.  This is a short par 3 that’s pretty much hit the green or bust. Short or left is wet, long is an almost impossible downhill chip back towards the water. You have a chance if you go right, but that’s the only acceptable miss.

    No. 8: Although this is the longest par 4 on the course, it’s not that hard a hole. Just a gentle dogleg to the right that doesn’t have any real trouble. The green is actually pretty benign.

    No. 9: This is a tough uphill hole to finish the front. Trees overhang the left side of the tee box, so the ideal play is a draw. If you hit a good drive, you have a short to mid iron into the green guarded by two bunkers in the front.

    No. 10: The first hole on the tougher back nine is a par 4 that barely tops 300 from the blues and a downhill dogleg right, and the green on this hole can be driven by longer hitters. However, trees await if you mishit it. The best play is a fairway woods or long iron off the tee and a wedge in. 

    No. 11: Despite being a short par 5, this can only be reached by the longest of hitters. Why? The hole doglegs left around the 150 marker, so you need an ultra long drive to get to the corner. Again, a layup is the smart play here. The green is one of the toughest here, sloping severely back to front.

    No. 12: This begins Lake Winds’ version of Amen Corner. The first hole in the stretch is a long par 4 where the fairway is pinched by a water hazard about 240 out from the blue tees. If you manage to hit the fairway, you still have a mid or long iron into a green guarded by a bunker in front. Five is nothing to be ashamed of here.

    No. 13: Probably my least favorite hole. Not a long par 4 at all, but the approach, which will likely be around the 120-130 yard mark, plays about a full club uphill to another severely back to front sloping green. If you go long, good luck.

    No. 14: You’d think this is an easy hole, measuring a measly 107 from the back tees. You’d be wrong. Although the only par 3 without water in play, this hole is adjacent to the fifth hole, which means it climbs the same hill. The green is also small and it slopes severely right to left, so it’s tough to stick one close. Be very happy with par here.

    No. 15: Another somewhat difficult hole. This one goes all the way down the hill that 14 went up, and with a severe dogleg left, this is another drivable par 4, but only with a perfect tee shot. Water guards mishit efforts 50 yards short, and your approach is hit off a downhill lie.

    No. 16: Obviously the longest of the par 3s, this one features an all carry approach over a pond to a shallow green. Another hole where par is a good score.

    No. 17: The last two holes can easily produce birdies, but also bogeys and doubles and worse. This one is a fun short par 5 that can be reachable, but your second will need to be hit high and land soft. Like 16, any shot coming up short is likely wet, and OB is about five paces off the back of the green. 

    No. 18: The closing hole is yet another drivable par 4, but again there’s a challenge. To drive the green here, you must carry your tee shot about 250 yards over a pond, and it needs to land soft. It’s possible, because I’ve witnessed it (my dad did it when I was 14, and it’s also the only time I’ve seen him try it). 

    There you go! Although the back nine is a good bit shorter than the front, it is believed to be the tougher side, requiring you to be in better position off the tee. Although I love the layout, I don’t play here often because the course is very poorly maintained. If it was in better shape, you better believe I’d be playing here more often. Probably a 1 or 2 on the Doak scale, was likely a 4 when it was in better shape. Definitely one of my favorite tracks in the area.

  7. I’m going to start this topic up again by describing my backyard course, which I believe I’ve mentioned before. We have a decent amount of land (~10 acres), But we have to use foam practice balls on the course. Working together, my dad and I have been able to build three greens: one ‘central’ green and two others. I’ve got an 18 hole course, 13 of which go to the central green.

    My second green has three of the other holes, and my third green, which is in a secluded corner of the property, has the final two holes. The greens are just AstroTurf that we bought at a hardware store, and they’re not all that big (probably 100 sq ft at most). 

    Now for the course! As I said, it’s an 18 hole layout with Pinehurst-style “crowned” greens, so it’s very difficult to hold them. The course record is currently an even-par 70. I have five par 3s and three par 5s. Hole-by-hole:

    No. 1, Par 4 “Road”: A pretty easy start, but your tee shot needs to be slightly right of center to have the best angle into the green.

    No. 2, Par 3 “Short Forest”: One of several holes where you tee off in the woods. This hole goes over the driveway, on the other side of which is the green. One of the toughest holes on the front.

    No. 3, Par 4 “Angle”: The first of the three holes that goes to my second green. You’re teeing off from an interesting angle, and you need to dial in the distance on your tee shot, or you won’t have a good shot in.

    No. 4, Par 4 “Chance”: A tough hole, but a fun one. You basically have three options; safe, semi-aggressive or aggressive. Either of the first two options means almost no chance at birdie, so going aggressive is the only way to give yourself a good look. The green is behind some trees, and the aggressive play is the only one that takes them out of the equation.

    No. 5, Par 4 “Roughage”: The first true birdie chance. It’s a drivable par 4, but you need to hit your tee shot over a sliver of rough to get to the green in one. Laying up short of it is the safe play, and you still have a solid chance for birdie.

    No. 6, Par 4 “Slice n’ Dice”: The second hole that goes to my second green. Again, there’s a safe play, but that limits your chance for birdie. The aggressive play, as the name of the hole suggests, is to slice your tee shot. The semi-aggressive route, which is my go-to strategy on this hole, is probably the most fun. As this hole is along the side of the house, you can bank the ball off the house and have it come back to the fairway (now you see why we use foam balls!)

    No. 7, Par 5 “Valley”: Another good shot at birdie. Your tee shot goes down a hill and then back up a hill, which is why the hole is named Valley. Your second shot will also he played from around the fifth tee, one of a few cases where the hole routes overlap.

    No. 8, Par 3 “Valley, Part 2”: The final hole going to my second green, which lies at the bottom of the “valley”. From the tee, it’s tough to hold the green, so the best play is to run it in.

    No. 9, Par 4 “Free Fall”: The only hole on the course that plays significantly downhill. If you hit your tee shot straight, you’ll have a short chip or pitch into this hole. Stray the slightest bit, however, and par is all of a sudden an excellent score.

    No. 10, Par 4 “Risk”: This is another drivable par 4, but you need to hit it perfectly to have a chance. This hole plays steeply uphill and has a sharp dogleg to the left that goes to my third green. If you take the risk, the reward is a birdie or even an eagle. The risk is a bogey if you miss, because trees do their best to keep you from making the green.

    No. 11, Par 3 “Short”: Another good birdie opportunity. Not much to say here, as it’s the shortest hole on the course and just requires a short pitch. 

    No. 12, Par 5 “Long Forest”: Probably my favorite hole on the course. Trees guard the left side, so the play is a slight draw. Then the hole doglegs right and the trees in front of the green come into play again. Two well-placed shots provide an excellent birdie chance.

    No. 13, Par 3 “Redan”: This was kind of a surprise. When I designed this one, I didn’t realize it looked exactly like the template hole. The only difference is instead of a bunker, there’s our man-made well guarding front left. But a spectacular hole, and definitely my favorite of the five par 3s.

    No. 14, Par 4 “Way Back”: The first of five very tough finishing holes, so I’ve put the birdie opportunities early on the back nine for a reason. This one brings the driveway very much into play, and you need two extremely accurate shots, or else you’ll have a tough time making par. A five here feels like a par.

    No. 15, Par 4 “Up & Over”: The easiest of the last five holes, but still no pushover. As long as you hit a solid tee shot, you’ll clear the corner of the dogleg and have a good shot in. But coming up short almost guarantees bogey since trees punish weak tee shots.

    No. 16, Par 3 “Bermuda”: This one plays slightly downhill, but it doesn’t help much. Like the 8th hole, the best play is to run it in.

    No. 17, Par 5 “Alps”: Easily my signature hole, this was a par 6 when I first designed this course. It starts at the very bottom of the driveway, and winds up it, making for a very difficult first two shots. Like the 14th hole, your first two shots need to be dead accurate. If either one is off, your chance for par is out the window. Very few birdies are made here.

    No. 18, Par 4 “Victory Lap”: The final hole goes to my secluded third green. Not near as difficult as the 14th and 17th holes, but still a challenge. Your tee ball needs to slightly cut the corner over the house, but you can take a direct line and go all out. If you take that route and succeed, a birdie is likely.

    So there ya go! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come into the final few holes under par but failed to stay there. In fact, I think when I shot the record score of even par (70), I was two under going into the last five holes. Never played that stretch under par, but I have gone even. Hope you enjoyed!

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  8. 41 minutes ago, StuM said:

    Would you rather #37

    Golf on a day over 100 degrees (38c) with no breeze and you sweat profusely just sitting still let alone being active.


    Golf on a blustery 40 degree (4c) day with wind whipping around giving you wind chill around 35 degrees (2c)

    No Fence sitting, which would you RATHER do?

    I’d much rather be hot than cold. I’ll take the 100 degree weather. If I’m cold, I’ll lose all feeling in my hands, making it difficult to comfortably hold the club.

  9. Last week I birdied the par-5 fourth hole. 5W to the middle of the fairway, 6I layup, and a 9I to about six feet. A good hole to birdie, because for me, it’s one of the tougher holes on the front.

  10. I played the back nine earlier this week and ran into a threesome on the 12th tee that was part of a Monday afternoon scramble league at my home club. Teeing off on number 10 a little before 5:15, I reached the 12th tee about 5:30. They were ultra slow on the greens, and I didn’t finish until about 7:30, taking about two hours to play the last seven holes.

    I think a large part of it was that after holing out, one of the guys would hit several extra putts while the other two guys got in their carts and drove to the next tee. He did that on a lot of the holes (I counted five out of the last seven holes where he did it), and doing that kind of thing over several holes can really add up.

  11. I played nine holes, and I had an unbelievable start: 4-4-4-4-4. One bogey, one birdie. Even through five, and I lipped out a 15-footer for birdie on the fifth. But my momentum was halted after I took two to get out of a bunker on the sixth and then three-putted. 

    I had about a one-footer to save bogey on the seventh, and it caught the edge and spun out. Up and down for par on the eighth hole, and a three-putt for bogey on the last hole gave me a 42 total, which is a pretty good day’s work for me. I did have three three-putts, and they all came on the last four holes. So I should’ve shot 39 or even a 38, but I’m not at all disappointed with a 42. I hit the ball well, so I’m happy.

  12. I played 12 holes yesterday.

    The first three holes were in practice: we played holes 10, 11 and 18 (they’re aerating the front nine this week), and I went bogey-par-bogey, the par after a chunked approach and a beautiful 50-yard pitch and run that died about three feet out.

    Then I went back and played the back nine again and shot a sloppy 48. Despite a triple on 13 (three putt from below the hole 😑), I was +5 thru 15, having made a nice up-and-down par on 15, but I choked the last three holes. I also ran into a slow threesome on the 12th tee, and it took me just under two hours to play the last seven holes after playing the first two in about 15 minutes.

    First conference match is less than a week away!!

  13. Played a new course today that I’ve wanted to play for a while! It’s called Challenge Golf Club, and that pretty much summed up the course. Scorecard below, we played the green tees.

    I shot 48 on the front, going +6 on a four-hole stretch where water was in play on every shot. For some reason, ramming putts six to eight feet past was a theme for this side. The back was better: I shot 43, including a strong finish, even par on the last four holes.

    I shot 91 total, which I was pretty darn happy with. This is mainly a position golf course, so it played longer. Awesome course if you’re in the RDU area!


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  14. Second scrimmage was today, and it was a lot better than Tuesday. Like Tuesday, I started with a triple on the first hole. I bogeyed the second hole, but only after I hit a perfect approach and nailed the bottom of the stick on the fly, my ball spinning off the front of the green. As good as I hit it, it probably would’ve been within five feet had it not hit the stick.

    Being four over at this point, I went two over on the last seven holes and shot 41, a much more satisfying number than my round from Tuesday. Two more highlights from the round:

    •I was sitting three short of the green on the fifth hole, and I managed to hit a good chip to about three feet and I made the putt for bogey.

    •I was on in regulation on the eighth hole, but 50 feet out. Two putted from there.

    Game feels pretty good right now, which I need come Saturday, when I’m going to play a new (to me) golf course.

  15. I was kind of in between the two options. As in, I’m not one to immediately forget bad shots/holes, but I’m also not one to let it linger for the rest of the round. For example, if I miss a short, easy putt on the 5th hole, I’ll typically have it pushed out of my mind by the time I hit my approach on the 6th. 

    Or, if I hit an awful drive, I’ll have that memory gone before I finish that hole. In other words, it takes me about half a hole to flush out the botched shots from my brain.

  16. We had our first scrimmage today, and it wasn’t exactly my best effort. We played the white tees except for the fourth hole, which we played from the reds. The tee shot is hit over a lake, and the red tees are on the other side, turning the 478-yard par-5 into a 345-yard par-4, making the front a par 35. 

    I started triple-triple-par-triple, I’ll spare the details there. Then for the next four holes I was a beast, going +1 in that stretch, the lone bogey coming after I caught a horrible bounce into a fairway bunker and I had an awkward stance. Then I doubled the last hole to shoot 47 overall. I’ll take it after the first four holes! Next scrimmage is on Thursday!

  17. I’ve played with several different types of people, most of whom have been great to play with. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance level (it was a lot lower in the incident I’ll describe below) and most people I’ve played with haven’t come anywhere close to crossing the line. But one person did.

    In my freshman year, I was paired with someone from another school, who I’d heard beforehand had a sour reputation. He was known to get very short-tempered on the golf course: cursing, throwing clubs, the whole package. But the main thing was that he was a cheat. He was known to fudge his scores, which resulted in a not-infrequent DQ on the scoreboard. 

    In the first few holes, I didn’t see any evidence of that. But on one hole, he hit a mediocre shot (not horrible, but he was unhappy) and he hurled his club straight into the trees. Later, on a hole where he made a double after an OB tee shot, he claimed he made par. I wasn’t keeping his scorecard, but I was for sure keeping track of it. What happened later pushed him over the line.

    Near the end of our round, I was the last to putt out on a hole, and I was too absorbed in my short putt to notice that he and the other guy I was put with had already marched ahead to the next tee. That night, my coach and I were texting about the round, and I brought up what happened. Not just the thing at the end, but everything. I was so mad that I requested to not play with him at regionals the next week. He said that he understood, and that nobody from our team would play with him.

    That’s about the only time I’ve ever been paired with a jerk. 


  18. I’ve actually played twice times in the past week, but haven’t gotten around to posting! I played last Friday (18 holes) and then today (7 holes). 

    FRI: A buddy invited me to play Croasdaile, a super nice private course. We played the blue tees (6500 yards), one up from the tips. I played okay, given how tough the course is, but definitely not my best stuff. 50-54. I was actually playing bogey golf through five holes, but then I made sevens on the next two holes, a nine on the tenth and a six on the 11th (par 3). My buddy shot 84. Not just best either, but we weren’t exactly playing in the best conditions: windy, cold and wet.

    As we stood on the seventh tee, which is a long par 4 (435 from the blues), the wind picked up. Right into our face. A long par 4, uphill, into the 15 mph wind, with wet fairways. My buddy smoked his tee ball, and he still had over 200 yards in. It was crazy.

    TODAY: Played again today after getting team pics, despite being only seven holes (walked in after seven). I ended up shooting +6 with a birdie on the second hole (made about a 30-footer) and a triple on the very next hole. Putting was great with the exception of one hole. I hit my approach on the fifth within five feet, but rammed that two feet past and missed that.

    We’ve got a 9-hole scrimmage tomorrow  afternoon against our rival school, really looking forward to that!

  19. I’ve been wondering this too! As if our ball will actually listen to what we’re saying! Talking to the ball is actually the main way I express my emotions on the course. If I’m frustrated, you’ll hear it in my voice.

  20. 41 minutes ago, ChetlovesMer said:

    Would You Rather # 36.

    Let's pretend you can't watch the PGA tour for what ever reason.

    Would you rather watch a LPGA Event?


    Would you rather watch a European Tour Event?


    Would you rather watch a Korn Ferry Tour Event?

    It’s pretty close between the LPGA and European Tours for me, but I’d probably go with LPGA. I may not watch a lot of live coverage, but I really enjoy watching the ladies play, and their short games are awesome.

  21. I was actually thinking about this the other day! Most people I see on the course have a polo and khakis/shorts, and a pullover or even a hoodie in the colder months. 

    But I think it would be hilarious to show up to golf practice one day in knickers and a sweater and tie. The guys would definitely get a kick out of that!

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  22. 12 minutes ago, JuliWooli said:

    Index 18, not bad, what did the others in your team have?

    We just did 2-man teams, and I believe at the time, my partner was a 3 hcp. I honestly thought we would do a lot worse.

  23. 43 minutes ago, JuliWooli said:

    Was that 3 over net or gross? You are talking about ladies tees so I would imagine its gross. I would imagine that from red it would be much easier.

    It was +3 gross. I think if we had played much further back, it would’ve taken up too much time.

  24. We did something similar in team practice last year: we were split into two man teams, we played off the red tees, and we took the worst ball. Three holes, lowest team won. My partner and I came in with +3, which turned out to be one off the winning score. I actually really enjoyed it, considering it was something I’d never done.

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