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  1. Changing the shaft on golf clubs can do a multitude of different things depending on what you are trying to achieve. From what I know about those irons and the shafts on them is that they are made to achieve faster swing speeds. Lighter shaft and lighter club head = more speed, more speed = more distance,etc, etc. As far as loft goes, those irons are lofted stronger than standard irons. Are your other irons falling in line with the distance of your 8 iron? Driver/Fairway/Hybrid distances?
  2. I like this place, lots of good feedback. Thank you all and keep them coming!!!!!!
  3. My buddy picked some up like 3 weeks ago..he likes them! But you have a Titleist avatar
  4. Interesting to see this topic pop up after the weekend I had on the course, was my first time playing completely solo since coming back to golf, all previous rounds were in the league me and a few friends are doing after work. In that league the level of skill varies from like a 8 handicap all the way up to 25+, so with that being said, depending on who you are grouping with sometimes it can be slow. This weekend 3 different groups let me play through on the front 9, by the time I made the turn the 4th group went into the clubhouse that I was about to catch up to. Instead of going in and checking on The Open scores I went onto 10 and birdied 2 out of the first 3 holes on the back right away...this was my first time getting "in the zone" since I've started playing again. I'm a big "feel" type player so this was a pretty important experience to me considering how long it's been since I've played as I was wondering if I still "had it" when it comes to terms of getting in a groove or whatever you wanna call it. Anyway...long story short is I'm a pretty fast paced player and I got in the zone by playing at my natural pace I guess. Shot my lowest score since being back at an 82, and honestly I did have chances to get into the high 70s but I totally wiffed some putts and chips..specifically on 2 out of the 3 par 5s on the course, only birdied 1 of the par 5s and nearly made eagle on it!
  5. Before I stopped playing 8-10 years ago I took a few lessons to figure out why I was slicing the ball. Recently started playing again and was able to remember what I was taught..swing inside/out instead of outside/in, so for me I always remind myself to swing out to 1-2 o'clock and the other thing is to release the club. So you can imagine how my slices looked while coming over the top and not releasing the club. LOL Edit: Forgot about this part! I was so use to coming over the top on everything that this was even happening with my putting stroke. So even though these are very simple things..the improvement to my game was pretty significant!
  6. My current Mizuno's have done me good for sure. Might end up with another set of them soon! Mizuno is all about the "feel" so they say so I'm pretty excited about hitting them!!
  7. Hypothetically if you had to choose a set of irons out of these 3 which would it be and why? Hollow iron route with the forged face on the i500s, or stick with the standard style on the mizuno/callaways? I've hit the i500s/apex so I know what they feel like but haven't hit the JPX 919s yet. What does TST have to say about these 3 candidates??
  8. It's really not that complicated, but since you insist on acting like it requires a doctorate degree or something similar I'm gonna chalk this entire post up to attention seeking.
  9. That's not how golf or your handicap in golf works. You can't just decide which scores get used for handicap and which scores get thrown under the rug if you want to be taken seriously. If you want to establish an actual real handicap I would suggest recording all rounds played, only exception to this imo is if you are going out to play a round and you want to practice something new and see how it works in a real world situation. Good luck out there.
  10. Yeah I watched that interview live..while at work. Was hard not getting emotional myself after watching him grind so hard and fight back.
  11. 2019 British Open Rory McIlroy Double Bogey on 16 The championship favorite Rory McIlroy had a rough start in the first round of the Open with a double bogey on 16. This is hard to watch considering he missed the cut by 1 stroke...
  12. From what I've read about those irons, they are a forged body with a thin springy face so that makes sense I guess.
  13. Also while we are on this topic..... Hollow irons vs Conventional CB/MB? Will hollow irons be the way of the future with the added forgiveness and distance? Pros and cons of them vs conventional, if any? If you are playing a hollow iron atm I would love to hear what you have to say about them!!
  14. If the goal is to score as low as possible and hit the BEST shots you can possibly hit than why isn't everyone using the most super game improvement models of irons available? Do SGI irons not allow you shape shots when you become better and learn how? Is it visual preference, some like the bigger looking irons while some like the smaller ones when addressing the ball, then this either gives them more or less confidence? Is it respect for the game we love, as in only using equipment up to a certain point of forgiveness or added distance improvement? Is it something I didn't list here? Would love to hear all of your thoughts on this subject!
  15. Yeah I'm watching on my phone at work. They were covering someone else and Faldo was like "I've got someone in my ear telling me duval just made a 15 on 7".
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