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  1. Gotta be the guy who spends more time reading putts than a PGA guy does over a 20foot birdie putt for the Masters win. Come on guy, it's for a beer after the round, not a Major win! Eric, if you're out there... ;^)
  2. "One thing this thread has done is remind me I need to teach some basics to my fiance since she has recently moved in." Yes! When my wife (girlfriend at the time) moved in with me it was one of the very first things we discussed. And when I say discussed, I mean range time and serious safety discussions. Even folks who are anti-gun IMHO should have their children taught about firearms because even though they don't *like* them they are a reality that at some point the child may have to deal with. Ignorance is not a safe way to approach firearm safety. Education IMHO will save more live
  3. A guy I work with visited China several times over the past three years and brought home close to 10 sets of "Mizuno" and "Taylormade" clubs that I believe are probably counterfeits. My boss owns a set of these and is always talking about the great deal he got on his Mizunos. I just don't have the heart to tell him.
  4. Man, I'm glad I live in West Virginia. I can't imagine getting to the course at 6:30 and having to wait until 7:30 to tee off. My buddy and I generally play Sunday morning at 7:00am and are one of the first couple groups off. Never ever waiting at that time unless they start sending folks off the back at 8 or 8:30 and we get stuck behind them.
  5. Trunk of the car where they're available when I need them. I realize I'll probably have to re-grip more often than if I kept them in the house, but I don't care.
  6. Just knowing that it annoys people is good enough reason to continue it. Of course I look ridiculous anyway.
  7. I have one buddy I play with quite a bit that I "sledge" (new word to me, I like it) every chance I get. If you were to play with us you'd swear we hated each other the way we talk. We even slag each other when we're on the same team in a scramble. The harsher the better. And sarcasm is always great, again the harsher the better. I love showing him where "the big boys hit it" when I hit a nice drive after a bad one of his. Of course he's really the only one I treat like that. Of my other regular playing partners, one is a church-going guy and the other is my boss so they definitely do
  8. Norm66

    I Believe...

    I believe golfers are way too interested in looks and image. I believe that it's OK to have a relaxed attitude about golf, its traditions and rules so long as you're not playing competitive golf. I believe that I will never be able or willing to get beyond a 10 handicap, but plan on having a gas trying to get there. I believe that I'll be buying some new irons with my income tax check. I believe that at my level there is not much difference between Long & Soft Noodles & Titleist NXT Extremes (besides cost). I believe that somewhere is a golf glove that won't wear out in that one spot
  9. Norm66


    Well, no advice here. But if you figure it out how about sharing the cure with me. ;^)
  10. It would be awesome. I've played with women who were a little better than me, but not scratch by any means. Women who golf are sexy for some reason.
  11. Great post Sherpat. The only thing I would add is that some folks take pleasure in paying less for a perceived higher-cost item. Essentially some people just like to find great deals whatever their hobby.
  12. I agree that some people seem to think the latest & greatest clubs will improve their game more than simply practicing. But people golf for different reasons. Some really want to improve while others enjoy the equipment equally to actually playing. Who cares as long as they're enjoying themselves. I'm a musician and, especially on the internet, people seem to really obsess over the minute details of their instruments. Very similar to golf, in a real life performance nobody really cares what you're playing as long as it sounds good.
  13. LOL, why is it that golf seems to just suck the sense of humor out of some people? Lighten up Francis! BTW- I didn't know Elin was a twin. They're unbelievably pretty!
  14. Norm66

    Playing partners

    I've never played well enough to tick anybody off. Maybe this year. As for playing partners, I've got maybe 6-8 guys from work who play together fairly often. I also play with my wife and frequently go out alone and play with whoever I run into at the course.
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