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  1. Yeah this is pretty similar to what I did and no one is to blame except myself with how uneducated I was at the time of the fitting. I legitimately did the complete opposite of what I believe most of us should do, I went for equipment first vs going for lessons.
  2. I started playing Golf again last year after a long time away from it. Jumped the gun and went straight to a "big box" fitter style store and got new irons without doing my homework. The swing I went into that store with is not the swing I have today but I walked out of that store with TaylorMade M5s at 3 degrees flat. They aren't the strongest lofted irons on the market but they are lofted stronger, anyway long story short is I bought some Titleist 620 MBs a few months ago with standard lie angle. I only bought PW-8i to start with on the MBs but I'm going to be buying more and blend the set with the 620 CBs. These irons have a level of consistency to them that I love.
  3. My entire view on equipment fittings has changed in the last year as I've worked on my own game and have experimented with different irons. My advice is get whatever irons gives you the most consistency in accuracy and distance.
  4. JT is way too competitive for it to not happen again. Not a problem for me at all.
  5. I was happy to see Bryson get right there at a shot to win with everything he's been working on. I was also happy to see Finau play loose/free compared to his other Sunday finishes where he seemed to play too safe. I'd been hoping all day that the 16th hole would decide winner and it truly did and what an incredible shot it was, well deserved for Morikawa and Bryson was really close to getting a eagle on 16 as well. Overall was really awesome golf to watch.
  6. That seems like a low number for most Tour guys..probably was a mis-hit of some sort.
  7. 56 minutes and counting until ESPN+ coverage starts. Hypeeeeeeeee
  8. To all the other guys on the forum that game blades or muscle-backs at what point in the longer irons did you feel it was best to hit a CB instead? 4i, 5i, 6i?
  9. Are you trying to say that Tiger was never as good as it was made out to be and his accomplishments are whatever because he was playing against a bunch of chumps compared to today's field?????
  10. Anyone else catch what Brooks did yesterday? Purposely hitting that drive into the water on 18 so he could carry a chip on his shoulder going into this week? Pretty calculated to be honest!!
  11. Rahm handled all of that really well.
  12. How do you type this out and then hit submit as a 17 handicap? I browse these forums and several subs on reddit and this takes first place for being the dumbest advice I've ever seen. Congrats on that.
  13. I'm 33 and this is my second year back after a 10 year break. Played from about age 10 or 11 to about 21 off and on through school. I've had 3 total lessons, one from way back before I stopped playing and two since I started playing again last year and I plan to keep taking lessons!
  14. This one has been on my radar. I like the price point of this one. Back in my hunting days Leupold were known for their superior clarity, notice any difference with the Bushnell vs your old Leupold?
  15. I know we have a lot of avid golfers here so let me hear all of your thoughts? I would prefer to get something that is going to last a LONG time and is built very well.
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