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  1. On 5/3/2020 at 6:14 AM, boogielicious said:

    Take a look at this thread below. You look like you are really reaching back for power, but it is affecting the downswing. Many of us worked on this. You don’t need to go back further than your body allows. Players like John Rahm and Tony Finau have short backswings and have tons of power.


    I agree that it sometimes feels like I’m really reaching on the backswing. The issue is that when I try to shorten my backswing it seems to exaggerate my outside-to-in swing path and turn my fade into a slice. It’s like the shoulder turn gets the club into a better position to begin the downswing. Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. I played Pearland Golf Club this morning. I shot 88 from the whites which were rated as 69.7 / 123. The course was in great shape and played relatively long and flat with lots of water and sharp doglegs. Fairways were narrow.

    This shot was a 4 iron from the tee on the par 4 8th. It was playing 390 yards with a sharp (60 degree) dogleg left at about 225.

    The best analysis I have for this swing is that I do indeed keep my wrist flatter which helps me get the Club face square at contact. I still have a slight outside-to-in swing path which creates a pretty consistent fade. I think this swing is “flatter” than I like and my back leg got a little too straight but the result was good. The shot ended up in the fairway at around 210 yards. 

    Apologies for only having the one angle again - I’ve only got one phone lol.

  3. Thanks again for all the feedback. Standing further away from the ball has been hugely helpful.

    I also finally got through my head that I had too much wrist action, but critically, that I need to hold my lead (left) wrist FLAT all the way through the backswing. I even trying to feel like I’m cupping my left wrist (like Brooks Koepka and DJ) but the net result is probably closer to flat. My ball striking has improved significantly, I’m taking solids divots, with a more piercing ball flight. 

    I will try to take some video during my next round and post an update.

  4. Adding another angle.

    Clearly it’s a different swing but the mechanics are approximately the same.

    First of all - thank you for the feedback so far. I still slightly (like 1 inch) farther away from the ball and focused on body turn and had great results today.

    I played at Golf Club of Houston which has hosted the Houston Open for the past 16 years. I shot an 89 which is a great score for me considering this is a very difficult course with lots of hazards.

    This is a 3 Hybrid on the par 4 12th. It was playing about 285 with a very narrow entrance to the green with water on one side and a bunker on the other so I laid up. The shot was slightly off the fairway to the left but with a playable lie from the rough with a decent angle to the pin. Ball flight was a slight fade. Shot was about 220 yards.

    One thing I’ve noticed about my swing is I have a “sawed off” 3/4 finish. I know guys like Rory really turn on the ball but for some reason it just doesn’t feel natural to me. I’m trying to just embrace it. Thoughts?


    My current handicap: 17

    Years playing golf: 5

    Natural ball flight: fade

    Most miss / shot I’m trying to eliminate: thin / top

    In case you’re wondering, this hole is modeled after TPC Sawgrass #17. It was playing about 135 and I played PW (should have pulled 9) and slightly blocked it to the right. It ended up in the trap and I bogeyed the hole.

  6. 12 hours ago, leftybutnotPM said:

    Please explain where you see this clarity. 

    People dip in and out of form. And putting has a way of getting in the way of scoring when you have been a historically great putter.

    Sports psychologist? Are you serious? To tell him to "believe in himself", to "trust the process"? Give me a break.

    Look at the second Instagram video above. He completes about 2/3rds of his backswing, panics, walks away from the ball, and launches into a circular monologue of self-criticism / analysis. You’re telling me that this is a “loss of form”? No signs of doubt or mental weakness at all here?

  7. Jordan made a comment after his 67 on Friday that he “experimented with a couple different ‘swing feels’ during the round”. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that a professional should not try to change anything about his swing mid-round.

    It’s clear that his problems are largely mental. What he really needs is a good sports psychologist.

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