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  1. Don't really remember how long it took as I caught on to things pretty quickly and picked up the game when I was around 12 (33 now). But no, it does not get faster, it gets much harder to shave strokes off as you go lower and lower.
  2. Pretty surreal considering the entirety of the internet was memeing hard Sunday/Monday with his appearance while he was on air with Nantz Sunday.
  3. I enjoy the challenge of the game and the overall atmosphere of a golf course such as the smell of cut grass and all the different sights you see while out there. The golf course is a very relaxing place for me.
  4. Pretty crazy that the i500 are lower than the Titleist 620 MBs. I would have never guessed that. Back when I was getting a fitting and getting back into the game I was set on the i500s for a little while as well.
  5. Brooks is a bully. My man Spieth out there trying to piece together a round and get a win along with Xander, also watching Hahn collapse was a nice reminder of how much this game is played between the ears. Seemed like once he realized he was leading someone came along and injected straight anxiety into his blood stream or something. Then comes along Brooks with the casual 90+ chip in for Eagle. YOINK! Thanks guys!
  6. Spieth makes me school girl giddy and I freaking love it.
  7. Who the hell puts a person just standing out there on the course like that? I ask the staff at my course this all the time about multiple different trees out there. 😝
  8. Nice catch. Wonder what he'll end up being happy with. A guy with his frame that he's built and being 6'1 I would think somewhere around 210 give or take would be really lean and athletic looking for him.
  9. Yeppers! It'll be nice if a "tell all" story comes out one day to officially set the record straight for everyone.
  10. My goals are pretty simple this year. Play the entire year Book at least 3 lessons I live in Florida and we have no forced off season. I literally can play year round and I just don't for whatever mundane excuse/reason that I allow myself to justify stopping me from playing all year. Other hobbies, colder weather, etc, etc...all a bunch of excuses really. My reason behind this is to avoid the "knocking off the rust" phase after not playing for 3-4 months at a time. I want to see what I can personally achieve if I play all year, last Season was good to me and I had multiple oppo
  11. I've always thought the real reasons for all the hate were/are because of his whole family issues stemming from the wife? The guy had his parents escorted off the grounds at the 2014 US Open because his wife wanted it done. This along with all the other rumors is what I imagine fuels most people's hate towards him when he's out there skirting the rules of Golf. Regardless of what is actually true and what is false the dude is a crazy fierce competitor and all this craziness seems to fuel his competitive drive. Watching everything unfold over the weekend got me thinking about what kind of
  12. Yeah this is pretty similar to what I did and no one is to blame except myself with how uneducated I was at the time of the fitting. I legitimately did the complete opposite of what I believe most of us should do, I went for equipment first vs going for lessons.
  13. I started playing Golf again last year after a long time away from it. Jumped the gun and went straight to a "big box" fitter style store and got new irons without doing my homework. The swing I went into that store with is not the swing I have today but I walked out of that store with TaylorMade M5s at 3 degrees flat. They aren't the strongest lofted irons on the market but they are lofted stronger, anyway long story short is I bought some Titleist 620 MBs a few months ago with standard lie angle. I only bought PW-8i to start with on the MBs but I'm going to be buying more and blend the set w
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