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  1. Thanks. I have been putting pressure on my left foot just befor I start downswing, and then moving my hips laterally towards target. Not sure if that lateral shift is supposed to occur?
  2. Great thanks. I think im over doing it for sure. Will work on these next time at range. I found this video to be really helpful. I was doing what he says not to do. My next question: Is this footwork and weight shift used for all clubs, lob wedge through driver. Do you shift weight forward with the driver? Wouldnt that be unwise as you are supposed to hit up on the ball and not down on it?
  3. I think I last posted a swing video in April. Ive worked a lot on not swaying amd getting my high hands higher at the top of the backswing since then... and have tried to shift my weight to front foor better. Only been playing golf for a year and a half.
  4. If this were the case, compression would be simple and chunked shots wouldnt occur?
  5. I do. Havent updated it in a while. Will try to get some newer videos posted, as my swing has changed quite a bit since the last post.
  6. Can someone help me out with weightshift? What is the first thought I should have to start my down swing? Is it a squat? Is it pushing my left foot into the ground? Is it shifting laterally toward the target by pushimg off the ground with my right foot? Also, do I make this weight shift movement with my driver as well as my irons??
  7. I have definitely been focusing on the ball too much. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I do. I'll try to get an updated video and will post it.
  9. Ball first, followed by divot, right? I never take a divot. A lot of thin and topped shots.
  10. Any tips on how to take a divot with irons? I cant do it for the life of me. Maybe my swing is too shallow? I try to shift my weight... but its not happening. I rarely hit it flush.
  11. HUGE help. That feel of moving my head forward was good. Im making flush contact now. Direction needs work, but at least Im making good contact. I think I just got lazy with my backswing at some point. That being said, im now hooking my driver. Lol. Ill work on it. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks to you both. Ill watch these prior to heading to range later this evening.
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