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  1. I think it's realistic, not exaggerated. We already know other players out there are impressed by what he's doing but I'm not buying it that they are gonna all go off and chase distance in the way that Bryson is. We might see some guys like Molinari/Fowler make some swing changes to hit it a bit further but I'll go on the record right now saying you ain't gonna see no one else put in the work that Bryson has, no one else is going to transform their body to handle them swinging literally as hard as they possible can. It's too risky and most people don't have the drive that Bryson does. Disagree. We've already had people such as Rory come out and say that they feel their best when they are "lighter". 10-20 years down the road we are absolutely NOT going to see the average weight on tour being 240lbs of lean-ish muscle mass and everyone swinging out of their shoes. We'll see how the rest of the year goes but I really don't see junior coaches convincing kids parents that because ONE dude on Tour (who by the way literally plays the game differently than anyone else) is the blueprint to follow and they have to start gaining mass now and eating 6-8k calories a day to get a Division 1 scholorship. Too much for me...way too much.
  2. I don't think we go anywhere with the debate. It's ONE (very unique) guy doing something that I would wager the rest of the PGA Tour have absolutely ZERO interest in doing/maintaining. Who else is going to work as hard as Bryson has in the gym? Who else is going to force feed themselves 6-8 times a day to hit the high caloric intake needed to maintain the amount of mass he's put on? Who else has the IQ to even do what he's doing? I'm just not buying into this whole "BrYsOn iS cHaNgInG" how golf will be played thing. I'm in the camp of thinking that Bryson will go down in golf history as being a very unique and determined individual who played the game how he wanted. I also think the debate of modified equipment is dumb. What are they going to do, make a golf ball for all the 280-300 guys to still let them hit that distance and then make a different golf ball for increments of 10/20 yards for the rest so that they are tuned back down to 280-300? Then make "SuPeR" special balls for guys like Rory, Champ, Wolff, etc? Then on top of that are they going to make a "SuPeR dUpEr" special ball for the Kraken Slaying God of a Man himself AKA BRYSON "THE HOUSE" DeCHAMBEAU??? Give me a break...
  3. Recently had a similar experience. I finally upgraded from my old TaylorMade Burner Driver to a Titleist TS2. The shaft on my Burner was some feather light 55g shaft and I had a 1/2" taken off of it so it was super light. I also upgraded from my old Mizuno 3W to a Titleist TS2 3w and the shaft on the Mizuno was a 75g shaft and I actually went through a phase of primarly using the 3w off the tee because I hit it just as far as the Burner, I just felt like it was heavier and had some ass to it vs the Burner. So since covid was/is full effect I pulled the trigger and custom ordered my Titleist Driver and 3w with Hzrdus Smoke Black 70g shafts without getting fitted. Really pleased with the result!
  4. Always preferred a wood shape over the hybrids but I know hybrids are really good clubs. I'm leaning towards the 5w because I hit the ts2 3w really well.
  5. All of this but primarily approach shots. Seem to find myself in that 220ish yardage quite often on several of the courses I play and I'll always pull the 4i to play the short miss vs the 3wood miss that goes long.
  6. I know the correct answer is schedule some time on a TrackMan or FlightScope but that option is a 2.5-3hr drive plus corona is still going around. I need a 215-225ish club and currently I've got a gap between my 3w and my 4i. 3w = 230+ 4i = 200-210 Recently purchased a TS2 Driver, TS2 3W so the no brainer thing to do may just go ahead and get the matching 5w but was wondering if a hybrid would be a better option. Anyone else on here with similar distances who have a 5w or a hybrid that fills this yardage?
  7. Lol what? You're not a Doctor but then claim "rapid" changes of this "magnitude" disturb internal organs? Okayyyyy. First of all, it's not been a rapid change, check the date I originally posted this, we are going on like 8 months or more now due to Corona. At first I'll admit what he originally claimed did sound silly, but then he was given a lot more time than originally planned and it's really not that big of a deal. The guy is lifting heavy shit and has increased his caloric intake a whole hell of a lot...pretty simple stuff. I mean Brandel Chamblee even approves of what he's doing and Brandel is the #1 hater of all time on calling people out about undertaking big body transformations.
  8. God I felt that in my soul. Send help, lol.
  9. Have you had a lesson recently? Might be worth booking one to figure those clubs out.
  10. Florida native so I didn't vote. With that being said I haven't walked a full 18 in a long time so I guess being on the cart and getting that breeze while driving has always been enough for me.
  11. ShawnSum


    You'll run into that and unless you're directly competing against someone it's pretty much whatever. Golf means different things for different people, some go out to drink, some go out to screw around, some go out to compete against themselves and the course. I personally like to keep track of my game so I will always keep a handicap and play the game accordingly to the rules that govern it. I want my score and handicap to reflect my actual level of play. As for the 7 strokes thing they might be doing that because of ESC (Equitable Stroke Control). It's a system to prevent sandbagging, in the case of a tournament you will record however big of number you make on the hole for total score, but as far as handicap goes nothing above a certain number will affect your handicap.
  12. I'm with ya. I made the post last October so he's had roughly 8 months to bulk. Definitely noticeable belly/love handle fat but also a lot of muscle mass gained too, he says he's gonna keep going until he reaches a point where he loses flexibility or isn't making distance/ball speed gains.
  13. Hey guys he did it. LOL! What was he, 190-200? Sitting around 240 now..pretty wild.
  14. I read your entire post and this part sticks out the most to me. You've got a LOT of negative thoughts going on here across several different clubs that are in your bag that seem to be useless with your current track of thinking. I realize that people have certain clubs they may not be great with but you've gotta practice them enough to get to a point where it's actually a tool you can use out there on the course!
  15. Some of the players are going to be mic'd up as well!
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