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  1. Despite not playing in nearly two weeks, I actually played pretty well today. First team practice, I played five holes (1, 2, 3, 6, 7) and shot +5: one double, one par, but I could’ve been +3 (hit one into the trees on 6 and lipped out an 18-inch putt on 7). Then we hit a bucket of balls, and then I joined a buddy for four more holes (1, 2, 3, 9). Here’s my hole-by-hole:

         PAR: 4-4-3-4-3-4-4-3-5–34

    SCORE: 5-5-3-6-4-5-5-4-4—41

    Despite the fact that it could’ve been a stroke or two better, I’m pretty happy with the way I played, and I’m hoping to get out for 18 tomorrow.

  2. Here’s another one. This was back in my freshman year of high school (I’m a junior now), in the second-to-last match before regionals. The second hole on this particular course was a par 5, I’m pretty sure it was around 520 from the tees we played.

    I hooked my drive into a sort of waste area, but it was counted as a lateral hazard. I actually caught a huge break, managing to catch about the only half-decent lie in that area. So I took my hybrid (being careful not to ground my club, of course) and caught it clean, knocking it to the center of the fairway about 150 yards up. But I still had about 180 to the green, so I hit the same hybrid and nailed it onto the green, about 20 feet from the hole. To make it even better, I rolled in the birdie putt. This after I just about pronounced myself dead walking off the tee.

    I went on to shoot a 47, which was a very solid 9-hole score for me back then, but it was even better because it was on a course I’d never laid eyes on, off the blue tees, and considering despite the birdie on the second hole, I was +5 through three.

  3. 6 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:


    Would you rather watch the Super Bowl, have your favorite team win, drink too much, pork out on nacho chips & dip and feel like crap afterwards...


    Play 18 holes and shoot 6 strokes below your best ever round?

    Definitely B.

    Although I do love watching and getting hype for the Super Bowl every year, a personal best by six strokes takes the cake by a mile. My lowest score is 80, so that means a 74. Gimme the 74!!

  4. 16 minutes ago, bkuehn1952 said:

    I have never been one of the guys who want to see the whole course. I know my many limitations and have always tried to play at a realistic length.

    Good on you. Although I do occasionally like to go back to a longer tee (my comfort yardage is 5900-6200) I’ve never been one of those guys either. 

  5. What’s the longest golf course you’ve ever played? By that I mean the longest course from the tees you played that day, not yardage from the tips.

    For me, there’s two that stick out. One was at the regional high school competition my freshman year, and we played the tips (this wasn’t a super long course), which were about 6700 per the scorecard. But they shortened it a bit to just under 6600.

    About a month before that, the team went to play nine holes one afternoon at one of the toughest courses in Durham, Treyburn CC. I was planning to play the white tees (total yardage a hair over 6300), but my buddies practically dragged me back to the blues (one short of the tips, total yardage 6775).

    I think this is gonna be interesting to read!

  6. First round in about two weeks yesterday (albeit just nine holes) and I had some mixed emotions walking off the last hole. On the one hand, I was feeling good about how I had played, but on the other, I was kind of dissatisfied about the final score, mainly because of the eighth hole. 

    I topped my tee shot, recovered well, but then took six shots to get down from about 100 yards: two chunked wedge shots, a bunker shot and three putts. A quadruple bogey, which turned what should’ve been a 40 or 41 into a 44. Still not much to sneeze at for me, but it could’ve been a lot better. Here’s my hole by hole:

          PAR: 4-4-3-5-4-4-3-4-5—36

     SCORE: 4-5-3-5-5-5-4-8-5—44

    You can see it’s a pretty good performance apart from the eighth hole. I did have a few birdie looks (the first, third and ninth holes), the shortest being a 6-footer on the third hole. 

    I’ve got a tournament at Pinehurst next weekend (my first two-day event), and although we’re playing the blues (just under 7000 on both courses), I’m still super excited about it, and I feel my game is solid right now.

  7. I just remembered two more interesting matches I’ve had in the past year or so. Actually, both of them were last summer. 

    1)  I remember one day, my dad and I were paired up with another guy, John, on the first tee. Through nine holes, my dad and I had shot 40, John shot 41. My dad had to quit, but John and I continued on to the back. I made eight straight bogeys and I still was up one stroke. My shot on 18 finished just short of the green, John’s was in the bunker. 

    I thinned my chip and slightly over cooked the next one, and John hit a solid bunker shot. We were about the same distance out, but John was slightly away. His putt lipped out, and he tapped in for a total 86. My putt stopped an inch short of the hole, and I tapped in for the same score. I shot 40-46, John 41-45. That was a close match the whole time!

    Alright, here’s the second one!

    2) This was actually in a tournament last summer. Remember Jack, that teammate who I’m ultra competitive with? He was three groups behind me, and after getting bad beaten by him at Forest Oaks (In constant drizzle, 87 me, 85 him), I wanted revenge. I finished 3-5 (par-bogey) to shoot a 91, pretty darn good for the golf course we were playing. By the time I finished and turned in my scorecard, Jack was standing on the 18th tee needing a par to top me. The last hole is a tough par 4, so not likely.

    But his drive split the fairway, and he had only 160 in, all carry. He hit it in the bunker guarding short-right. Not fifteen minutes earlier, I had been in that same bunker, and it’s so deep you can’t even see the pin. He hit it to five feet, a great shot given the circumstances. He made it look easy by rolling it in to beat me yet again, by one stroke. A great match nonetheless.

  8. I’ve actually got a few more moments I’d like to share, the last two of which were from a recent round.

    1) A good while back, me and a buddy were playing a quick afternoon nine. On the second hole, he had just under 100 yards for his approach. He hit the flag on the fly with his 58 degree shot and it spun back to about 25 feet. We both knew that if it had missed the flag, it would’ve probably been within 5 feet.

    2) This is more of a funny moment than one in a million, but I’ll share it anyway. The fifth hole on the course we were playing was a long par 4, but I bombed a drive and had only 150 in. My approach drifted a bit right of the green, but it caught an embankment on that side and tumbled down to about six feet. Maybe not my best shot of the day (I didn’t catch it super clean), but it was definitely contending with the next moment for my favorite shot.

    3) This one is three moments in one. We came to the short par-3 17th (our eighth hole of the day since we started on the back), and we had some swirling wind. One of the guys my bro and I played with hit his shot right at the flag, and it ended up lipping out! Then I hit a bullet right at it too, and mine touched down a foot short of the hole and sucked back about five feet. On the green, my brother, who had missed the green and thinned it over leaving a tougher chip, chipped in for a par while I three-jacked. Two near aces, and a chip in. All on the same hole.

  9. I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing. I mean, I started keeping my handicap last March, and my brother was playing with me for most of my rounds back then (and he’s still with me 90% of the time), but a lot of the time he’ll stop after nine holes, and I continue on to the back. 

    So what does this mean? I’m going to guess it means that I can legally post only the front nine, or I just can’t post the round at all.

  10. Hey y’all! So, there’s a junior golf tournament at Pinehurst two weeks from Saturday, and it will be played over two days: No. 2 on Saturday and No. 4 on Sunday. I believe we will be playing the blue tees (around 6900 on both courses if I remember correctly), but I’m looking forward to it.

    So, any tips on what particularly to practice over the next two weeks, or just what to expect when playing the courses? I think it’ll be good experience for me. 

  11. I’m gonna start this up again. I bought me an old Controller driving iron last week (17 degrees of loft), and I love it. I’ve hit probably 20 shots with this club so far, and I’m hitting it lower and straighter than most shots with my fairway woods and hybrids. I’m averaging around 200 yards with solid contact, and it feels great coming off the face. It’s also been windy in Durham lately, so the driving iron has been helping me.

    As I see it, the only setback is that I can only seem to hit it off the tee. I’ve tried hitting it off the deck, with not positive results. Off the tee, I’m hitting it great. The course I played yesterday is super narrow off the tee, and the driving iron performed well. 

  12. Today my bro and I traveled a bit and played a course I played in a tourney this summer: Wildwood Green GC. Last time I played, we played the blues (just under 6500, par 70) and I shot 91. My goal for today was to match or beat that score, but from the whites (6050).

    We played the back nine first, and I shot 51-47, my bro 67-62. My short game kinda sucked today. I hit a number of poor chips/pitches, and I also had several three putts and a four putt. If my short game had been on I would’ve been close to 91, maybe below. On the bright side, I hit the ball pretty well. 

  13. Depends on whether I’m riding or walking.

    If I’m walking (which is the case 95% of the time), I’ll put it on top of the bag so I can see it easily when I go to put the club back. If I’m riding, I’ll probably put it in that little compartment behind the seats when I tee off and put it back on the club at the end of the round. 

  14. I’ve played 36 in the last two days, so I’ll do a quick summary of each round:

    YESTERDAY: We played Occoneechee (par 71, 5951 yds), and I stunk up the front with 54, averaged a triple bogey on holes 3-7 (two doubles, a triple, two quads), but I rebounded with a 44 on the back for a 98 total, including my first birdie of 2021 on the par-3 10th. Putting was mediocre at best (39).

    TODAY: Back to the home course. A bit better than yesterday, but not by much. 44 on the front, 50 on the back for a 94 total. I was actually only +12 through 13, but I botched holes 14-16 and bogeyed the last two holes. Putting was definitely better (34) with only one three putt from about 20 feet.

    Good news: My bro and I went to Play It Again Sports this weekend, and I found a nice driving iron that only cost me $10. I hit it several times in these two rounds, and I’m actually hitting it pretty well. On solid strikes, I can hit it just about as far as my driver, so I have a good feeling it’s going to be a useful club in my bag when my driver goes haywire.

    Bad news: My handicap has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. It is now sitting at 18 even. The last time I broke 90 was November 28, so I’ve gotta get back into the swing of things. Our season starts March 1!! 

  15. My bro and I played our usual Wednesday afternoon nine today. I started double-double-bogey and my swing felt totally out-of-sync (topped back-to-back shots on the second hole and another on the third), but I played the last six in +2, including four pars in a row on holes 5-8. That gives me 43 total with only 15 putts, which I’m pretty darn happy with after the shaky start. 

    My brother shot a shaky 62 for the nine, but three of his holes (a 10 on the second, an 11 on the fifth and a 7 on the seventh) accounted for seventeen of his twenty six strokes over par. In a match, his 62 would’ve been 54 since we play a maximum triple bogey.

    Here’s one hole I was thrilled with: I came within an inch of recording my first birdie of 2021 on the short sixth. I bombed a drive that easily cleared the fairway bunker (probably a 210 carry), then I hit a low wedge shot from about 60 yards that apparently landed pin-high, bounced once and stopped dead about six feet out. Lipped that out.

    I told one of my teammates all I had to do to get going was get my putter going just a bit, and it seems as though I accomplished that today!


  16. 42 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Was his apology sincere, though? Or was it just to protect his sponsorships, his image, etc.?

    I’m pretty sure that his apology was sincere. Mainly because from what I’ve heard and read about JT, he doesn’t sound like the type of person who would use that kind of language. I mean, yes, it does slip out occasionally, but it still surprised me.

    I read that Scott Piercy lost like five sponsors for this same sort of thing, and it would be disappointing, but not surprising if Justin fell down the same hole. I really hope this doesn’t ruin him though.

  17. Hmmm...this sounds similar to my story. For a long time, I used a grip that was sort of a cross between a baseball grip and the Vardon grip, but then my golf coach said about two years ago that I should change it and he let me pick between overlap and interlock: I chose interlock.

    Almost immediately, I saw improvement. With my old grip, I would hit one shot fat, then thin, then top, solid, fat again, shank. With the interlock, I saw consistency: solid, solid, solid, solid, fat, solid, solid, solid, etc. And I was also hitting them straighter. I also switched my brother over to the interlock about a month ago, and he became more consistent as well.

    I found out that by switching to the interlock, and this goes for you too, my hands performed as one unit, and results showed more consistency, but with my old grip, it was like my hands were separated, and therefore there was a lot of inconsistency.

    Hope this helps!

  18. I voted 3-4 times a week. When I don’t have school (aka my summer/winter breaks), I will play at least twice a week, often more. I remember I was playing with one of my buddies one day, and at one point, he told me that was his seventh day playing in a row. I believe it was my second or third consecutive day. Usually I can deal with two or three straight days of playing, but not much more than that.

  19. Well, I think yesterday was my only golfing day of the week, so I’m gonna go ahead and post here. 

    My best shot of the day yesterday was probably on my 25th hole of the day (the par-3 seventh). After a rotten tee shot in front of the front bunker (pin was also in front), I hit a nice pitch that landed exactly where I wanted it to, and it trickled down one of the many slopes on the fringe of this green and stopped within two feet of the cup for an easy par.

  20. First golfing day of 2021 yesterday! Not spectacular, but a solid start. I teed off about mid-morning and shot 44 on the front, then 47 on the back with my only bad hole, a triple bogey seven on the seventeenth (should’ve been no worse than a bogey). I tried to get cute with a pitch and dumped it in a bunker, then took four from there. So that’s a total of 91.

    Then I took about a half hour break, and then I played another nine holes, but I played the reds to switch things up. This time I shot 42 with two disappointing doubles (one on a wide-open 300-yard hole, one after a four putt), two bogeys and five pars. 

    So overall, not a bad day of golf, but there was one irritating thing. On about half a dozen occasions, I had a putt either lip out or hang on the lip. It wasn’t disappointing, because that tells me I was hitting good putts (I had 57 total for 27 holes), but it was irritating. I hit the ball pretty well though, which I’m happy about. I’ve been hitting it well recently, but I’m not scoring as well as I could be, maybe because of my sour putting. My handicap has also gone up (17.9 as of today), so I’d like to get it back down below 17 or even below 16 before season starts in March.

  21. I probably played about 70 rounds in 2020, around 50 of which were between March and August and early September. Once the pandemic hit, I was able to play quite a bit, mainly at three courses, with my round percentages:

    1. Umstead Pines (~80%)

    2. Hillandale and Occoneechee (total 15%)

  22. Playing most of my golf as a single/twosome, I don’t mind being paired up at all. My home club (semi-private) will give you your own tee time unless the course is jam-packed, but I often find myself joining up with others, even if it’s just the last few holes.

    As for whether I prefer playing with others, I guess I really don’t have a preference. When it’s just me and I have a long wait, I’ll look at my phone till I’m clear to hit, so I’m never bored. When I’m paired up, the people I’m paired with often have funny or cool stories to tell. In fact, in a round I played about a month ago, one of the guys I was paired with told me about how he went to the Masters in ‘94 and worked as a translator. Most people I’ve played with are easy to get along with, and I think there was only one occasion, maybe two (out of probably 50) where I was paired with a jerk. 

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