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  1. 12 hours ago, leftybutnotPM said:

    Please explain where you see this clarity. 

    People dip in and out of form. And putting has a way of getting in the way of scoring when you have been a historically great putter.

    Sports psychologist? Are you serious? To tell him to "believe in himself", to "trust the process"? Give me a break.

    Look at the second Instagram video above. He completes about 2/3rds of his backswing, panics, walks away from the ball, and launches into a circular monologue of self-criticism / analysis. You’re telling me that this is a “loss of form”? No signs of doubt or mental weakness at all here?

  2. Jordan made a comment after his 67 on Friday that he “experimented with a couple different ‘swing feels’ during the round”. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that a professional should not try to change anything about his swing mid-round.

    It’s clear that his problems are largely mental. What he really needs is a good sports psychologist.

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