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  1. I used to truly believe that a few of my drives came close to 300 yards back in the day. Every once in a while you would square one up that would feel like it went a mile. Then I got a GPS.... Turns out my longest drive is about 275 and my average is 235. Maybe its because my driver has a stiffer shaft but I now know I have never hit a 300yd drive.
  2. www.trendygolfusa.com I especially like some of the J Lindeberg polos there, but of course hugo hoss, peak performance, galvin gren, and polo golf are all nice as well
  3. I used to be a nike ••••• just because they make decent products while staying within my price range. Then I tried the titleist AP1s and bought a barely used set for the same price as my nike irons. These things rip, although my ball flight is a little high. I really like the AP2s and they will definitely be my next step whenever I feel ready and have the extra cash. I believe the R7 irons may be one of the biggest selling iron sets of all time. They are definitely solid. As far as how long I keep my irons. I sell them and buy new ones whenever I feel like it and can afford it. Right now I am satisfied with my irons so there is no need, but when I had nike slingshots... oh boy... I definitely learned that there is no reason to keep a set of irons because you JUST bought them if they dont suit your swing. If you get the feeling you want new irons (which you obviously have or you wouldn't have made this thread) then go to golf galaxy and try some irons out! Although I will say that I hate testing irons on carpet/mats.
  4. I'd recommend against the sci-flex. They are not very durable at all. I initially bought 2 pairs because they look great and breathe well in hot weather. However, they didn't last more than 2 rounds. I moved on to nike gloves and like the grip they provide for a good many rounds. I found all their gloves to be very similar as far as durability goes, but they just seem to be a little stronger than other gloves, but durability is my #1 quality that I look for b/c I hate buying new gloves all the time, so keep that in mind.
  5. Titleist AP1s!!! Great feedback without loss of distance, and boy do they send em when you hit it right! The only thing I hate about them is I don't use them very much. it seems like I'm always either wedging or hitting driver/wood/hybrid.
  6. Try out the AP1s, really nice irons and if you mishit the ball it makes a cracking sound but no harsh vibrations like other clubs. Mainly just the sound tells you that it was mishit
  7. maybe break the old down and build around the monster during the off season Fenway is an awesome park though, been there once to see pedro pitch. Now hes on the phils so I hope to see a lot more of him. But really a new stadium will be a lot better. The new phillies stadium is ridiculously nice, although lets face it the vet was pretty rough.
  8. Thats ridiculous that they don't let you walk. I only walk now that my greens fees are covered. Sure I take a cart with certain friends who are against walking, but I have no problem lugging my bag on my back for 5+ miles. Besides, walking is pretty fast if you play fast. Some days its so busy that they tell us to get a cart just because everyone else is so we dont hold up play. But honestly, if cart fees aren't included, they need to have an option to walk or its a pointless gesture to throw in greens fees.
  9. I shot 110 today in a tip and tuck tourney on my ball. It was retarded. I had pretty much one good shot where I hit my 2nd shot over the green, then chipped over a bunker and kissed it off the flag and it dropped within 4 feet for a par putt. By far the hardest I have ever seen the course. Some tees were in the woods and all of the pins were in the hardest possible position with ZERO green to work with, all were within one pace of the fringe.
  10. its a difficult shot because you have little room for error in both situations. where as with a good lie on the fairway you can hit the ground a little early and not lose much club speed and strike the ball well but in sand you would lose to much club speed and hit a short/fat shot. Its a tough shot just concentrate hard on the contact point.
  11. My buddy uses one, it puts pretty nicely and picks up the ball easily as well. He's a good putter with it. I prefer the classic blade style so anything bulky is weird but the sabertooth, IMO is one of the nicer looking ones.
  12. If you get free range balls then do it. If not then its not the best deal but if you play 10 times a month it might be worth it. I like hitting a lot of balls at the range so the unlimited balls really sold me. I go through 40 buckets in a month and a half so thats over the cost of my monthly fees.
  13. dude that place is BA. I would pay for that in a heartbeat, must be nice man and an amazing price! And yeah mats suck but the turf range at my club has been getting absolutely torn up I basically cant find a decent place to hit a ball from lately within the ropes its pretty bad.
  14. I use a Nike Putter currently and it really tags the ball. I barely tap it and the ball goes quite a ways. Face feels really hot, so I definitely have my eye on the method but not sure about the price. I still cant hit a putt with my new putter but I'm still adjusting, I should invest in a putting lesson vs the method. Anyway, to answer your question. If your cameron is played out, yeah go and get your hands on a method. I am really glad they went with an old blade style and gave it some upgrades, I'd really like to see how I putt with one. I'm not saying to just go out and get it, but certainly it should be on your must-try list if youre in the market for a new putter.
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