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  1. 1. Everyone has bad/off days, even Pros..which is hilarious and I love to watch them struggle. 2. Fortunately have not had to deal with a injury since playing golf again. 3. A few weeks ago after a pretty intense gym session I woke up with some pretty severe soreness/stiffness that run from the left side of my neck, through the shoulder and then into the middle of my back...I went and golfed anyway and it was bad news bears. Shot a 85 after shooting several rounds in the 70s prior. 10/10 was not worth.
  2. You really know how to explain things well. Good stuff.
  3. This forum kinda reeks of elitism sometimes. @Black Sailis simply attempting to have a discussion targeted towards mid/higher handicap players about some simple things and all we mostly have here are low single digit guys debating it's a bad approach, probably because this information is irrelevant to them because they are obviously better overall players. That's my hot take.
  4. 2nd Lesson since playing again is this Sunday! I'm going to get to hit with the assistance of a FlightScope and get all into the details of things! Hyyyyyppeeeeee!
  5. Right, and ultimately this type of approach with relying on precise timing can only get you so far I would imagine? I would also guess that this is why most recreational golfers have absolutely huge highs and lows sometimes, such as going out and shooting a 85 and then turning around on the same course and shooting 110? The timing got off and their game literally imploded?
  6. This seems to be an awfully complicated issue for some people while for others it's something they don't even think about. What is separating the two player types here? Player A is executing a proper Golf Swing and is getting all the necessary rotation required to square the club through impact? Player B feels like they have to snap/roll the hands/forearms to even have a chance at squaring the club up? Is there a middle ground anywhere, or does it simply come down to learning how to rotate properly or forever be stuck with band aid fixes with flipping, rolling, etc? For me personally I feel like I hit my best shots when my focus is on making sure I swing on the correct path for the shot I am trying to make and then absolutely following through/committing to the swing and really sticking the full follow through posture at the end.
  7. Thanks for that info. I definitely do not need to spend $900 on a Driver and I never would but I do feel like a modern driver and most importantly a properly fitted shaft would go a long way for me as I am swinging a feather at the moment. Very nice..this is the kind of info I was hoping to get!!! The going rate around here seems to be about $125 for the full on Pro Style fitting and then Free for places like Dicks Sporting Goods, etc. I will definitely post results when it happens!
  8. We do have stores here that offer a "free fitting" but it's no where near as in depth as something along the lines of Club Champion, Golftec, True Spec, etc. From my understanding the reason these places have a up front cost for just the fitting is because they go over everything thoroughly and then print you out a spec sheet of everything if you want to buy somewhere else. I'm honestly not even sure what you mean by a "component club"?
  9. Of course it's an over reaction, but it's Bryson and we love to pick at him cause he's the mad scientist and all that..and because he says things like this.. “I'm going to come back next year and look like a different person. You're going to see some pretty big changes in my body, which is going to be a good thing. Going to be hitting it a lot further,” “We make sure the neurological threshold is just as high as the mechanical threshold,” “In layman's terms, pretty much whatever muscle potentially you have, how big and the muscle spindles you have, you can recruit every single one of them to their full potential throughout the whole range and training the whole range of motion.” The guy is already in good shape, looks just as big as Brooks imo and is playing well! Like the guys said last night on Golf Central, just go bulk up..you don't need to make a public announcement, just go do it.
  10. I'm dealing with this right now as well, most notably the improvement to my swing which is translating to a lot more solidly hit balls. A little while back I airmailed a 6i 185+ yards on a Par 3 that is 168 yards, I was livid when I laid eyes on where my ball was but my takeaway from that entire situation was that I am 100% striking the ball better and this is the result. Long story short is I've committed to hitting whatever club will leave me short because I would MUCH rather be chippin up instead of dealing with all the problems that you mentioned about missing long. It's been working well.
  11. Has anyone here been to a Top 100-ish type of Driver Fitting recently? If so, what kind of experience was it and how much did it cost you? Did you purchase what they recommended for you, such as expensive after market shafts, etc? I'm trying to get a rough estimate on what the maximum "out the door" pricing could be and I have no idea how expensive shafts can be. I'm currently looking at going to True Spec Golf near Orlando, so $125 for the fitting, $500-ish for a modern Driver, so we're at $625 already..lol. Just trying to get an idea before even planning a trip down there!
  12. Lol my bad..Yoked = Jacked..muscle wise. He's claiming he will be a different person when we see him again. DeChambeau reveals plan to bulk up LAS VEGAS – Bryson DeChambeau says he will look a lot different when we see him next on the PGA TOUR because he plans to stack on some serious muscle.
  13. To get yoked AF. Thoughts? I can't wait to hear ol Brandel Chamblee talk about this one! 💪
  14. Love that podcast as well and that episode where Adam talks about how he spent years recording his swing and obsessing over his flaws to the point of being in tears because he could not get into some certain positions he was trying to get into....that was a pretty powerful message. I'm working on some stuff with my instructor and I haven't bought any of Adam's stuff yet because I don't want to double dip with too much stuff to work on but I am going to check out his strike plan and book eventually. I REALLY like his philosophy on certain things.
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