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  1. I've got the TS2 3w and it's a smoke pole!! Just ordered the TSi2 5w and expecting nothing but greatness from it as well!
  2. It's only Tuesday but I'm pretty sure I won't be topping what happened today anytime soon at the home course. Hole #2 is a par 5. Great drive to left side of the fairway, 5i approach shot clipped some leaves on the two giant oak tree's so I came up a little short. 12-15 yard chip in for Eagle. Hole #3 is a par 4. It's just a straight hole. Another great drive followed by a chunky PW. Holed out for birdie from about 35-40 yards out. This one was probably my favorite of the day because the pin was in the back and it's a narrow green with some right to left slope in it. Hole #9 is
  3. Good to see Jordan in good form before he heads to Augusta and blows the doors off the place and wins by 12 strokes. Year of the SPIETH !!!!
  4. Don't have pictures but it's a dog leg left with another hole running along side it. Tree line all the way down the left side and the fenced off maintenance facility is in play for slicers. If you hit a straight drive off the tee you'll be on the green or in the fairway of another hole depending on your line. Once the tree line on the left tapers off the green has a pond on it's left side, it's not really in play though. Okay so now that the picture is painted here is my golf game. It's a 381 Par 4. Drive the ball 260-280, normally hit a good draw on this hole. Come up short w
  5. Really happy to see JT get this done. Big time win in a lot of different ways for him and his family!
  6. JT getting comfy again is nice to see. He'll probably shoot a 59 tomorrow and smoke everyone. Better than most.
  7. If anyone is wondering what is going on with Rory here ya go.
  8. Sawgrass is looking insanely immaculate this week!!!
  9. He collects all the data hitting shots left handed to replicate a 20 handicapper since that's what all the comments were asking for in the previous video. Goes on to talk about how much "noisy" data you would have to sift through to determine marginal differences with a 20 handicappers strike patterns, dispersions, etc as he/they tend to hit all over the club face. Goes on and talks about how people should search themselves, find the things that are important to them and work on themselves rather then chase supposed "technology" is what I got from it. Mark has a way of saying things witho
  10. Don't really remember how long it took as I caught on to things pretty quickly and picked up the game when I was around 12 (33 now). But no, it does not get faster, it gets much harder to shave strokes off as you go lower and lower.
  11. Pretty surreal considering the entirety of the internet was memeing hard Sunday/Monday with his appearance while he was on air with Nantz Sunday.
  12. I enjoy the challenge of the game and the overall atmosphere of a golf course such as the smell of cut grass and all the different sights you see while out there. The golf course is a very relaxing place for me.
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