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  1. Went to the range today and had improvement. Was definitely hitting them off the hosel. At setup, I placed the ball at the tip of the toe and was hitting them much better. Probably not good that my club is moving so much that I need to do that... Im also envisioning throwing the club towards the target... helping me rotate through better. Still suck, but progress!!
  2. the concept of hitting down on it screws me up too. I feel like I need to chop at it. I guess I cant figure out the angle I need to strike the ball properly. It is just maddening. Before knowing anything about golf I could at least elevate the ball and get some distance. Literally cant even do that now after a few lessons.
  3. Yes, arm swinging is probably my issue. Not sure why I cant rotate... think it is mental.
  4. Will do. I will try to get some video today. Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Brand new to this forum and first time poster. I just started taking golf seriously and have had a few lessons. Prior, I could make good contact with my irons/wedges, but with an over the top swing. My instructor is trying to get me an in to out swing. Since trying to work on this, I cant make contact to save my life. Everything dribbles a few yards on the ground or is shanked to the right. My instructor says my back swing is great, but Im not using any lower body and not following through. I have never shanked before, but do it all the time now trying the out to in. Help!? Only thing left I can think of is that I am too worried about hitting the ball and it is stopping my follow through? Headed to range tomorrow and am flat out not going to think about the ball. Just follow through and hope the ball gets in the way... Frustrating game! On a side not I could never hit the driver before. Horrid slice... thanks to my instructor I am confident with that club now. Any thoughts on my struggles with the irons/wedges all of a sudden?
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