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  1. The tags arrived today. Five months after they said they would send them but they still arrived so I am happy. Apparently they have a back log...
  2. I have been trying to get hold of them since May on all their email addresses and via their message service on the website and had absolutely no response at all. Earlier in the year I emailed them to say I had lost a couple of tags for their Game Golf Live system. They kindly offered to send me a couple of spares which I thought was very good of them. That was in May. By September I had received nothing so emailed again. Sorry they said we will send them out again. To day nothing. Since then I have sent at least 10 emails and they are just ignoring me. Has anyone else found their customer service response to be poor? Until this episode I had a very good experience with them. I realise they are doing me a favour, but it's the fact they don't respond at all that is so irritating.
  3. Thank you so much for your response Piz I will give it a try. The only reason I went with the smaller tee's is someone (not a pro) told me that it was going high because my tees were too high so I was hitting the ball too high on the face (foot spray says otherwise). Sorry but what do you mean by "You can use the scoring lines, on the face of your driver, to set the tee a specific height."
  4. I am going to book myself a lesson with a monitor to try and sort this issue but I would be interested for anyone's feedback. I am playing a Ping G400 9 degree driver set to 10. My swing speed is around 100mph and my average distance is 230y. As a 20 handicapper I am obviously very pleased with my drives as they are reasonably long and pretty consistent but the height.... Everyone I play with comments on how high the ball goes and clearly the high launch is limiting my distance. It has to be at least 60 degrees. I use a 70mm pink castle tee so not setting up high and the ball is coming off the centre (most of the time). Am I missing something? I feel like I am not moving my weight forward enough in the downswing as don't feel exactly balanced but if anyone has any thoughts I would be grateful. Thanks, Tom
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