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  1. Well, I think yesterday was my only golfing day of the week, so I’m gonna go ahead and post here. 

    My best shot of the day yesterday was probably on my 25th hole of the day (the par-3 seventh). After a rotten tee shot in front of the front bunker (pin was also in front), I hit a nice pitch that landed exactly where I wanted it to, and it trickled down one of the many slopes on the fringe of this green and stopped within two feet of the cup for an easy par.

  2. First golfing day of 2021 yesterday! Not spectacular, but a solid start. I teed off about mid-morning and shot 44 on the front, then 47 on the back with my only bad hole, a triple bogey seven on the seventeenth (should’ve been no worse than a bogey). I tried to get cute with a pitch and dumped it in a bunker, then took four from there. So that’s a total of 91.

    Then I took about a half hour break, and then I played another nine holes, but I played the reds to switch things up. This time I shot 42 with two disappointing doubles (one on a wide-open 300-yard hole, one after a four putt), two bogeys and five pars. 

    So overall, not a bad day of golf, but there was one irritating thing. On about half a dozen occasions, I had a putt either lip out or hang on the lip. It wasn’t disappointing, because that tells me I was hitting good putts (I had 57 total for 27 holes), but it was irritating. I hit the ball pretty well though, which I’m happy about. I’ve been hitting it well recently, but I’m not scoring as well as I could be, maybe because of my sour putting. My handicap has also gone up (17.9 as of today), so I’d like to get it back down below 17 or even below 16 before season starts in March.

  3. I probably played about 70 rounds in 2020, around 50 of which were between March and August and early September. Once the pandemic hit, I was able to play quite a bit, mainly at three courses, with my round percentages:

    1. Umstead Pines (~80%)

    2. Hillandale and Occoneechee (total 15%)

  4. Playing most of my golf as a single/twosome, I don’t mind being paired up at all. My home club (semi-private) will give you your own tee time unless the course is jam-packed, but I often find myself joining up with others, even if it’s just the last few holes.

    As for whether I prefer playing with others, I guess I really don’t have a preference. When it’s just me and I have a long wait, I’ll look at my phone till I’m clear to hit, so I’m never bored. When I’m paired up, the people I’m paired with often have funny or cool stories to tell. In fact, in a round I played about a month ago, one of the guys I was paired with told me about how he went to the Masters in ‘94 and worked as a translator. Most people I’ve played with are easy to get along with, and I think there was only one occasion, maybe two (out of probably 50) where I was paired with a jerk. 

  5. I’m definitely in! I birdied 11 out of 18 holes in 2020. Not terrible, but I would’ve liked to get a few more, notably the 2nd, 7th and 11th holes.

    My goal is to get at least 15 holes this year. I’m probably playing tomorrow, so hopefully I can start my 2021 golf year off well!

  6. Well, I’m gonna start this up again. Starting with a story.

    My mom went down to Captiva at the beginning of November to spend a few days with her friends on the beach. Unfortunately, it rained pretty much every day while they were down there, and there was a pool table in her beach house, so that’s what they played. She loved it. When she got home, she told us about it, and we all agreed that we wanted a pool table in our house. 

    Back to the present. My bro and I came home one day to this beauty sitting in our guest bedroom, an early Christmas present. 


    It’s obviously not a full-length table (no way we could’ve fit a full-sized pool table anywhere in our house), but it’s pretty close. Obviously we had to assemble it first, but that took several days, as we lost one of the legs. Today is only our third day of playing it, and I’ve already played at least a dozen games. I love it, and we’re having company over tonight, so I’m looking forward to playing!

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  7. My brother and I played an afternoon nine with a buddy today. No idea what my bro shot (thought my buddy was keeping his score, but he didn’t). My friend shot a 37 (+1) on our front nine, but he had to finish birdie-par-par-birdie to accomplish that. 

    As for myself, I’m satisfied, but not thrilled, with my 45. I started bogey-double-par, then bogeys from there to the clubhouse. Here are two major mistakes I’ve picked out:

    HOLE 2: I gave my downhill chip (third shot, par 4) too much juice and it ran through the green. Couldn’t get up-and-down from there and made double.

    HOLE 9: This one’s in two parts. After two shots left me in prime position (par-5), I thinned my pitch shot about 25 past the flag, which, with that pin location and the slope of the green, is close to suicide. When you’re above the hole on this green, a three putt is pretty close to guaranteed. I actually got the speed perfect on the first putt, but I missed the two-footer for par. 

    So my final round of 2020 was definitely a solid finish to my golfing year. For the birdie challenge, I’ve gotten 11 out of 18, missing holes 2, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18. The last four are really tough holes to birdie (especially with me as a mid-high handicapper), but I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get 2, 7 or 11. None of those are that hard. Oh well. Looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store!

  8. Today’s round was a lot better than yesterday! Same course, same tees, pretty much the exact same conditions. I shot 45 on the front: two pars, two doubles. Same deal on the back, for a total of 90. My pars were on holes 6, 7, 15 and 18 (see scorecard from my pose yesterday for reference).

    Nothing above a six until the 17th, where I hit my second shot OB and made a double bogey. But nothing over a double on the card.

    My brother shot 52-61, which isn’t terrible for him, but we both need to get back into the grind, since season is two months out.

  9. Just now, iacas said:

    564 posts, but none are in a Member Swing topic of your own? Maybe change that here…?

    I think I took a video of my swing a while back and tried to post it, but I couldn’t for some reason. Is there something specific I need to do?

  10. Not even close to a good round today. My bro and I played a short course near us, and I didn’t start that bad, three fives where par is 4-4-3, but I tripled the next three holes and it all went downhill from there. I ended with a 55 on the front and a 60 on the back (which included a birdie on the 17th). A 115 total. A living nightmare.

    My brother posted a 53 on the front and held a two-stroke lead, and he ended up shooting 59 on the back for a 112 total, beating me for the first time ever. The sixteenth was my worst hole of the day, a par 3 over water that played only 120 yards. Only down by two, I hit two in the water, hit my fifth over the green, chunked my chip, and couldn’t get up and down. Now seven back, I had virtually no chance to catch him barring a collapse by him.

    On the 17th, he got possibly the luckiest break I’ve ever witnessed. To put it in some context, the hole is a super short par 5 (425 whites), but if you want to get on in two, you need to hit your second high so it lands soft. The green is shallow, you’ve got water short of the green with at most a yard between the edge of the green and the water, and you’ve got OB not far behind the green.

    He wasn’t having the best of holes, and he was laying four about 100 yards out, meaning he was staring at a seven, likely more, in the face, while I was just long of the green in two (I would get up and down for the birdie I noted earlier). He chose a 9I and hit it thin and it darted toward the water, which would almost guarantee triple bogey or worse given his game. But it skipped three or four times on the water before skipping onto dry land, and onto the green, ten feet out at that. He made the most of his luck by dropping that putt for a bogey, which could’ve easily been a triple or worse.

    I had cut some off his lead, but as I said earlier, my chances went with my second, possibly my first, ball in the water on 16. I was down by five and cut two more off his lead on the last (I made double to his quad), but it was too late. I would’ve needed a birdie three to catch him which, because the last hole is a short par 4, was definitely not out of the question. Here’s the scorecard, we played the white tees:


    You can see I was on the struggle bus pretty much all day, save for the ninth and 17th. Alignment off the tee cost me on half a dozen holes, and on four of those occasions I was re-teeing. I also duck-hooked four tee shots, not normal for me at all. Good news is I’m playing again tomorrow, same course. I know I can score on that course (several good scoring opportunities), so I’m gonna sleep on that thought tonight and report back here tomorrow afternoon.

  11. This is similar to the Favorite Hole thread, and if it gets moved there, it’s ok with me. What’s your favorite stretch of holes you’ve played? Ideally a stretch of three or four. For me, I LOVED holes 14 through 17 at UNC Finley. 

    No. 14: This was a short par 3 (something like 160 from the championship tees, around 140 from the blue tees where we played) which is over a creek and a small pot bunker to a green that, from the tee, looks about half as deep as it really is.

    No. 15: A long par 4 (can stretch to play 500 yards, usual tips around 460, around 410 from blues) that plays a good deal shorter due to a downhill tee shot and a slightly downhill approach. There’s also water down the entire left side of the hole not far off the fairway.

    No. 16: This is a midrange par 4 (around 420 from tips, 360 blues) where you’re hitting over a huge marsh-like area with bunkers looming on the right, but the further left you hit, the further you must carry it. The approach is a club to a club and a half uphill to a shallow-ish green. Also the No. 1 handicap hole.

    No. 17: Definitely my favorite hole on the course, and easily top five favorite holes period. This one is a par 5 (560 from tips, about 510 from blues). Nothing special on the tee shot, but then it doglegs right and you’re presented with a split fairway. The green is two-tiered, but the high side is on the left. Thus, the left fairway leads to the high side and the right fairway leads to the low side. If the pin is on the low tier and you’re on the high tier, good luck. From there, keeping it on the green is no small achievement.

    I was thoroughly enjoying the course up till the 14th, but then that four-hole stretch took me to a whole new level. The views from the 15th and 16th tees are truly spectacular, especially 16. 

  12. Moved back up to the whites at my home course yesterday, and not exactly what I was thinking. 48 on the front with not a single par, and three doubles. I missed a two-footer for par on the seventh after one of my best shots of the day, a double-breaker bump-and-run 6I chip shot off a tight lie. 

    I started the back with a par, but it turned out to be my only one of the day. I made a quad on the 13th and a triple on the last, and shot 50 on the front for a 98. What could be my last round of 2020 was disappointing, although I putted a lot better than I did Monday. Next step is probably gonna be hitting the range.

  13. I played eighteen holes on a very soggy course yesterday, and my bro and the two others I played with bailed after three holes. And I decided to play the blue tees for this round (6443 yards). I actually had a solid round going (+8 thru eight, but tripled the easy par-5 ninth after a stupid third shot for 47 on the front.

    It went all downhill from there, and I didn’t record a single par on the back (three were carded on the front) with five bogeys, two doubles and two triples, which gave me a 51 on the back, 98 total. Putting absolutely killed me. Only one single putt, and I had five three putts and a four putt. The four putt and three of the three putts were inexcusable, so that’s five strokes right there. I hit the ball pretty well, but as y’all know, that’s only half the battle. I’m hoping to get in one more round before Christmas.

  14. My first set of golf clubs was a TopFlite junior set, which I got when I was 10. This set had a driver, 5 wood and hybrid, 7- and 9-irons, sand wedge and putter. We still have one or two clubs from that set around the house somewhere...

  15. Well, today’s round was interesting. I doubled the first, needing to get up and down from 40 yards to do so. But then for the rest of the front nine, I made five bogeys and three pars, meaning a 43 for the front. 

    On the back, I played okay except for holes 14-16, where I went double-triple-double. Because I shot 49, I played the other six holes at +6. A 92 normally isn’t a terrible round for me, but after my front nine it felt like a bit of a letdown.

    Putting was pretty good (32 total), but chipping let me down badly on the back, and there were three instances where my chip ran through the green, and it’s not because I thinned it. I hit six fairways on the day, and only two on the back. Not a bad day of golf.

  16. Well, I don’t have a wife yet 😂. But I WILL say this. There’s this girl that I really like, and she’s showing a decent level of interest in golf. I suggested she come to TopGolf with me one day, just for something fun. She said she would, but she would also like to actually play. Don’t know when we’re gonna play (probably when it warms up again in the spring), but I think she’ll enjoy it.

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  17. Here are my 2021 Golf Goals; a few more than last year.

    1. I want to shoot par for nine holes, and break 80 for 18 holes, just one round of each is all I need. I think I can do it on the front nine of my home course (2910 yards, par 36), but I’m still gonna need to practice to get that done.

    2. I’d like to get to the point where I’m averaging around 42 for nine holes, which means between 82 and 85 for eighteen holes. What I need to do is the same as #1, but I probably need more lean on irons/hybrids. 

    3. I want to get my handicap down to 14 or lower (17.4 right now) and KEEP it there. I wasn’t specific enough last year, so I’m making sure I say that this year! Again, practice is key.

    4. I’m hitting 28% of greens (5/18) right now on average. I want to get that up to at least 40% (7/18), and to do that, I will put forth about 3/4 of my bucket on irons, because that’s what I’m hitting for most of my approach shots.

    5. I want to improve my bunker play. To what standard, I don’t know, mainly because my bunker game is super inconsistent right now. There’s a practice bunker next to the range, so I could hit shots out of that to practice hitting different-length bunker shots.

    6. I’m averaging 61% of fairways right now, so I’m gonna keep the goal from last year, get to 70% or higher. Same practice thing as last year.

    7. I would like to limit my three-putts to two max per round, which means I need to spend a good amount of time on the practice green, practicing my lag putting. Also, I’d like to get my average number of putts down to 34 or less (36 avg right now).

    8. This one may be the most important to me, which is why I saved it for last. I want to make All Conference in the golf season. To do that, I’m gonna need to place in the top 12 in scoring average of the 50 or so golfers in our conference (prob need to average 42). I know I have the game, because when our last season was cut due to COVID, I wasn’t even playing my best,

    As I said, #8 may be the one I want the most, especially since I saw where I was at the end of last season.

  18. 9 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    No getting a big head here but I'm going to give you extra credit for well-composed and interesting posts.  Especially, and in particular, for being a 17 year old.  Were English and Composition your strong points the last few years in school?  

    Thanks for the compliment! English has always been one of my strongest suits, but I can’t seem to write any essays 😂.

  19. On 12/23/2019 at 11:00 PM, dagolfer18 said:

    My goals for 2020 are:

    1. I would love to break 40 at least three times for nine holes, at least one in my matches this season. However, I’ve come to a standstill in practice, so I need to get back on it. I haven’t come close to breaking 90 since October.

    2. I would like to break 90 several more times, and break 85 once. Just once, and I’ll be happy. Again, I need to practice.

    3. Going from about 50% makes from 5ft to at least 80%. That’s been my trouble lately, as I have been missing a bunch of 4- and 5-footers lately. To do this, twice a week, I will stay on the practice green for 30 mins just working on those short putts.

    4. I want to play in our club’s annual Sat./Sun. Club Championship. This goal is self-explanatory, but I still need to practice. There are two men’s divisions, blue tee and white tee. The blue tee division usually has winning gross scores of around 155, the white tee around 170. I think if I practice hard enough, I can win the white tee division and have my name on the club’s snack bar and pro shop doors for a year.

    5. Increase my drive accuracy from 50% to 70%. For this to happen, I should hit at least half a dozen drivers per range session, and they’ve gotta be within a 40-yard-wide range (about how wide our fairways are). 

    And finally...

    6. My current handicap is 18.6. I’m looking to bring that down to a 14 or lower. Will take lots of practice, but I think I can do it with hard work.

    So, there you have it, my goals for 2020. My brother and I are playing tomorrow morning, so I’ve got a crack at starting goals 1 and 2!

    Okay, so I think I did pretty well for this year. I achieved a good level of success in four out of my six goals:

    1. I’ve shot a 39 twice in the past year, and a good number of 40s, which is good. So not quite three times, but my game is trending in the right direction.

    2. I did indeed break 90 several times as y’all noticed in my posts. I also remember that the last sentence in one of my posts was, “Breaking 85 is coming.” In the next two weeks, I had shot rounds of 80 and 83, meaning I get a win with this one.

    3. Nope. Not even close. My putting has improved a bit, but not where I set the bar with that goal. Putting is definitely gonna be one of my 2021 goals.

    4. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to play in this tournament, because you have to be 18 to play. I’m 17 right now. That also means I won’t be able to play in it next summer, since my birthday isn’t till October.

    5. I think I’ve achieved this, especially recently. I am slowly but surely getting rid of my wicked slice, which is giving me more yardage off the tee, and I’m happy with my progress.

    6. This one is weird. Now, I said that I wanted to bring my handicap down to 14 or lower. The lowest it got was 14.1, but it only stayed there a few weeks. What’s weird about it is I said I wanted to get it there, but I never said anything about KEEPING it there. Guess I’ll be more specific in my 2021 goals. 

    So there ya go! My 2021 goals are coming up.

  20. Last weekend, I played Hillandale. The 12th hole is about 340 from the whites. After one of my best drives of the day, I had about 60 yards in. I hit a three-quarter 54 degree wedge to about eight feet. Missed the birdie putt by a hair.

  21. Ha. I’ve got several good stories about one of my friends. Whenever my brother and I play with him, he talks a lot of junk to me about how my bro is better than me, which is false. We joined up with him on the 6th hole the other day, and he said, “Hope your brother isn’t beating you too bad.” He loves to try to get into my head.

  22. Well, not my best stuff today either. I played with my brother and two teammates. My bro led me by four going into the fifth hole, but I cut his lead to three on the fifth, tied him on the sixth (I made par, he made triple) then ran away with it on the last three holes and closed out a three-stroke win. The teammate who I’m ultra competitive with led the entire time and beat me by seven. He shot 44, I shot 51 and my bro 54. Here’s our scorecards:

    PAR: 4-4-3-5-4-4-3-4-5—36

      ME: 5-8-4-8-6-4-4-6-6—51

    BRO: 5-5-4-7-7-7-5-9-5—54

    Long game was solid, and irons were good, but chipping and putting (21) were crap. I did duck-hook one OB on the second hole, but that was my only terrible tee shot of the round. I’ve gotta hit the range.

  23. Not even close to my best stuff today. My bro and I played seven holes (1-3, then skipped over to the nearby 6th tee). It was 45 degrees when we teed off, and with the wind blowing, it felt a lot colder. I started okay, going double-bogey-bogey to start. Then when we skipped over, we ran into a couple of our friends, one of which is the one that tries to get into my head. 

    Also around that time, I started to lose feeling in my hands. I finished with a double and three triples, bringing my total to a horrendous +15 for seven holes, and my bro shot +19. I probably would’ve shot mid 50s if we had played all nine. Not a good showing, but I’ve got a good chance to redeem myself when we play with the team tomorrow.

  24. What a round of golf today. I went to play Hillandale today (par 71, 6026 from whites), which is one of my favorite courses in the Durham area. I shot my lowest round (80) here back in July. I didn’t shoot another 80, but I did shoot 87. It was an interesting round, probably my most lopsided one in terms of nines, with nines of 48-39.

    On the front nine, I surprisingly hit the ball well, but once I got around 100 yards, I went to pieces. A triple bogey from 70 yards (laying two) on the par-5 second hole. A double from 120 on the sixth. Same on the eighth. Then I four-putted the ninth from 12 feet for triple, missing two three-footers in a row.

    I got my first GIR on the 11th and two-putted for par. Then I hit my drive so far on the twelfth that I had just a pitch shot in (330 from whites). Hit that on and barely missed my birdie putt. I played holes 13-17 at +3, then birdied 18.

    One interesting thing was that through twelve holes, I had hit every fairway (ten total). Then I missed three out of the last four (the other two holes were the par-3s). Putting and short game were horrible on the front (21 putts), but I redeemed myself on the back (16 putts). Starting this coming week, the team is meeting at the course to play every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00, and I feel my game is solid.

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