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  1. These are great. Nice work.
  2. Well this thread is an abject failure. Seemed like a good idea at the time...
  3. I figured I'd set the bar low to encourage folks to raise it.
  4. Have you ever tried to find a funny golf meme online to send to a friend or that expresses your feelings perfectly? They are all so LAME!! Just tired old stereotypes, misconceptions, and stale,old jokes are represented. We can do better than that, can't we? Most of us can edit some video or photos to make our own. I bet we could create a whole new generation of hilarious, fresh, and poignant memes right here on this thread. Here's just a little sample I threw together. It's a take on the Thug Life memes. Original vid is of the best struck 8-iron I ever hit. I dunno. Maybe I'm just drunk...
  5. You are right on both points. However, this now being a privately owned aircraft, the ejection seat rocket motors were removed before sale to the civilian owner. Those motors are classified "1.1G" which is a high-explosives designation. That would bring all kinds of regulatory headaches from the DOT and ATF.
  6. I don't know, something about watching someone's life cease to exist in an instant makes you lose focus a little. Plus, being as how I was right at the scene seconds after it happened, I knew it would be prudent to get the footage uploaded and distributed to the news outlets. That takes some time and I had other things to do after that. Here's footage of the impact:
  7. You're absolutely right. I knew it was just a matter of time at this one. Just didn't think I'd witness it so intimately. This particular maneuver has caused many crashes. Remember the infamous B-52 air show crash? Same thing. Too low and slow to be making a steep bank turn. Loss of lift, nose-over, and they're down. A c-130 also crashed at an air show in that manner. You'd think pilots would know better.
  8. Amazing how little wreckage there was for such a sizeable plane.
  9. No way. He was flying low and slow, then made a steeply banked turn. Lost lift and just wheeled over into nosedive.
  10. Played my local course yesterday. It borders a small airport where they were practicing for an air show this weekend. After putting out on the third hole, a Grumman OV-1 Mohawk nosedived into the earth about a 9-iron away right in front of me. Pilot obviously had no chance for survival. Footage submitted to and used by local news stations. I did not finish the round.
  11. Coming off a birdie, bogey, par, par, birdie, par string leading up to the 18th. Pulled my drive a little, which ricocheted off a palm tree. Ended up in front of this tree. REALLY wanted to save par here for a strong finish. Hooded the club and made a perfect draw-punch shot to within 4 feet. Forget par, how about a birdie instead!
  12. You know what I'm talking about. That hole that eats your lunch every time you face it. It may not even be a tough hole, but for some reason you can't seem to score well. Mine is the opening hole on the Gold Course at Martin County Golf and Country Club. It's a long par 5 dogleg left. There's water halfway down, huge greenside bunkers, and several well-placed trees to punish any attempt at cutting the corner off the tee. The rough slopes away steeply the whole way down the right side, often kicking your ball into the woods. A bogey is my standard score. I feel like I'm automatically going to be down a stroke right out of the gate. I've been playing that course since I was 12. I'm 42 now. Today, I reached the green in two for the first time in my life, then made birdie. I couldn't believe it! Below are some short vids of me on my way to finally conquering this beast. I'd love to hear about your trials with your nemesis hole. And then the 3-wood, high draw to the green:
  13. You're right, it is. The stall you're referring to is that moment your hips stop turning for an instant and your hands catch up? Like a baseball player swings a bat. I'll work on that tomorrow. Maybe I'll get to 300 yet!
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