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  1. 23 hours ago, gbogey said:

    Play par 5's aggressively as now all three are reachable in two (only own is typically reachable in two from the back tees).

    Pretty much the same deal for me. From the white tees, the par 5s are fairly short at 478, 442, 444 and 523, but I can only plan on reaching the ninth hole (the second par 5) in two shots because of hazards. I have the distance to reach the other two sub-500 ones, but hazards prevent me from doing so.

    For those same holes from the reds, the yardages are 345, 372, 397 and 465. I can definitely reach the first three in two shots, and probably the fourth because it plays downhill, so I think playing the par 5s aggressively is a good idea. I don’t think I’d make worse than five on any of them on a good day.

    The par 3s can also be taken advantage of. From the white tees, they measure 140, 150, 165 and 157, the longest of which is a hybrid because it’s an all-carry approach (that’s also the same hole I birdied yesterday). From the reds, they are 109, 120, 134 and 94. The longest of those is a stock 9I for me, but it’s no more than a wedge on any of the others.

  2. 2-3-2-2. I rarely have to yell fore, because at my home course, you’d have to miss pretty badly for it to be a danger to other golfers. When I do play with others, I play with golfers of all levels. We have at least one guy on our team per category in the OP. 

    My brother is in the bottom category. He doesn’t technically have a handicap yet, but he’s usually shooting around 50 or 55 for nine holes, so I’d say his handicap is 25 or 30. He doesn’t spray the ball, and nor does anybody else I play with, but he just chunks and tops a lot of shots. Luckily, there’s no hole on my home course where a thin would endanger others.

  3. I was able to battle back from a really tough start today and shoot 94. I started +13 through just five holes, but finished the front nine par-par-bogey-par to shoot 50 on the front. Then I shot 44 on the back, including a birdie on the par-3 12th after a group let me through, and I also parred the 18th hole, getting up and down.

    So +13 for the first five holes, and +9 for the last 13. Usually I’d be disappointed with a mid-90s score, but today, a 94 is pretty good.

  4. I’m planning on playing tomorrow, and I may or may not decide to play the front tees, just to do something different. That got me thinking: have you ever played the forward tees at your home course? If so, how was it? What were the major differences between them and the tees you normally play?

    I’ve played the front tees on a few occasions, all in team practices. We played the back nine from the red tees once my freshman year, and I shot 46. This past season, we played holes 1, 2 and 9 where we played two-man teams, worst shot scramble from the reds. That was one of my favorite things we did during practice. We also did a 6-hole competition, playing the aforementioned loop twice. I shot +3, which was only two off the winning score.

    In terms of differences, it’s about a thousand-yard difference between the whites and reds (6063 white, 5044 red). Although it doesn’t make a huge difference on a lot of the holes, it will take a club or two off my approach, which is good because I’m usually stronger with the shorter irons.

    No. 4, Par 5. 345 red compared to 478 white. Although I don’t have to hit over the lake with the tee shot, I would still need to worry about trees on the right, OB left, and a bunker about 220 from the red tee. In a way, it may be a tougher hole from the reds than the whites because of how precise the tee shot has to be. In home matches here, we’ll sometimes play this hole from the reds, as a par 4. 

    No. 9, Par 5. 372 red compared to 442 white. Dogleg left hole, with a bunker at the corner of the dogleg. You can easily carry that bunker from the red tees, while shorter hitters need a good drive to get past it from the whites.

    No. 13, Par 4. This one is huge. 300 red compared to 421 white. A very tough par 4 from any tee but the reds. Still no pushover at 300 yards, but you can hit a 200-yard tee shot and it won’t hurt you at all. The same length tee shot from the whites will leave you with a difficult downhill lie for your second shot, so you need at least 220 or 230 from back there.

    No. 16, Par 5. 465 red compared to 523 white. From the white tees, the hole goes gradually downhill after the bunker on the right, which is 240 out. Most of my drives are a little bit short of that trap. From the reds, I can probably land my tee shot on that slope and get a bit of extra roll, leaving me 220, at most, into the green with a well-struck drive.

    No. 17, Par 4. Another huge difference. 256 red compared to 355 white. Not a tough hole from any tee box, but the reds make this a definite birdie opportunity, since I can get close to or on the putting surface with my tee shot. Because the hole is a dogleg, it’s probably only 240 or so on a straight line. I’ve driven the green before.

    No. 18, Par 3. Only 94 red compared to 157 white. This epic finishing hole has you hitting over a lake. It’s a mid or long iron from the back two tees, but only a wedge from the front two tees, meaning it’s an easier shot for me.

    If I play the reds, I think I could shoot low 80s, maybe high 70s if I have my A-game.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Carl3 said:

    Your avatar/photo is giving me vertigo

    Sorry about that! I’m able to take the pictures fine, and they come out like I want them to, but when I try to put it as my avatar, it gets turned over for some reason.

  6. What do you think you would shoot at Augusta from the members tees, which, if I’m not mistaken, measure around 6400 yards? 

    My handicap right now is 15.5. If I played Augusta, I don’t think the length would be much of a problem for me, but the greens probably would. Despite not being cut to Masters pace, I imagine they would be rolling at around 12. Given that, I think I’d be very happy with something around 100-105. A great day might be around 95, but I put the 100-110 option. 

  7. My best shot this week is probably my tee shot on the seventh hole on Sunday. It was playing about 130 yards with no wind. I took a PW and sent it right at the flag, where it pitched down seven feet away. Definitely one of my better shots on that hole.

  8. I don’t like the fact that people are routinely giving themselves 4- and 5-footers, pace of play aside. I personally believe that unless your chances of winning that particular hole are next to nothing, you should try the putt. I’m a competitive person, so if you have a 3-footer to win the hole, I’m not giving it to you. One of my buddies is a great putter,  but I still wouldn’t give it to him. 

  9. On 8/28/2020 at 11:58 PM, RetiredOldMan said:

    I played my 1st big Charity Golf Tournament today in Dodge City, Kansas. ( Maraiah Hills ) 36 teams of 4 with a shotgun start. 

    It was a 4 man scramble. We finished 8 under with a 63. The winner was a 55 with 16 under. 

    We did, however, finish in the bottom of the Championship Flight. 

    It was a blast. I managed to play very well by keeping my ball in the fairway and letting the others go for longer drives. I also made two birdie putts.  

    We were Doing very well until we stopped for lunch and lost our momentum. It was a blast. I still came away with several freebie gifts. 

    Looking forward to doing it again.

    Retired Old Man

    Scrambles are definitely a blast. I played in one yesterday with some friends, and we had a ton of fun. We all hit a great shot at some point in the round. I enjoy scramble tournaments because you have more opportunities to be aggressive since you have teammates to fall back on if you hit a bad one.

  10. Yesterday was a fundraiser tournament for our golf team. We worked before and after the tournament, from about 9:00 in the morning to about 7:00 at night, tournament started at 1:30. Format was a 4-man scramble, everyone got a red tee and a mulligan. I played with some guys from the team (two of them are low cappers) and we shot a 59 (-13) with eleven birdies and an eagle. We could’ve shot lower too, because one guy almost drove the green on the short sixth hole, but we couldn’t get up and down. On the eighth hole, we couldn’t make a seven footer for birdie with five tries (feeling great over the putt, I used my mulligan there and lipped out the second time).

    On the 16th hole, our third of the day because it was a shotgun start, I pulled out the big stick and said that since I had other guys to lean on, I’d play a bit more aggressive. So I swung out of my shoes on this particular hole and, with two pretty girls watching, nailed my drive over 260 yards down the middle, quite a bit beyond my average drive. It wasn’t the best shot out of the group, but it felt great.

    I also hit a gutsy shot to a tight pin on the 7th hole (our 12th). It was playing about 130 yards to a front pin behind a bunker, and I hit a PW onto the front of the green, about eight feet out. It was a fun day of golf.

  11. What’s your usual warm up routine for a round? Is it the same for casual rounds and tournaments, or do you have different routines for each?

    I have two different routines. I’m usually not big on longer warm-ups, so when I play my own rounds, I’ll get to the course about 20 minutes before my tee time, and I’ll putt for a few minutes.

    To explain my tournament routine, I’ll assume my tee time is 10:45. In this case, with a 10:45 tee time, I’ll get to the course a few minutes before 10:00. I’ll go up to the pro shop and get a bucket of balls, and I’ll usually spend about half an hour on the range, leaving me about fifteen minutes to putt. I don’t take all fifteen minutes. When the group in front of me tees off, I’ll head to the first tee.

    So as you can see, I’m not a huge fan of longer warm ups unless I’m in a tournament. 

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  12. The other day I shot a miserable 51-46. Didn’t putt great, with 37 total putts. It could've been worse, because I made four of five six-footers throughout the round. I hit one OB on the first and made an eight, and hit two OB on the fourth and made a 10. I three-putted from six feet for bogey on the ninth, and made back-to-back sevens on the 15th and 16th. Triple-double. I also had someone hit into me on the 13th hole. Not fun.

    My grandpa and brother came out with me for the front nine, and they both shot 54, not far behind me. Hopefully I can get out on the course this weekend, but the weather is not ideal. It’s raining as I type this.

  13. My best shot this week has to be the knockdown 8I I nearly holed on Saturday. Par 5, third shot. I had about 125 to the pin, which would normally be choking down slightly on a 9I for me, but there was a pretty strong headwind, so I figured a 9I would balloon up in the air and fall way short.

    So I choked down on the 8I. If my normal, fast and hard swing is 100%, I swung at about 75%. I hit it perfectly, and the ball took off at exactly the trajectory I imagined it would, right at the pin. It pitched down about five feet short, bit hard and stopped six inches past the hole. Thing is, I’ve never practiced that shot, so I’m thrilled about it.

    Another contender for best shot of the week was on the 17th hole on Wednesday. I bombed one over the fairway bunkers, which require a 230-yard carry to clear, and I cleared them by probably ten yards. That’s one of my best drives.

  14. I followed up my 91 yesterday with a better round of 87 today. 44 on the front, 43 on the back. I played very steady golf on the front: two doubles, three pars, four bogeys. The back started with a disastrous triple bogey on the tenth, but I rebounded by making par on the next two.

    +4 for the next three, and I needed two pars to shoot 88. I hit a solid drive and a solid 7I to twenty feet, and drilled the putt for three. Another three on 18 was enough to see me to a 43 on the back and an 87 total.

    I was missing a lot of two-footers yesterday, and I’m proud to say that I didn’t miss any today, and I even made a good number of 6-footers. I’m happy to be getting back into the groove after a month where I played probably three rounds of golf, four max.

  15. I got two new birdies today, on the fourth and fifth holes. The fourth was after I hit a knockdown 8I within a foot, the fifth after I hit a 7I to six feet. That makes 11/18. I’ve yet to birdie holes 2, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18. I think I can get 2, 7 and 11 before the year’s up. The other four will be tough.

  16. I shot a decent round of 91 today, including a 48 on the back. The back nine started poorly, I pulled myself back together, and  I walked to the 18th needing a three for a pre-predicted 88. But I hit two balls in the water and hit my third (fifth) on the green, but a long way from the cup. Staring a quad or worse straight in the face, I confidently rolled that in for a six. A good way to end the round (not the six, but the long putt).

    My 43 on the front included a three-putt bogey on the easy par-5 ninth, and back-to-back birdies on the fourth and fifth holes, both of which are new ones in the challenge. I hit a 7I approach to six feet on the fifth, and a knockdown 8I on the fourth within a foot. Not a bad round today. I’m hoping to get back out on the course tomorrow.

    My brother also came out to join me for the front, and he did alright. He probably shot about 60, which is around average for him, which is good because he hasn’t played much lately, once or twice a month at best. He wants to be on the team next semester, but he needs to get serious. He’s got less than six months till the first day of practice.

  17. 1 hour ago, WillieT said:

    Would you rather #29....Play only a total of five (5) clubs (incl putter) in the bag, the strongest being no more than 15* (i.e. 3w) and the weakest no more than 60* (LW) and lowering your avg score by five (5) strokes OR keeping your bag as is with the current number of clubs and your avg score lowers by two (2) strokes.  Also if you choose the former - what would be the clubs of choice?  

    I’d prefer the former. That would bring my bad rounds down to 86 or 87, my good rounds down to around 80, and my great rounds in the mid-high 70s. As for my clubs of choice, I’d go with a 3W, 4H, 7I, 54 degree wedge and putter.

  18. I had to grind through today’s round. Great start/finish, but the middle twelve is where I had to grind the most. Here’s my scores:

    F PAR: 4-4-3-5-4-4-3-4-5—36

    Score: 5-4-2-6-7-5-4-5-7—45


    B PAR: 5-4-3-4-4-4-5-4-3—36—72

    Score: 5-7-4-5-5-7-6-4-3—46—91

    Got up and down on the second, and stuck a 9I to within ten feet on the third. I hit two poor chip shots on the fifth, three-putted the seventh, and the ninth gave me tree trouble.

    The back nine was quite a bit more eventful than the front. I made an up-and-down after a beautiful chip shot on ten, then hit one OB on the eleventh and had to make a 6-footer to save my triple. Nothing much happened, just three two-putt bogeys, until the fifteenth, then it gets very interesting on the last four holes.

    The fifteenth was eventful. After a poor tee shot, I hit my hybrid second into the sand, then nailed that over the green, with a large circle of thick stuff right in between my ball and the cup. What’s worse, I was severely shortsided, with a green running away from me, with only three inches between the y’all grass and the green. Ended up dumping my chip into that crap, then got down in three. I swear I could hear the group behind us voicing their frustration as I chunked that chip shot.

    The sixteenth wasn’t interesting until I hit my third shot. I had about 70 yards out of thick rough, over a trap. So I took my 54 degree wedge, and hit it inches from where I needed to. Dumped it into the sand. The lip was so low, I decided to chip it out. It landed pin-high, bounced and bit hard, finishing six feet past. My putt stopped half a roll short of dropping for a sandy par.

    Hole seventeen produced my favorite moment of the day. One guy I was playing with, who played the blue tees, killed a drive, leaving him just over 100 into the green. I bet the other guy I was playing with, who played the white tees with me, that I could better that shot, having never hit it close to where his ball was. I’d have to take on two fairway bunkers to do that, probably a carry of 230 yards. But I creamed mine as well, and it carried the trap by a good ten yards, stopping ten feet to the right of (and closer to the hole than) his shot. Nothing special from there: we both hit it on the green, both two-putt pars, although I did have to make a four-footer.

    The par-3 eighteenth, as you can see above, gave me a par. I hit a 6I left of the green, then chipped with my trusty 54 degree to 18 inches. It was definitely a grind out there today, and an enjoyable one at that!


  19. 3 hours ago, Greg 504 said:

    Amazing that eliminating a couple doubles or not having a triple on the card can make you feel so much better about your round.

    That’s always my goal when I go out and play: limit my “off” holes to doubles. In fact, my 87 this past weekend was triple-free. Six months ago, my odds of carding at least one triple in eighteen holes was quite high. Now, it’s probably closer to 50-50, and it’s usually just one triple on the card now.

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  20. So, on a good, but not exceptional, day, what are you shooting? You can also give your exceptional scores if you want.

    For me, I’ll shoot high 80s on a good day on my home course. For example, I shot 87 on the home track on Saturday. Could’ve been better too. On an exceptional day, I can shoot mid/low 80s. When I really get dialed, I can go ultra low. In back to back rounds about two months ago, I shot 80 and 83. The 80 could’ve been a 77 or 78 if it wasn’t for a triple on the third and doubles on both par 3s on the back. Those are still my two lowest scores today.

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  21. When I first started playing golf, I read that a handicap is the average of all golf scores. But as I understood golf more, I figured out that statement isn’t true. My handicap is currently 15 even. If that statement was correct, I’d be shooting 87 on average.

    But I’m not. Most of my scores at my home course are high 80s or low 90s. On a good day, I can shoot 85. On a poor day, it’ll be 95. That being said, I believe that handicap should be a measure of potential, rather than average score. 

    If handicap reflected purely average score, I could turn in a string of mid-high 80s scores on my home course and have a handicap of around 14, then go out and shoot 110 on a difficult course, like I did at Pinehurst last month. That would take my handicap up several notches. But, because of the way the handicap system works, your handicap doesn’t inflate with one bad round. Several bad rounds, yes. Because of the system, I can turn in one bad round and my handicap won’t really be affected.

  22. On 7/22/2020 at 9:49 AM, dagolfer18 said:

    I love my 5W. There was a period of about a month and a half where I couldn’t hit my driver to save my life, and I was hitting 3W and 5W off the tee. I came to trust my 5W off the tee, so if my driver and even my 3W are going haywire off the tee, I can hit the 5W with confidence that I’ll find the fairway.

    I’ve got a new favorite club, which is my TaylorMade 54* wedge. When I first got it, I couldn’t hit it worth two cents. But I worked with it for hours on the practice green, wanting badly to make it my most solid club around the greens. And now, it is. Give me twenty tries with a 30-yard pitch shot, and I can guarantee you that I’ll put all of them within fifteen feet, and a few inside five feet. I feel that every time I have that trusty club in my hand, I’ll take no more than three shots to get down, and if I’m right next to the green, a very confident up and down.

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  23. I’ve gotta mention this, also from my first round on Saturday.

    The 13th hole was a shortish par 4 that played longer because it went steadily uphill for the entire hole. The green, which is wider than it is deep, sloped very heavily back to front. Neither me nor my dad were doing very well, and we both had about 15-footers for par. Mine was an awkward sidehiller, with probably four feet of break. My dad’s putt was slightly shorter, but he was at the back (top?) of the green, directly above the hole. If he missed it, double bogey was almost a guarantee.

    You can probably guess what happened. Traveling fast, his ball rammed into the flag and dropped neatly into the hole for his par save. I then two-putted for a bogey, no small achievement from where I was!

    This was after he hit into the trees on the twelfth hole, hit a solid punch out near the 100-yard marker, and got up and down for par. So on a stretch where he could’ve easily gone double-double, he went par-par. I’ve actually got one more, this from my afternoon round.

    This was on my 28th hole of the day (hole 10). Two solid shots on the par-5 left me in prime position, with 50 yards to go, and I had my trusty 54 degree wedge in my hand, which is quickly becoming my favorite club. My brother, who I mention on this forum a lot, loves seeing me use this club around the greens. The reason? I almost always stick it within ten feet, not uncommonly within five. 

    This shot was no exception. With that loyal wedge in my hands, I started it about fifteen feet left of the flag, but due to the contours of this green, it trickled right to within a yard of the pin. I went up and dropped the putt for a birdie four. I love that club.

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  24. 2 minutes ago, Bucki1968 said:

    I'm not sure this is a weird moment but I actually saw lightning strike a golf cart (with two people in it). The whole thing kinda lit up with a light blue light. It hit about 10 feet from me. It hardly made any noise at all.

    Whoa. That is weird. Cool too.

  25. 33 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    I thought you were going to say your dad's ball was in the hole!  I did that once on a long par-3, looked all around the back and side of the green for my ball and did not find it. My partner went up to remove the flag and asked, "Is this your ball?" 

    I actually did go to look in the hole after a minute or two of looking! Unfortunately, no ball.

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