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  1. I agree 100%. I was just kidding. In reality, I would just respectfully ask to play through.
  2. I literally laughed out loud when the girl took three practice swings then reached for the towel. That's when I fire a shot over her bow...
  3. I usually tip $5, but the guys at most courses here don't just wipe down clubs. I don't have to do anything but walk to the truck and come by to pick up the clubs, which they usually put in back for me. Kinda nice not lugging that stuff around after a day of golf in the hot sun. Quick question, do you tip the cart guys upon arrival, too? Is that normal etiquette? I usually only tip upon leaving but they are often a different crew from when I arrived. Am I jipping the morning guys?
  4. Right. That's why every one here in south Florida is wearing pants and long sleeves in the summer.
  5. Come down here and play in a pair of pants in August and tell me how you feel.
  6. So an effective method should be disregarded if it isn't written in some obscure document. Got it. Learned that little trick from a landscape architect, by the way.
  7. Ah. I see you just want to disagree with everything I post. I play these courses regularly and even check my repairs from previous rounds to see how they're doing. I often can't even find them just a couple days later. Ever consider that different soils and grasses may respond well to this method?
  8. Yes, I understood the point. But what was to keep that ranger from saying "Will do, sir!" or "I can't at the moment, but I'll give everyone a heads up to keep an eye out for it!" or anything else more diplomatic and respectful than "It's not my job."
  9. Seems like everybody I end up behind should be doing exactly this anyway.
  10. My handicap basically stays the same. I feel like I play better with others, but I prefer to put the wireless earbuds in, crank up the tunes, and enjoy some solitude out there.
  11. After spewing all kinds of jargon about my swing and where I think I needed help, my instructor just said, "Forget all that. Just rear back and hit the sumbitch."
  12. Golf is in decline. I say the answer is in marketing (I'm a marketing consultant). What do your local courses do to encourage participation? Do they ever reach out to the community? Host events? Offer incentives to first timers to come to a free clinic? Do the courses we play at recognize and appreciate our patronage? Have you ever received so much as a "thank you" card or birthday greeting with an offer for a discounted or even free round? How about programs to encourage you to bring others to the game? Golf courses are small businesses. And like most small businesses that see their sales falling off, they do nothing proactive or, God forbid, aggressive to change the situation. They blame the market and the "kids these days". I say nonsense. Get the message out. Educate the public about the virtues of golf. Kill the "fuddy duddy" image. Get off your butts (course owners) and DO something. If you need help, let me know... Oh, and another thing: what kind of "customer service" do you receive at the courses you play? I rank my experiences between Indifferent and Appalling. No greeting by the cart attendants, curt pro shop staff, a bombardment of signs telling me what I can't do, surly starters, ill-tempered rangers... I constantly ask myself, "I paid (insert fee here) for this?" Just recently, I was playing by myself and was accosted by a ranger telling me to "pick up the pace", then demanded to see my receipt as if I just stole the cart and tried playing for free. There was no one in front of or behind me, and I play there frequently. Not once have I been greeted with "Good to see you again!" or anything like it.
  13. Shorts will always be the cooler option. A tremendous amount of body heat is trapped inside pant legs no matter how light or "breathable" they are. Unfortunately, I have some regrettable tattoos on my legs and need to wear pants when golfing with clients or prospects.
  14. I use a tee and poke it repeatedly around the ball mark at a 45 degree angle. This fluffs up the indentation in the green. Then a quick tamp with the putter and it's like it was never there.
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