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  1. I have definitely been focusing on the ball too much. Thanks for the advice!
  2. I do. I'll try to get an updated video and will post it.
  3. Ball first, followed by divot, right? I never take a divot. A lot of thin and topped shots.
  4. Any tips on how to take a divot with irons? I cant do it for the life of me. Maybe my swing is too shallow? I try to shift my weight... but its not happening. I rarely hit it flush.
  5. HUGE help. That feel of moving my head forward was good. Im making flush contact now. Direction needs work, but at least Im making good contact. I think I just got lazy with my backswing at some point. That being said, im now hooking my driver. Lol. Ill work on it. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks to you both. Ill watch these prior to heading to range later this evening.
  7. Nm. Just found a good Danny Maude video on it.
  8. Any drills to limit the sway? Or is it just a matter of filming it and constantly checking it? Thanks again for the feesback. Ive only been playing for about a year and a half.
  9. He hasnt. Has mentioned "stay in the box" a few times. I have also just started hitting irons this poorly in the last 2 weeks. Maybe that is the culprit? Thanks for the feeback!
  10. Thanks for feedback. Ill set up further from ball and fix the arms. Appreciate it!
  11. Irons are awful at moment. Cant elevate them. Ive been hitting low. short shots that slice right. Please help!! Side: Behind:
  12. I couldnt even elevate the ball at the range today. Going to post videos in my swing thread. Any feedbsck would be greatly appreciated
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