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  1. I suspect you are right. Also since turning over to the network he’s been shown as much as any of the others. My comment was premature
  2. 10. At the start of the year, DeChambeau putted side-saddle. And the 23-year-old ran into some trouble with the USGA after they ruled one of his side-saddle putters non-conforming: "They’re not a good organization, and you can quote me on that. I’m part of their family and as family it’s very frustrating to see them stunt the growth of the game.” He later apologized. Sorry, USGA not the PGA
  3. 3M Open is following the two rookies, been watching for 45 minutes and they’ve shown only 2 shots by Bryson while showing every shot of the rookies. Perhaps because he has had negative comments about the PGA as an organization??
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