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  1. Im done talking in here, No one will believe me because of what I did.
  2. I respect what iacas has done here and I do not intend to ruin anything he has done. The only thing ruined is me. Because of one little mistake that caused a series of other mistakes. And now I have to fix every little hole I punched out.
  3. Everything I say is "Trolling" How is that possible? I am not here to screw with anybody, and I never intended that. Instead y'all are screwing with me. What exactly did I do wrong? Prove it to me. Then I will start proving my statements in the other thread. Thats not even what the actual quote is. Maya Angelou Quotes. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.
  4. Why should I answer at this point, y'all target and accuse me for trolling which I did not do.
  5. You guys are assuming! You have no idea who I am or how I do things in my actual life! You warn me for trolling which I did not do at all!
  6. Im not going to start another crazy argument/discussion that doesn't do any good for the both of us. Im tired of this nonsense I created so I am taking a break.
  7. Alright im done talking about this, I swear if I start another explosion in other threads...
  8. 5 Hours can be more depending on the day.
  9. Im trying to prove that they dont credit him for his past success and his historical significance .
  10. Yes slow play works for me. I said this earlier those people behind me have disrespected me by teeing off when I am in the middle of the fairway and on top of that told me, if they could play through while I am in the middle of the fairway making my second shot. So why should I care about them if they dont care about me and my safety?
  11. I wish I could show you this, but on my device all I see is Brooks Koepka Favored, not Brooks Koepka relishing his Major Feats and success.
  12. Thats just great, im now an "arsehole" great way to ruin my reputation on TST.
  13. Whats funny is it "Favorites" him but does not talk about his success or his major mentality.
  14. Well it certainly happens at my course, the problem here is its hard to believe someone when your not actually there. If you were at the course I play at I could you show you numerous people that have no respect for me and the other slow players.
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