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  1. Day 1 Did putting practice for an hour at my local club, using the drill where you put in a circle from 4 feet and have to go around twice or start over. I don’t think I made it around twice the hole time... definitely at the beginning of my golf journey.
  2. I'm a brand new golfer, but am planning on playing 18 Sunday when it is supposed to be 98 degrees here in Mass. I've got one of those evaporative cooling towels from work and have been told they work very well, so I plan on using that and regularly re-soaking it with ice water while playing. Hopefully this along with lots of water and gatorade helps keep the heat manageable, I'll update here after with how well it works.
  3. Thanks, I like this idea - especially the no 6s challenge on a par 3... That will definitely allow me to put together a decent short game for now at least. I'll start a My Swing thread soon. I have some videos from my first lesson and will record some more now that I've practiced a bit more. Aside from the having fun goal, which I agree with, I like this one a lot. I've had much more fun on the holes when I stay in bounds than those that I don't. Thanks Shindig, I'll check out the 5 Minutes a Day thread... I've been logging my practice on my own but I like this idea as well. @JuanTheGolfer, your comment was very helpful. I will definitely keep track of those things going forward so I can better guide my practice. Love the drill for putting practice, as I've so far just been meaninglessly putting around the practice green without any purpose. This will help me focus my practice much more. I'll be doing this going forward. I think I already know that the putts number is going to be very ugly and need the most work... Better get started on that.
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  5. Hi all, Brand new here and to golf, and wanted to ask you about helping me set a reasonable goal for myself. I've just started golfing three weeks ago and so far my best score is a +40 94 at my local par 3. (I've only played par 3s so far). My question for you is what would a reasonable goal be for the end of the season? I'm taking lessons and have gotten a membership at a local driving range so I can hit balls, putt, and chip whenever I'd like. So far I've been practicing 2-3 times a week and playing 18-27 holes a week. I just got my first lesson last week so that was a massive improvement over my game before. Just wanting to set an achievable goal for the year so I have something specific to work toward. Thanks!
  6. Girlfriend and I are visiting Denver in a month and want to play while we're out there, probably 9 holes. We are both novices and are looking for a nice course with good views that won't be too difficult for us... Kind of a specific set of criteria, but does anyone have recommendations?
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