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  1. Just to close the loop on this one, played: - Bethpage Black- Mid Pines- Pinehurst #8- Pinehurst #4- Pinehurst #2- The Cradle - Tobacco Road Trip was fantastic, fabulous courses and everyone I met was super friendly, ended up playing in a group of 5 round Pinehurst #2 and teed off on the 13th to a tribe called quest “can I kick it, yes you can!” - a once in a lifetime trip with a lifetime of superb memories.
  2. Thanks, played last week. Rocked up at 6am & got out at 8:45am with 3 locals. Was a great experience, course was in great condition and every bit as hard as expected playing off the blues. Well worth the early start😊
  3. Great thanks, sounds promising in terms of getting a game, open warfare around the merits of the course😀
  4. Going to be in NY late September & trying to sneak in a midweek game at Bethpage Black. I will be on my own & wont have a car. I have heard singles can roll up & get a game (if willing to wait) any idea if that’s true & what sort of time the singles line starts? Any advice appreciated.
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  6. I’m travelling from Australia to San Francisco and Las Vegas in September on business and will be able to swing 3 days (Fri/Sat/Sun) in between to go play golf as a single (although may get a mate from Canada to join me). I’m a member of a private club in Sydney and play off of 3 but have zero contacts in the US so with the way clubs operate in the US I’ll need to go down the public access route. I have already played Pebble, Spy Glass and Pasatiempo about 20 years ago so think I’ll need to go further afield. Getting to and from Bandon seems to be a mare with the limited time I have so init
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